It’s Official: Kings Trade Jack Johnson & 1st For Jeff Carter

It is official.

The L.A. Kings have traded Jack Johnson and a 1st rounder to Columbus Blue Jackets for Jeff Carter.

Mr. Lombardi, you are a hypocrite.

I just talked to Surly and he is pissed off! He is in disbelief. He will tell you about that later, if and when he calms down. I believe he called it an “ass raping” but I will leave it to him to tell you more.

As for me, well, I’m increasingly convinced a good friend of mine named Marc is right and Lombardi is who Marc has long suspected Dean to be – a shill.

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  1. Desperate move by a desperate guy.

    I don’t know what kind of message this sends for him to trade another player who recently signed longterm to an awful destination.

  2. Well looks like we just got defensively better.

  3. Please not a 1st round…
    Johnson I can live without… LESS go VOYNOV

    • “…in exchange for Jack Johnson and a first-round pick. The pick is conditional. If the Kings make the playoffs this season, it’s a 2013 first-round pick. If they don’t, the Blue Jackets can choose either the 2012 or 2013 first-round pick.”

      Fucking bull shit. Johnson for 15 goals, 10 assists, -11, and 7 years…7 fucking years of Carter.

      I could have lived with the trade but not the pick.

  4. Seems too high of a price to take on that contract. Especially considering if we miss the playoffs that 1st round pick will hurt.


    JMFJ re-signs with no agent to a long term deal. Work ethic is incredible. Best offensive production this year, and consistent defense.

    Carter’s contract and cap hit will mean losing UFA’s in years to come. How is there enough left to sign Quick for the contract he deserves?

    • I believe that this team/G.M. needed to do something. I also think Jack Johnson is very overrated. I have to agree with you CIFC, what does this message send to the players we have, as well as future free agents? Someone who loved playing here, and committed long term gets shipped out the first year of his contract? I wish it was Doughty. I know he has talent, but after seeing him twice laughing and joking on the ice while the team was down on the scoreboard, coupled with his holdout to be the highest paid player on the team has completely soured me on him. I know he is young, but franchise players would rather give up their first born then lose. He could give two shits. A loser is a loser… it’s fuck or walk

  6. To be honest.
    I hope this doesnt happen

  7. I think we all knew JMFJ was going to get moved, and all I can say is, sucks for him, and us. I like Carter, but losing Johnson is gonna suck. I really like the guy

  8. Is it done in principle?

  9. Risky move but if it works out I’d be happy. Giving up the pick is overpaying, but desperate times call for desperate measures?

  10. Im okay with this deal, I really like Voynov going forward myself. Carter and Richards did make it to the cup final together not that long ago. Jack Johnson is good, but we are getting a former 40 goal guy in return, they dont just give them away…what im not happy about is the 1st round pick, if this is infact true

  11. In no way shape or form could I or will I call it a ‘good deal’. That much is for sure.
    There is no way in hell that I give up JJ + a 1st round pick.

    Oh, but the good news is that now the Kings won’t have any picks at all in the first three rounds of the draft. Don’t worry though kids, I’m sure there will be a sleeper dman in the fourth or fifth round who is still available.

    Yep I’m rather pissed off about it to be honest.

    JJ for Carter straight up? Maybe…… mayyyybe. I still don’t like Carter’s contract. But the first as well? Give it a rest DL.

  12. Well, this is why players have agents, why they hold out, and why some ask for NTC’s. What the trade will be is one guy who agreed to get a hometown discount who ended up traded is traded for another guy who probably signed a hometown discount.

    This is a business and sometimes we as fans don’t realize it or quite frankly give a shit.

    This in my opinion is not overpayment. Carter is a proven goal scorer and point producer and his cap hit is not that bad. Maybe the length is, but worry bout that years from now.

  13. From what I heard, the 1st round pick wouldn’t be this years 1st but probabl next years.

  14. Lombardi’s still an ASS.

    I hate the trade myself, but I have to wonder WTF made Dean wait till the last possible minute to do a deal that should of been done a month ago?

    We weren’t scoring back then, and he waits till we’re on a skid to do something about it.


    • Dom, I won’t use the same language, but totally the way I see it. I hate the trade. But he’s going all in in Vegas. Roll the dice and see if I get to keep the job. Whoopeee.

      • He is!

        He was already there to begin with though, and probably totally screwed himself by waiting so long to do anything.

        I naturally want this to work for all our sakes, but desperations a stinky colonge.

        • I’d go so far as to say Anything done from a place of desperation can only be a bad idea.

          I hate it. It stinks. And i feel badly for Jack Johnson.
          One of the few players who really committed himself to the Kings without all of the Hollywood stuff accompanying Doughty.

          How can one remain serious about this team…. or at least about this GM?

  15. I really dislike this move. JJ has proven himself to be not a douchebag to the nth degree (work ethic, reasonable contract he negotiated himself, etc.), which goes a long way in my book.


  16. And Scribe…… such good points you bring up about the way JJ has been w this franchise. Really a character guy and deals in honesty and one f–ing year in he’s traded? Really.

    Hey, I looked at the Kings draft history between 06-08 (thats all they had) and out of TWENTY EIGHT picks he drafted FOUR pure wingers. That’s right. And another three listed as wing/center.

    Out of Fifteen 1st, 2nd, 3rd rd picks, six are forwards and two were pure wingers (simmonds and geordie wudrick).

    Lombardi put himself and the team in this situation and has absolutely no one to blame but himself.

    • JJ in my eyes was a great teammate and had probally the best work ethic on the team just sad we had to give him up. I’m not devastated by the trade but the boys better look themselves in the mirror tonite and pray they get therir shit together or they could be shipped off to Columbus next. JJ was class act and DD could learn a lot from JJ in the personality and work ethic departments.

  17. Let me ask you guys a question.

    Most of you say NEVER to trading Doughty and you’re all on Voynov’s nuts. Jack Johnson has been continually ridiculed over the past few years with me being one of the only Kings fans to stand up for the guy and see promise in his game. He is finally having a decent year and now don’t trade him?

    So what… Voynov stays the third pairing D for the rest of his career?

    We don’t fix the offense at all?

    We don’t pick up a guy who is a proven scorer?

    We don’t pick up a guy who is best buds with and has chemistry with another good player on our team?

    Say what you want about Lombardi, I get it. I totally agree. But this is not overpayment first of all, you have your Kings goggles on. Secondly, for as desperate as it would appear Lombardi to be, there are many worse players and / or deals he could have made than this one.

    Will it work out? I don’t fucking know.

    But you guys are like the boy who cried wolf… Now that it appears Johnson is gone you’re all fucking crying about it. Newsflash, you all wanted him out for the last couple of years and one decent year changes everything?

    • I agree. JJ hasn’t scored a goal in a month, he doesn’t hit on defense or the net on offense. A potential 8-10 goal scorer in JJ vs a potential 40 goal scorer. Offense is what is needed right now. Desperation, maybe? What’s gonna happen with all the young D in the pipeline? With only 7 positions available, you have to get rid of someone. Or else you’ll have more Holloways and Mollers playing elsewhere. Unfortunately DL can’t trade Doughty because he has to save face after handing out that contract.

  18. For what it’s worth. Dustin Brown and Bernier are the next pieces up on the block.

    Bernier I’d say is all but gone by the trade deadline, we will see if Brown is a part of that package as well.

  19. I was hoping if we moved JMFJ it would be to a decent team. I had heard there was a possibility of Johnson for JVR. Which I would have been good with. Johnson would at least go to a good team. I’d be cool trading bernier to BJs since he’d be a starter and could at least get outta there in a few years if he chose.
    Feel bad for jack, guy signs a long term friendly deal. Funny I knew when DL extended Johnson that was a tradable contract at a time like this.

    Giving up a first plus Johnson is too much for carter. He better put the fucking biscuit in the net, VIGOROUSLY and REPEATEDLY.

    Now let’s grab OTT and I’m feeling better

  20. … I won’t comment until the trade actually goes down, but the idea of trading first round picks is a continuing horror show for me and anyone who’s been a fan of this team for a long time. The Kings have been perhaps the most shining example in NHL history of why it’s wrong for an organization to repeatedly trade away their future first-round picks. Will the Kings ever learn from their own mistakes?

    • I hear you. it’d be a lot worse if the Kings don’t make the playoffs and have a top 10 pick as opposed to late 1st round.

      But there’s always someone special late.

      “They” said this is a top heavy draft this year, but that don’t mean shit. There will be a couple gems late.

    • Guess what, it has gone down. The only thing that kills this, is if Carter is Parse in the hip department.

      Carter, should dislocation this season, now hip issues, and even if the guy fails this exam, Lombardi will still go ahead and complete it.

    • I agree Dutch, that would be 2 1st rounders we’ve lost in the last 2 yrs.
      Unfortunately the patience part is wearing thin on fans and AEG and it’s back to old habits.

      On the other hand DL probably would have botched the pick anyway. He has sucked miserably in the first round.

    • I agree in principle, but if it’s Dean Lombardi making the pick, we end up with another Trevor Lewis anyway, if he even goes for a forward at all.

  21. Will this make all you JMFJ haters happy…
    This doesn’t hurt us as badly as it could…
    Wonder where Nash is going..if he’s going..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  22. Is it necessary for it to b a first? If we dnt make playoffs, we’re only 3 points from acquiring a top 10 pick.

    • Yeah that’s the gamble unfortunately :/

      The way I look at this unofficial trade is this…

      Carter is by far better, but riskier.

      This is a rolling of the dice trade, but stepping inside Dean Lombardi’s shoes, it’s one he has to take.

      • You mean but stepping inside Dean Lombardi’s shoes, it’s one he has to take’ if he wants to try and keep his job.

  23. NOT JMFJ!! Terribly disappointed!

  24. You’re absolutely right when you say But there’s always someone special late.

    ….. and it’s usually more often than not either Detroit, or Boston (Marchand in the 3rd round) or San Jose (Pavelski in the 9th round) who gets em.

    DL has had enough difficulty getting good players in the first three rounds, never mind late. I’m not convinced based on what I’m seeing. Sorrrreeee.

    If you have doubts, look at the list that I linked just above. It only lists 2006, 7, 8, but I’m not seeing any low round picks out of that group at all other than Loktionov and the jury is still out on him as of the moment. Plus it was only because he’s Russian and teams didn’t know if he was worth the risk.

    Other than that I’m decidedly non plussed over DL’s drafting. Two of the best pure drafts he ever made are traded (Schenn and Simmonds). Otherwise, Voynov.
    But that’s about it. Doughty doesn’t count, he was 2nd overall and hasn’t shown that he merits anything remotely close to what he’s earning at the moment. There are numerous dmen that are playing above his level but hopefully he evolves.

  25. This might be financially a good move for the Kings, however it is also a pretty big statement again about Dean Lombardi, and his decision making.

    Lombardi 6 years, has hired 3 head coaches?

    Lombardi trades Gleason and Belanger for rights to Johnson.

    Lombardi takes Bernier in the 1st, which was great, and now it appears Bernier is going to be moved over the summer, per TSN Bob Makenzie.

    Lombardi takes Hickey as a 1st rounder

    Lombardi trades Cammy to Calgary, then does some magic to wind up taking the guy he had major wood for Colten Teubert.

    Doughty landed in his lap, which screwed up his plans, as he had banked on Stamkos (to think what would have been).

    Schenn falls into his lap once again, and he’s been injury prone, but is used to acquire Mike Richards.

    Kings make playoffs1st time in 8 years, give Vancouver a good running, before losing in 6 games.

    Forbort? Forbort? Forbort?

    Bye Bye Frolov

    Yes finally Kovalchuk, ohhhhhh he just wanted to have Dustin Brown give Mrs. Chuk a guided tour of Los Angeles.

    Fuck, all the good UFA’s are gone, I had no plan B, fuck, fuck Ponikorovsky.

    Give away a 1st for Penner, take Gibson? Gibson? Gibson?

    Playoffs for 2nd season in a row. Have San Jose against the ropes. Sharks even spot the Kings 4 goals in game 3, but Kings give it back and lose 6-5 in OT. Kings could force a game 7, even having a 5 minute PP in game 6, can only manage 1 shot on goal. PP carry over to OT, PP over, Thornton scores game, set, match Sharks.

    Schenn, Simmonds gone, Mike Richards in. Smyth asks to go home. Fraser in.

    Gagne in but with pre-existing issues with concussions.

    Lombardi screams from the top of the JW Marriott “This is the team I want”

    Handzus walks, still have Penner, and signing of Hunter and Moreau.

    Pre-season predictions, Kings postured to make a deep run into the playoffs.

    Massive PR to announce the Kings arrival “Our Time is Now”

    Almost everyone suckered into this Ponzi scheme, even raising ticket prices prior to this season.

    Lombardi postures in front of media about not giving in to Doughty demands.

    Voynov given a chance, proves Doughty not as important as he thought, but still Lombardi folds before regular season and lies to Kopitar about never paying anyone more than him.

    Season starts, Kings looking pretty good, then the shit hits the fan.

    Murray finally fired, Lombardi blames players, brings in Darryl. Things loosen up with Darryl, but still offense just not improving.

    Kings bottom of NHL in scoring, but at the top in goals allowed, hanging on to a playoff position, but every game, either up a notch, at the same position or now outside looking in.

    Not finalized or 100% true, but looks like pending a physical (Carter has a bad shoulder) he comes to LA in exchange for Johnson and a 1st, but not a done deal and there might be more than this.

    This now announced on TSN.

    Notices go out announcing season ticket prices increasing.

    The only thing I can look forward to, is hearing Lombardi finally getting fired, and his ego and his ass are kicked to the curb.

  26. This is a fucking disaster. It was either you take the Carter contract, which no one else wants (maybe waiting until after his hat trick changed this though), for free, or for Bernier, or maybe a 1st by itself, or you give up JJ but you get the real prize, Rick Nash.

    But JJ AND A 1ST for Carter? You’re not even getting the top player? In fact you’re leaving him out on the market for the Sharks? LOL.

    I hate this fucking organization. Fucking idiots running it. The San Jose Sharks will not touch Jeff Carter with a 10 foot poll, they refuse to take on long term contracts like that. A smart GM would use this against them. You get Nash, you only leave Carter out there, who you know the Sharks wont want. You leave them with no one.

    This is a fucking disaster. But since we’re Kings fans we all know its only going to get worse. Rick Nash to the Sharks, probably for less than what we gave up for Carter.

  27. Scribe….. you know what really gets to me? I’ll tell you.

    I do understand that he felt he had to make the trade for Richards. I still think he gave up too much, but I’m ok with it.

    However, if you remember, TM said that the team had an incredibly close core of young guys. Well, two members of that close core… JJ and Simmer are now gone and the actual core starts to disintegrate.

    I can understand a trade, but whats the point of spending all that time to build a core if you just go and break it all up, especially if he makes even more trades.
    He’s scrambling if you ask me.

  28. This is a fucking disaster. It was either you take the Carter contract, which no one else wants (maybe waiting until after his hat trick changed this though), for free, or for Bernier, or maybe a 1st by itself, or you give up JJ but you get the real prize, Rick Nash.

    But JJ AND A 1ST for Carter? You’re not even getting the top player? In fact you’re leaving him out on the market for the Sharks? LOL.

    I hate this fucking organization. Fucking idiots running it. The San Jose Sharks will not touch Jeff Carter with a 10 foot poll, they refuse to take on long term contracts like that. A smart GM would use this against them. You get Nash, you only leave Carter out there, who you know the Sharks wont want. You leave them with no one.

    This is a fucking disaster. But since we’re Kings fans we all know its only going to get worse. Rick Nash to the Sharks, probably for less than what we gave up for Carter.

  29. is calling it a deal. Johnson and 1st rounder for Carter

  30. My +/- on this…

    -even though he’s been inconsistent, I will miss Johnson.
    -Lombardi has no credibility on future resigning of roster players.
    -will now spend the draft saying “should of been ours”
    -him and Mike Richards are likely to drive off Mulholland with two fat knockered UCLA undergrad’s .

    + I like his shot on the wing.
    + Voynov will now have the minutes he deserves and can deliver on.
    +Won’t have to chew my nails watching who goes in the draft before us.
    +I think this will lift Richards game up.
    +Local bars will now get to come up with awesome drink names inspired by Richards/Carter reunion.
    +Los Angeles will see an economic goose from increased need for bartenders. busboys and cab drivers.

    • My opinion of this deal depends 100% on what happens with Nash. If this opens up Nash to go to the Sharks, this isn’t even a move forward, its five steps back. You bring in a 40 goal scorer but you still lose ground on your #1 rival.

      Only in LA, with Dean Lombardi.

  31. Well, it’s official now.

  32. … Just so we can cover all of our bases, from the “I love to make things up” department:

    matthew barry says:
    February 22, 2012 at 11:38 pm
    You read it here 1st:

    Carter traded to Toronto

    Nash not traded at all

  33. It’s not a bad deal guys.

    You put too much emotion into it.

    Carter is by far the better player.. riskier, but better.

    You can’t give up scrubs to get a proven goal scorer. That’s not how these things work.

    Up until this year, most of you berated Johnson (and still did this year), and now all of a sudden he’s great and this is a bad deal?

    As I said earlier… you really think Voynov was going to stay a #3 on the Kings forever? God forbid we trade Doughty…

    We needed scoring, we have defensemen.

    Carter’s contract is not as bad as people make it out to be. The only negative is length.. not the cap hit itself. But he is still young and if he can finally get out of his funk he’s been in this year, which I’m sure he will now that he is with BFF Richards, I only see this as a positive.

    I’ve always liked Johnson, even when most of you didn’t, and now it seems I’m the only one happy about this trade. Funny how this all works.

    • I’m glad you think it’s a good deal also; you need to give talent to receive talent. If the Kings ended up missing out on Carter and Nash, everyone on here would be saying how stupid Lombardi is for not picking up either of them.

    • Carter to LA for Johnson and a 1st round pick (contingent on making the playoffs this season).

      That 1st round pick stays with LA for this upcoming draft (2012) if the Kings miss the playoffs (mumbbling, mis mis miss) this season.

      If the Kings do make the playoffs this season that pick goes to CBJ.

      IMO it would be in the best interest for the Kings to miss the playoffs this season.

      This years draft class is pretty deep in the center/forward department, and we all know how many defensemen the Kings already have “in their system”.

      Sign Quick to a new deal, lock him up, get it done.

      If you plan on trading Bernier, move him at least for a shot at Nail Yakupov, Mikhail Grigorenko or Alex Galchenyuk.

      If Dumbardi is still here, he’d go off the board and take some 16 yr old in the USNDP, why? Because he is Dean Dumbardi!

      Finally, I hope Lombardi had the class enough to ask JJ if he was ok with going to the enemy. Ann Arbor is not Columbus and Buckeyes and Wolverines aren’t friends!

  34. The Kings just added an albatross to go along with the anchor (Penner).

    Lombardi just blew up his project like a child sticking a firecracker in a model ship he spend days building.

  35. All hail the Los Angeles DrinKings!

  36. Mike Richards to Jeff Carter on the trade: “Let’s get this party started!”

  37. … I don’t like another first-rounder leaving, as I said up there, but otherwise I like the trade.

    I’m not really that bent over Lombardi going against his own philosophy of team building or whatever; as far as I’m concerned, that ship sailed when he made the Richards trade.

    I do like Carter as a player. He’s scored plenty in the past, and I think he’s getting more responsible defensively over the last couple seasons and change. As long as he doesn’t forget how to play hockey the moment he puts on a Kings’ jersey, he should be a fine addition to the team.

    I’ve been critical of Johnson’s positioning and his inability to grasp anything more than basic one-on-one defense for a long time now, and I don’t believe it’s going to improve much, as he’s making the same mistakes now as he made three years ago. I’m not as sad to see him go as I would be to see someone else go. I’m certainly not against opening up a spot to bring Voynov back up for good.

    I think the trade was alright. They picked up a guy whose value was down. Two seasons ago, there would have been no way to acquire Carter with just Johnson and a first rounder. Hopefully, the reward will justify the risk.

  38. Well, we know who 2 next years celebrities are on Celebrity Rehab.

  39. Budweiser Brewery Anheuser-Busch over in Northridge just added a third shift.

    • Its Bud Light and that ROY Braun’ mom works(ed) there. Maybe it’s Bud Light that contained that “banned substance” or “Performance Enhancing Drugs”.

      I’m aging myself, but I used to love that tram ride they had to tour the brewery.

      They even tried to make it a tourist attraction, shows, rides, birds, all sorts of stuff, but all gone now.

      I actually went to school (Univ of Arizona) with Auggie the 4th or whatever he is.

      Auggie had a little accident, a girl wound up dead, and Auggie and his family money made it all go away.

      I have a feeling John McClean’ wifey who is very influencial in AZ because she is one of the largest distributors in the US, helped Auggie IV walk.

  40. I feel like raping “The Mayor” with every one of his ” In Dean We Trust” shirts.

  41. I dont see how so many of you are mad at this deal. I think its about as good as it could get. If this exact deal was done last summer, we got an absolute steal. We got a guy who is in the top few overall goal scorers the past 5 years….and hes signed a very very reasonable cap hit….thats what matters…oh… and he just entered his prime….

    Yes, we lost Jack, and that hurts, but the difference between him and Voynov is not huge. We plug Voynov in and i think our D stays about the same

    You guys talk about building a core and then trading 2 pieces from it, but we have no other choice. Our team of last year was not winning any cups. What the next thing to do? Sign a big FA…unfortunately, we cant fucking get one to sign here…was this a desperation move? Yes and no….i think DL did pretty good considering every GM new we were desperate for offense

    • The deal, player for player, cap hit for cap hit, forgetting term, forgetting the surrounding circumstances, is acceptable.

      But Jeff Carter has 10 more years on his contract. No one else wanted him because of that perceived risk. And Carter wanted out, himself, so Columbus was in a poor negotiating position from the start. The Kings were maybe the only team willing to take on that long deal.

      The exchange was supposed to be, if the Kings agreed to take that contract that no one else wanted, that Columbus was just trying to get rid of, they wouldn’t have to trade much of anything to get him.

      But someone the Blue Jackets escape this Jeff Carter mess of their own making, a player with 10 more years on his contract who had asked for a trade, for Jack Johnson and a 1st round pick?

      That’s the problem. Jack Johnson is a future top-pairing defenseman. Those are worth as much as top line players. He has everything, size, skating, poise, shot. He may be a work in progress but he has every tool. If you’re giving up such a good piece, shouldn’t you be getting Nash?

      It should have been either jack shit in exchange for Jeff Carter, or the moon for Rick Nash.

      Instead it’s about 2/3 of the moon for Jeff Carter. That’s why I don’t like it. I would rather they had just offered up the whole moon and gotten the stud back in Rick Nash, or gotten both. Even Johnson, Brown, Bernier, Loktionov, 1sts, etc, for both of them would have been good. But not 2/3 of the moon for Carter.

      • But somehow the Blue Jackets escape this Jeff Carter mess of their own making

      • Jack Johnson is a future top-pairing defenseman. Those are worth as much as top line players. He has everything, size, skating, poise, shot. He may be a work in progress but he has every tool.

        … Regardless of what you think of the stat, Jack’s been a -90 in a little over four seasons’ worth of games.

        Nearly every single season, Jack’s dead last among the Kings’ regular defensemen in relative Corsi rating. The only season he wasn’t was 09-10, when he was second to last, only ahead of the immortal Randy Jones.

        At which point will the work in progress be finished? At which point will the labor pains be over, and the baby seen? I like Jack’s attitude and his work ethic. I like his physical strength. All that’s top-notch. But his hockey sense isn’t coming along at the same rate, and his results leave a lot to be desired. The Kings just aren’t the kind of team that can afford to live with a lot of defensive lapses. They just aren’t.

        Carter’s just a couple years older than Jack is. The Kings had to address a need. They traded away something they have in surplus for something they were short on. Do you think the Kings were the only team interested in Carter? It was going to take something more than jack shit to get him here. If this team’s going to salvage what’s left of this season whatsoever, this is a step in the right direction.

    • No no no no. The first rounder should have been ours

  42. Sorry, but anyone upset about this is clueless. Do you enjoy being dead last in the league in scoring? JJ is -90 for his career and is mediocre at best most nights. The Kings have desperately needed scoring for years now. This is a business and it’s all about winning which the kings have never done with JJ. Anyone upset about DL being a “hypocrite” is unbelieveably naive.

    • I agree the Kings need scoring and I have been a huge proponent of adding Jeff Carter. Before anyone else here, I wanted him, I recommended him. People were complaining about the risk and all of that, I wanted him.

      So I completely with you on his talent, but see my above post for the reason why even though I like Carter, Im still disappointed that this was the cost, and that they got Carter back instead of Nash.

    • No, you’re clueless.
      We just gave away another first rounder and took on another long term contract without adding the real scorer on Columbus.
      That would be Rick Nash, not Jeff Carter and now we only have one puck moving defensemen on our squad.
      Good luck getting the puck out of our zone against teams that pressure our blue-line like: San Jose. Vancouver, Detroit or Phoenix.
      We could’ve and should’ve gotten Carter for Johnson straight up.
      We needed to package a deal and get somebody back with that 1st rounder we gave away, like Clitsome or Vermette.
      Too late, Dean already got beat on that deal.
      This is his way of giving us one last fuck you, before he gets canned!!
      Why not finish it off, go ahead and get Nash and Sanford for Bernier, Penner and Brown?
      At least we would have some more scoring that way!
      One offensive player isn’t going to get us out of this fucking mess!!

  43. On a lighter note, my wife is pissed, mainly because “Mother Fucking Jack Johnson” as she liked to call him, was the only player she “knew” and liked on the team. She only watches hockey live (or when she pretends not to watch when I am watching on the TV)…so you know, she is upset, as am I!!

  44. Bye Dean!!
    Sorry, I’m fucking pissed at this deal!

  45. Carter isn’t even going to be in the line-up Saturday, why?

  46. I cannot believe that Jack MF Johnson is gone….wow I’m blown away.

  47. I wish JJ the best! This may be what he needs to really prove himself. He always stepped up when DD was down, I just hope that Columbus appreciates him. I’m pretty sick of all the blow-hards talking crap about his +/-. Really? who on the Kings is NOT sucking right now!

  48. Finally a post that I can agree halfheartedly with. A stupid and jerky move…great job Mr. I-Don’t-Know-What-The-Fuck-I’m-Doing-In-This-Office. Johnson and a 1st for a friggin half-witt. Great job on dealing away a “core” that will bite us in the ass 2 years from now…fucking moron.

    And to all you bastards thinking this is a golden opportunity for JJ to improve himself; you have no fucking clue what just transpired.

  49. Next year at this time jack j will have 20goals and a fucking plus fucking 15 and we will watch as he drills doughty when he tries to carry the puck through the neutral zone. At leaste maybe doughty will remember how to check people. God awful trade. Philly separated richy and carter for a reason. Lombardi can build a strong core but will fail time after time when its time to become contenders. FUCK MY FUCKING LIFE! BAD DAY TO BE A KINGS FAN!

  50. See ya my fellow Kings fans, this is the gut shot that I just can’t recover from until the toxic bullet is removed. See you back at Staples and in the chat rooms after Dean has been fired.


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