From Dmitry Chesnokov, we get the 5 Golden Principles from Scotty Bowman’s coaching manual titled “The Art of Coaching the Team During the Game:” 

I won’t answer them in any detail here. I will offer my general thoughts as it relates to the L.A. Kings.

1. Surround yourself with the best personnel! Running the team is a team effort.

Let’s see. John Stevens and Jamie Kompon. Those are the right and left hand of our coach Darryl Sutter. The “best” personnel? Jamie Kompon? That’s a good one.

2. Be creative!  Only when you try to create a goal you can achieve that goal.

Are the L.A. Kings a creative team in all aspects of the game? Lombardi is a defense first, defense last GM. Marc Crawford was an exceedingly offensive minded coach. Terry Murray was an exceedingly defensive minded coach. Darryl Sutter is better than Murray?  Certainly not with goalies. Is he creative? Do you look at the franchise and think of one that creates goals (no pun intended) and then achieves them?

3. Create the core of your team made up of strong leaders!  Without 5-6 players on your team, who you can always rely on, you cannot accomplish any initiative.

Strong leaders – The qualities of strong leaders, in my opinion, are communication (verbal and action), credibility (qualifications), inspiration & motivation (the ability to get the troops charged and focused) and effort (putting in 100% effort on a consistent basis so those you lead see you doing so by example). Do we have 5-6 of those players? Willie Mitchell, Jonathan Quick. Dustin Brown? Mike Richards, maybe?

I wonder what Scotty Bowman defined as a strong leader?

4. Grasp conflicts and be ready to be confrontational!  Resolved conflicts pulls everyone together more.

Not sure what to make of this. I think we have to be in the locker room to get a sense of this. However, from the outside looking in, this is a team that has responded to adversity by…falling on its face…most of the time…when it counts the most.

5.  Be critical but to not criticize!  To get out of setbacks you need strength not to sink deeper.

Sink deeper you say?

Your thoughts.