I like to wear my Kopitar or ‘Surly’ jerseys to most games. Today marks the day that I will wear my Jack Johnson purple & gold jersey to every game until… until I calm down. So a long time.

I did not sign up for this shit. I did not expect this. Jack Johnson AND a 1st round pick? Conditional or not, the pick is just Scott Howson’s tongue rubbing sadistically along Dean Lombardi’s face – Jack is Howson’s own Johnson up Lombardi’s Kings’ tattooed ass.

I may have written that Jeff Carter was the better player to target over Nash, but that was largely to do with the price of such a trade. No one had Carter for as much as Johnson and a 1st. NO. ONE. I can only imagine what Lombardi would have given up for Nash… Kopitar and Johnson? What the fuck… this hit me like a ton of bricks.

Look… I like acquiring Carter for several reasons. His contract length is not one of them. His piss poor playoff stats is not one of them. What are they? That he can play center and wing, that his shot is ridiculous, that he should help boost Richards’ game and that he was supposed to be relatively cheap. But you can read all that here, when I was in a more sane state of thinking.

For now, some good old fashioned babble is in order. I’m a fit of rage and I reserve the right to reverse any opinions after I kick many, many dogs.

Loyalty is dead. Jack signs a sweetheart contract and gets the Lubomir Visnovsky treatment. There’s a side of me that instantly wants to think that Doughty’s ego has something to do with this. Now that Doughty is the one and only guy who is expected to lead the team on defense, perhaps he will take his game to another level. The spotlight is all his.

How happy is Mike Richards right now? Having a celebratory drink I suppose. Carter will take his at 30,000 feet, on the rocks, as icy cold as his character. Mike Richards better be given the captaincy now, although perhaps Brown is the perfect captain for the duo that Chris Pronger bullied out of town. Quiet and unassuming, Brown might hit the sauce himself.

Ah, but as I admit, I’m babbling. I don’t give a crap about the party rumors or how little Carter cares about his liver. I don’t even care all that much that he sulked like a 12 year old girl when he got traded to Columbus. That I understand. No, this all comes down to paying a high price for an asset at it’s lowest possible value and the utterly horrible moral constitution of Dean Lombardi. I forgave him for the Visnovsky trade, purely because we had just drafted Doughty and we’re going younger and Visnovsky was not a spring chicken. But Jack is a different story. This kid is getting ready to burst into his prime and despite his defensive absentmindedness, had perhaps the best attitude and work ethic of anyone on the team. The Kings tattoo Lombardi wants all his players to have? He forgot to mention when scarring them for life that he reserves all rights to burn it off unceremoniously with acid. Who the hell would want to sign a long term deal here now when we can’t seem to commit to them. Dean, you are supposed to trade the albatross contracts, not take them on in favor of the sweetheart deals.

I want interviews. I don’t care what Lombardi has to say. I know what he has to say and I know it will make little to no sense so I’ll leave that up to Bobby for translating. I don’t want to hear from Carter. I want to hear from Johnson.

Does Carter solve the scoring woes? Absolutely not. He will help. He could get Richards going, maybe he meshes with Kopitar. Maybe our powerplay ceases to suck. Maybe I’ll like this trade after a calming yoga class. Clarity is not in my wheelhouse at the moment.

I see that it seems many Kings fans like the trade. I ask you though, are you glad just to see something change, or do you feel this was a good deal?

I know what why deal was made. Tim Leiweke wants a scorer, he knows Parise won’t come here. Lombardi knows he has a near home run in Slava Voynov. I know everything thinks Voynov can step into Johnson’s shoes right now. I actually agree with you that he can. Slava is smiling right now and I am smiling for Slava. That’s not what this is about.

Last summer Jeff Carter got traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Jakub Voracek, the 8th overall pick in a so-so draft and a third round pick. Carter then proceeded to pout his way to two injuries. He wanted out of Columbus and Columbus had severe buyers remorse. His value is supposed to be low. Yet, Scott Howson basically gets as good a price as he paid. That’s not this is supposed to work. We got absolutely hosed for Ryan Smyth specifically because it was well known that Smyth wanted out. Sure there was the fact that he would only accept a trade to one or two teams, but Lombardi lost all bargaining power when word broke that Smyth wanted a trade. Well, Carter wanted a trade and so did his GM, so Howson must have been driving the price up on him in a bidding war for the last two weeks. I am very curious to see what other team’s offered for Jeff.

I will say that given the whole Richards and Jeff being friends thing, getting traded away from each other on the same day thing has the ring of serendipity to it. However the fact that Lombardi betrays good faith on his player to acquire another player who was so upset about his good faith being betrayed has the ring of karmic brutality.

OK. I’m only making myself angrier. Maybe I’ll go back and proofread this post. Maybe I won’t.

Maybe I’ll show up to Saturday’s game. Maybe I won’t.

Maybe I’ll renew my season tickets. Maybe.

Maybe I’ll give Dean the benefit of the doubt.

I won’t.