Jonathan Quick was fighting the puck last night. Meanwhile, the team actually remembered how to play with the puck. If Jonathan Bernier isn’t in net tonight against the Colorado Avalanche, then perhaps we should just trade him. What the hell does it matter if you have an untested backup goalie if you never bother to test him?

The Avs just dumped Kyle Quincey. This would be a good thing for us if they didn’t get Steve Downie in return. If the Kings are angry (why doesn’t Hammond ever mention the anger factor this way – Kings lose, grrrrr players want smash!) Steve Downie is the perfect sponge for soaking up general hostility and retribution.

Speaking of villains, Kyle Clifford didn’t get suspended. Perhaps he’ll give it a more honest effort tonight, I mean if you are going to take a match penalty, make it count.

Anyways. That’s about all I’ve got. Exasperation will do that to you. I asked for an exciting game yesterday and I got one. So tonight the only prayer I’m going to send up to the hockey gods is, “Win.”