What In The Fuck? Jack Johnson AND A 1st For Jeff Carter?

I like to wear my Kopitar or ‘Surly’ jerseys to most games. Today marks the day that I will wear my Jack Johnson purple & gold jersey to every game until… until I calm down. So a long time.

I did not sign up for this shit. I did not expect this. Jack Johnson AND a 1st round pick? Conditional or not, the pick is just Scott Howson’s tongue rubbing sadistically along Dean Lombardi’s face – Jack is Howson’s own Johnson up Lombardi’s Kings’ tattooed ass.

I may have written that Jeff Carter was the better player to target over Nash, but that was largely to do with the price of such a trade. No one had Carter for as much as Johnson and a 1st. NO. ONE. I can only imagine what Lombardi would have given up for Nash… Kopitar and Johnson? What the fuck… this hit me like a ton of bricks.

Look… I like acquiring Carter for several reasons. His contract length is not one of them. His piss poor playoff stats is not one of them. What are they? That he can play center and wing, that his shot is ridiculous, that he should help boost Richards’ game and that he was supposed to be relatively cheap. But you can read all that here, when I was in a more sane state of thinking.

For now, some good old fashioned babble is in order. I’m a fit of rage and I reserve the right to reverse any opinions after I kick many, many dogs.

Loyalty is dead. Jack signs a sweetheart contract and gets the Lubomir Visnovsky treatment. There’s a side of me that instantly wants to think that Doughty’s ego has something to do with this. Now that Doughty is the one and only guy who is expected to lead the team on defense, perhaps he will take his game to another level. The spotlight is all his.

How happy is Mike Richards right now? Having a celebratory drink I suppose. Carter will take his at 30,000 feet, on the rocks, as icy cold as his character. Mike Richards better be given the captaincy now, although perhaps Brown is the perfect captain for the duo that Chris Pronger bullied out of town. Quiet and unassuming, Brown might hit the sauce himself.

Ah, but as I admit, I’m babbling. I don’t give a crap about the party rumors or how little Carter cares about his liver. I don’t even care all that much that he sulked like a 12 year old girl when he got traded to Columbus. That I understand. No, this all comes down to paying a high price for an asset at it’s lowest possible value and the utterly horrible moral constitution of Dean Lombardi. I forgave him for the Visnovsky trade, purely because we had just drafted Doughty and we’re going younger and Visnovsky was not a spring chicken. But Jack is a different story. This kid is getting ready to burst into his prime and despite his defensive absentmindedness, had perhaps the best attitude and work ethic of anyone on the team. The Kings tattoo Lombardi wants all his players to have? He forgot to mention when scarring them for life that he reserves all rights to burn it off unceremoniously with acid. Who the hell would want to sign a long term deal here now when we can’t seem to commit to them. Dean, you are supposed to trade the albatross contracts, not take them on in favor of the sweetheart deals.

I want interviews. I don’t care what Lombardi has to say. I know what he has to say and I know it will make little to no sense so I’ll leave that up to Bobby for translating. I don’t want to hear from Carter. I want to hear from Johnson.

Does Carter solve the scoring woes? Absolutely not. He will help. He could get Richards going, maybe he meshes with Kopitar. Maybe our powerplay ceases to suck. Maybe I’ll like this trade after a calming yoga class. Clarity is not in my wheelhouse at the moment.

I see that it seems many Kings fans like the trade. I ask you though, are you glad just to see something change, or do you feel this was a good deal?

I know what why deal was made. Tim Leiweke wants a scorer, he knows Parise won’t come here. Lombardi knows he has a near home run in Slava Voynov. I know everything thinks Voynov can step into Johnson’s shoes right now. I actually agree with you that he can. Slava is smiling right now and I am smiling for Slava. That’s not what this is about.

Last summer Jeff Carter got traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Jakub Voracek, the 8th overall pick in a so-so draft and a third round pick. Carter then proceeded to pout his way to two injuries. He wanted out of Columbus and Columbus had severe buyers remorse. His value is supposed to be low. Yet, Scott Howson basically gets as good a price as he paid. That’s not this is supposed to work. We got absolutely hosed for Ryan Smyth specifically because it was well known that Smyth wanted out. Sure there was the fact that he would only accept a trade to one or two teams, but Lombardi lost all bargaining power when word broke that Smyth wanted a trade. Well, Carter wanted a trade and so did his GM, so Howson must have been driving the price up on him in a bidding war for the last two weeks. I am very curious to see what other team’s offered for Jeff.

I will say that given the whole Richards and Jeff being friends thing, getting traded away from each other on the same day thing has the ring of serendipity to it. However the fact that Lombardi betrays good faith on his player to acquire another player who was so upset about his good faith being betrayed has the ring of karmic brutality.

OK. I’m only making myself angrier. Maybe I’ll go back and proofread this post. Maybe I won’t.

Maybe I’ll show up to Saturday’s game. Maybe I won’t.

Maybe I’ll renew my season tickets. Maybe.

Maybe I’ll give Dean the benefit of the doubt.

I won’t.

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  1. Oh I hate this deal and the thought of moving Brown kills me. The Royal half pointed out if we make the playoffs and CBJ choose our 2012 1st round pick, we won’t have a 1st round pick for 4 straight years. EAT ME LOMBARDI

  2. The price was too high in my opinion. Out of all the rumors circulating, not one team was offering a top minute defenseman, and a 1rst round pick.

    Lombardi made the deal so sweet that Howson had no choice. The fact that he might not be done is absolutely scaring me. I think we could use a few scorers, but not at the cost of a rebuild, all at the same time, during the final stretch of the season.

    Hope it works, but 1/2 of me thinks he’s wrong with his anything to win now, abaondon the plan philosophy.

  3. Standing O. Bravo, my friend. That was raw and visceral. I got wood.

    • Surly has, for a while in my opinion, come into his own as a writer. There has also been many times lately where he confused me, because I thought I was reading something you wrote. So bravo Surly, and Scribe for being two great writers who entertain the hell out of me.

      Oh, Lombardi can suck it.

  4. As a struggling writer in Los Angeles, I have mastered having a positive outlook when life just shit in your ear. Being a Kings fan for 21 years has given me a masters degree in it.

    So since the trade goes down regardless of how we feel, I welcome my boozing buddy with something to prove and plenty of double D pysch majors to inspire him.

    Maybe we can trade this offseason to pick up some draft picks. I don’t know if Brown is enough to get us some, but then again I’m wearing my optimist fez.

  5. From Lombardi’s press conference —

    Lombardi said he did not know whether the Kings were on Rick Nash’s reported “list” of teams to which he would accept a trade.

    Do you buy this for a fucking minute?

  6. Don’t give up yet, Surly, maybe Carter won’t pass the breathalyzer portion of the physical.

  7. Remember how things went the last time we traded for a guy named Carter?

  8. Jeff Carter > Jack Johnson and a 1st.

    Riskier, but a lot better.

    You guys overvalue Jack Johnson way too much and undervalue Jeff Carter.

    The only negative to all this is Carter is getting paid into the 2020’s or something like that.

    Take a look at a lot of non-Kings sites. It’s usually easier looking from the outside in. A majority of people say we got the better deal as long as Carter produces.

    There’s no reason why he won’t.

    Most of you have wanted Johnson out for a while now. You got your wish!

    And about the hometown discount… that’s Johnson’s fault really. Sports are a business… these guys are millionaires. That’s a part of life unfortunately.

    I wish Johnson nothing but good, while I wish Carter nothing but the best.

    • That may be true. Jeff Carter may be > Jack Johnson and a 1st.

      But he would be >>>>>> than just a 1st, or just Jonathan Bernier.

      And Rick Nash would be >>>>>>> than Johnson, a 1st, Bernier, and whatever else.

      Of all the possibilities that were out there, of all the potential deals, Dean Lombardi made the worst one for his team, and the best one for the San Jose Sharks.

      Is this deal better than nothing? That’s what you’re arguing, and you may be right, provided the Sharks don’t get Nash.

      I think everyone’s problem with it is that, while it may be better than nothing, it’s still a lot worse than what we were expecting, or what Lombardi could have done (or we thought).

      • Yeah I’d like to trade a broken stick and a couple hockey pucks, but that’s not how it works out.

        You are severely overvaluing Johnson and severely undervaluing Jeff Carter if you think Lombardi could have done better.

        That’s all I’ll say. I don’t mean this to insult your intelligence, but have you ever watched Carter play while he was with Philly?

        Dude is exactly what we are missing. He can create shots from anywhere and everywhere.

        I have a strong feeling those that don’t like this trade really have never seen him play before.

        • No insult man, reasonable minds can disagree. I just think youre looking too much at the players, Carter and Johnson, and not enough at everything else. Yes, if Carter had the identical contract of Johnson, and no history of locker room issues, there would have been 20 teams bidding on Carter, and getting him for JJ would be a steal.

          But you have to realize that the reality is, Carter’s value was negatively affected by the length of his contract and the reputation rumors, much like Dany Heatley’s was a couple years ago. THAT is why i think it was reasonable for everyone to think Carter would be available for very little. Even the Columbus Dispatch beat writer for the team, Darren Dreger, etc, all said Columbus just wanted to get rid of the contract, and really wasnt looking to get good assets back. As in, if they had to just get rid of him, they would. Of course they wanted JJ, but Dean should have said no and waited for the deadline.

          Again, prices go down at the end. You at least wait until the last minute, you know?

    • “There’s no reason that he shouldn’t”

      That just makes me laugh.

      • It makes you laugh? Enjoy your laughs then.

        You obviously don’t know what type of player Jeff Carter is.

        He’s a type of player we do not have on this team. This team is full of playmakers.

        Carter is someone who actually creates his own shot and is a sniper.

        It’s all good though. You can laugh now, I’ll have the last laugh later when I say “told ya so.”

    • “There’s no reason why he won’t”

      No reason why he won’t produce? The fact that no one seems to produce here doesn’t trip you up just a little?

      My problem with this is that I felt if a shakeup needed to happen it should have been a REAL shakeup, which means you trade Brown. You rock the leadership group. Johnson was part of the core, but not part as big a part of the leadership group.

      Does this trade change our identity? I don’t think it does. Maybe I’m wrong.

      • No question in my mind its not enough.

        The only hope i have is that between trading Bernier and Brown, Penner, Stoll, maybe Loktionov, who knows, that maybe Dean still has a big shakeup in mind, and can trade some of these two-way guys and guys who didnt work out for some more skill and scoring depth.

      • Carter is arguably the top goal scorer on our team now.

        So what do you suggest?

        Keep Johnson and still be shitty on offense?

        For all this talk about Nash, what the fuck has Nash done that deserves 7 mil + a year? I mean really?

        • I understand your argument Kingsfan, I agree with everything on Carter the player, but come on, don’t drag “Is Nash really that good anyway? BS” into this. Nash is fucking amazing, he is better than Carter at everything but maybe shooting. Nash is Carter 2.0, hes a Canadian Ovechkin, hes fucking amazing.

          But you’re right, Carter is the Kings best goal scorer, not even debatable. But Nash would have been much better.

      • Brown is being shopped, along with Bernier. Also Stoll, Penner. I don’t think DL is quite done yet.

        Look towards Buffalo with Brown, Toronto or Philly with Bernier.

        Who knows, maybe a package deal with Toronto with Penner and Bernier.

  9. Just heard on TSN that Dustin Brown is being shopped around… team dismantling in progress.

    • I have to say good. Look, I have nothing against Brown as a man, but as a hockey player, he drives me insane. He actually pisses my brother off to no end. My brother will focus on everything Brown does every game we watch together, and bitch about him all game. No one would be happier than my brother if Brown was traded. Then, and only then could we truly be Flyers West, because then we could put Richards in charge of the whole show, and then we would see that shake up we’ve all been talking about

    • Not necessarily a bad thing.

      Dustin Brown has MASSIVE value around the NHL. He is valued really really highly.

      However, his play has been worthless with the Kings.

      What if you can get some really good pieces back for Brown, and they actually play up to their potential, unlike Brown? Now you’ve improved.

      I think if Lombardi can trade the Brown of this year for the value of Brown two years ago, it might work in the Kings favor.

      • Except when we get people they don’t live up to their potential and when we trade them away they suddenly do.

        *Moulson, even if he mostly just stands in the right spot for Tavares, manages to put pucks in the net.

        *Simmonds is having the year of his life.

        *Schenn is developing rapidly.

        • Yup. It’s the Kings curse for as long as I’ve watched them…and according to Chris Sacks, I have a masters degree in Kings fandom :D

        • Simmonds having the year of his life is highly misleading and Schenn hasn’t been developing rapidly, he’s been injured or not on the team a good part of the year.

          Take away Simmond’s PP points, which are over a third of his points this year, his ppg is a little over what it was as a King, all while playing 2nd line minutes on the top scoring team in the NHL.

          He is having a good year, don’t get me wrong, but it is similar to what he put up with the Kings, minus the PP time and points.

        • Im saying if the Kings get like, Derek Roy, Tyler Ennis, and Drew Stafford, except Stafford doesnt count against the cap (magically) so it works out money wise (magically), in exchange for Dustin Brown, maybe something like that can help.

          Obviously thats impossible, barring magic. But the general idea. If the Kings can get a big upgrade in skill, without losing cap room, in exchange for Brown, because a team wants a two-way guy with grit more, that might help the Kings.

    • Depends on who we’re targeting but I’m down with it.

  10. If there is any consolation to this abortion of a trade, i am exicited as hell for the kings to play columbus and see jj check the shit out of dd!

  11. I hate the fact that we lost Jack but something had to give and now we are in a place where all Carter has to do is get us into the playoffs and the to the 2nd round followed by many 30 goal season to follow. The rest of the players need to realize that they must step up because it is their fault that this trade happened. Get it together forwards.

    • They should have learned that lesson when TM was fired. Unfortunately it lasted only so long before the old habits crept back in.

  12. Jack Johnson AND a 1st round pick?

    … You make this sound like Jack Johnson is a star player, or even a good player. He is an average player. He’s good offensively for a defenseman, and he’s poor defensively for anybody. The Kings might miss Jack’s offense, although with Voynov in the lineup I doubt it. They certainly won’t miss Jack’s defense.

    There’s a side of me that instantly wants to think that Doughty’s ego has something to do with this.

    … Holy shit, the insanity surrounding some Kings’ fans regarding Drew Doughty is fucking mind-boggling. Yeah, you’re right. Doughty is EVIL. His uniform number should be 666. He just wants to see the Kings suffer. It’s amazing how people can change their views on a great player when he starts getting paid like a great player. It’s like he raped a nun or something by negotiating a new contract.

    Now that Doughty is the one and only guy who is expected to lead the team on defense

    … Dude, he’s BEEN expected to lead the team on defense, almost from the moment he was drafted. Nothing has changed there.

    Loyalty is dead.

    … What? It never was alive with this regime. Again, this is not a new phenomenon.

    I know what why deal was made. Tim Leiweke wants a scorer

    … What makes you think Leiweke made the deal? This is starting to sound more like a convenience thing. Don’t like a deal? Hell, Leiweke must have made it! I don’t buy it.

    I see that it seems many Kings fans like the trade. I ask you though, are you glad just to see something change, or do you feel this was a good deal?

    … I don’t like to see the first rounder go, but I like the deal otherwise.

    No, this all comes down to paying a high price for an asset

    … This isn’t a high price for Carter, at all.

    We got absolutely hosed for Ryan Smyth specifically because it was well known that Smyth wanted out.

    … Oh noes we lost the $6 Million Methuselah. Forgive me if I don’t cry over it.

    Howson must have been driving the price up on him in a bidding war for the last two weeks.

    … If you were the Columbus GM, after rejecting suicide as an option, wouldn’t you do the same thing?

    I am very curious to see what other team’s offered for Jeff.

    … Me too.

    The only way this trade looks like a bad one is if you overrate Jack Johnson’s actual contribution to the hockey club on the ice.

    And, if you actually took Dean Lombardi’s statements about “culture” and “loyalty” or whatever at face value, sorry but you’ve been punk’d.

    • I think it’s high time you start writing articles for the site. You can be play the “pro” or “con” on any of Surly, or Scribe’s positions…but this only posting in the comments section is over for you. Write articles ;)

    • Awesome post. Agree with every word. +1 internets to you.

    • Hes not an average player. Hes the Kings #2 defenseman. The only thing bad about him is his +/-, which is only low because the Kings never score 5on5 when hes on the ice (or at at all). This is a former high pick with size, skating, hes a good defenseman. #3 guy.

      • Hes not an average player. Hes the Kings #2 defenseman.

        … Where he is on the depth chart doesn’t change the fact that he’s an average defenseman. And I don’t even believe he was the number two guy. Mitchell and Scuderi see over 20 minutes a game and they’re out there against tougher opposition than Johnson was. It’s not so cut and dried to say “he’s #2 in ice time, he’s the #2 guy.” There are more factors to consider than that.

        The only thing bad about him is his +/-, which is only low because the Kings never score 5on5 when hes on the ice (or at at all).

        … Actually, it’s low because he’s a poor defensive player. His +/- was even worse in the past couple seasons, when the team was scoring more than they are now. Your theory is flawed.

      • When Voynov was in the lineup as a rookie, Jack was the #5 defenseman/PP specialist.


        Those were the pairs 5-on-5. That was when the Kings were playing better than they are now. Voynov stopped playing and the Kings started losing. Jack was overhyped coming out of college and has never lived up to expectations.

        The 1st round pick hurts, but the Kings have plenty of defensemen in the system to risk Johnson for Carter.

  13. Kings will win out of this deal one way or the other… best case, it improves the team maybe gets em into the playoffs.. worst case, it fails miserably and DL gets shit canned… id call those both “wins”… assuming that the trade failing will be a result of the antiquated system which murders offense in cold blood. which would likely be replaced with a more modern system upon DL being fired.. at which point everyone should start scoring again and Carter’s contract will not be the albatross it would seem to be.

    EDIT: okay, there are some ways the kings could lose out of the deal.

  14. This is a horrific trade. I understand getting a goal scorer is/was important but you can’t overpay just for the hell of it. This trade should have been JMFJ, the 1st, and a defensive prospect like Martinez (who I really like) for both Carter and Nash. If Columbus pushed back tell them to go screw themselves. This doesn’t make us favorites to win the cup this year so why mortgage the teams future for the present?

    • Agree 100%. Is this Penner 2.0 is what I’m wondering.

    • Lol.

      Oh god man.

      Yeah, Jack Johnson and Martinez and a 1st for Nash and Carter.

      Look, I won’t even get into why that would never happen or why that is one of the worst trade scenarios ever.

      I’ll just say no b/c of salary cap and be nice.

    • Or at least Nash. Cant stress that enough. IN MY MIND, IT ALWAYS, IF YOU GIVE UP JJ, YOU GET NASH. Or you dump Penner, keep Carter, and keep JJ.

      But you lose JJ without getting that superstar? Stupid.

    • Jack, 1st and Martinez for Carter and Nash? Are you fucking high? The hockey IQ in that statement is extremely close to being “Ducks Fan” Level. You may want to re-think that one.

      I really like JMFJ, and it’s sucks to see him go, but I understand the move. If Carter scores 30-40 for the Kings each season, he’s well worth the 5.2 cap hit and worth losing Johnson.

  15. I’m absolutely fucking stunned! Aside from the actual trade, of all the things that Lombardi has done what % of that is actually successful? This guy’s track record is sucking sweaty donkey balls so what makes me think that adding One guy, one fucking guy, and giving up a beast of a defenseman + a 1st rounder (excuse me a “conditional” 1st rounder) is going to make this team turn around on a dime and then start fulfilling their destiny of cup contender as advertised.

    His interview with Darryl on Kings vision he states how they need to get things going and make the playoffs and then some. WTF! Dean are you as blind as you are retarded?? I’m still not over the time when Dean was all hot and bothered about firing Murray.

    But shit…I hope I’m wrong in a big way and they come out on fire. I really do but to be realistic about this trade. Fuck I don’t think it’s gonna make a whole lotta difference and we just gave up Jack Mutha Fuckin Johnson and a 1st….I can see Howson’s whiny ass just laughing his ass to the bank.

  16. From Hammonds transcripts:

    Question: How much did Richards and Carter actually play together in Philly?

    LOMBARDI: “You’ve got all these computer guys who can tell you how much they played together. Trust me, we looked at all that.”

    As we see, a well versed, well researched interviewer, and a similarly well versed answer.

  17. Can we please look at the bigger picture here. Basically Richards and Carter for Johnson, Schenn, Simmonds, a 1st and a 2nd. Who wouldn’t make that trade?? Carter is already going to the media talking about how excited he is to be coming to LA. He is going to go into beast mode for us.

  18. Did you guys hear the conference call?

    Was LA on Rick Nash’s list? Lombardi said he doesn’t know, never found out, Howson never told him, and all Lombardi knew was what the reporters wrote.

    “Was acquiring Rick Nash ever a real possibility?” “I don’t know.”

    I feel like a good organization, and a good GM, would know these things, find these things out, explore these things fully, before making the trade for the other guy and leaving no chance of getting Nash.

    “For Carter, did you get the sense you were bidding against other teams?” “1 or 2. Maybe. Maybe. But like it doesn’t even matter if there wasn’t anyone else, because this isn’t a player Columbus had to move. They could either get their asking price met, or not move him at all. So it was never a question of outbidding other teams, I just needed to match their price if I wanted the player.”

    Like Ottawa’s asking price for Dany Heatley got met? Like they didn’t “have” to move the player?

    Did Dean ever think that Columbus might not want to keep someone he hated it there for the rest of the year? That they might lower their asking price by the deadline?

    Unfucking believable, the incompetence on display. Now I know, because Lombardi is better at giving informative conference calls than being GM (thanks for that by the way Dean), that I could literally do better. This is just basic stuff in negotiations that he is getting beat at by his colleagues because they are simply smarter and more shrewd at negotiating these things.

    Unbelievable. I just cant believe these hundred million dollar franchises are run by these average Joe Schmo old-time hockey guys who know nothing about negotiating or asset management or creative thinking.

  19. It is time for the Kings to get their Fucking Heads out of their asses and start to play like men!

    Why they can’t play like they did for the first 20 minutes in Glendale for more than a fucking period baffles me.

    What happened? Shane Doan tries to start a fight, the goon doosh bag Bissonette hassles Doubty (Justin Williams to the rescue) and the next thing you know they are playing like a bunch of scared Girl Scouts the rest of the game!

    I have invested so much emotion, energy and time on this team that I love. I just wish they cared about winning more than I do!

    Jack Johnson even though your stats were not the best, you are solid guy and I wish you the best of luck.

    Jeff Carter welcome to LA. You better play hard and smart and stay healthy. Mike Richards is my favorite player and I hope you guys start kicking ass on the ice and keep the fun to a reasonable level off the ice.

    Time to roll Kings…

  20. JJ AND a 1st?!?!

    Maybe Lombardi was confused about which Carter he was getting: disney.go.com/johncarter

  21. Wait a minute. Hold the horses.

    Where is Sydor25 and why isn’t he rubbing this trade in Scribe’s face?

    • Hey, I’m on vacation. Jack for Carter is a good trade. Just wait until the Lombardi hockey is run out of town. The Kings have a nice roster for the next management team to make a run at the cup.

  22. On the bright side guys,

    Jeff Carter is an awesome goal scorer, Ive always believed the “risk” of the long-term deal and the “character” stuff is overblown. Taken by himself, Jeff Carter for 5.2 million per year is great. Its just what they gave up.

    But, last Kings game Jeff Carter was not on the team, next game he will be, and the Kings offense will be better for it.

    • He won’t be in the line-up against the Blackhawks from what I’ve heard.
      We need every point we can get and I still think it’s too little too fucking late!!
      On paper we’re still fucked!
      We’d better move Brown, Penner and some other dead weight before Monday to have any chance to still make the playoffs.
      We should try to get Stafford from Buffalo to take Brown’s spot.

  23. All I can utter from my cold blue lips are; Carter better produce at the gate or I will personally staple my balls to his forehead and fucking “viking-walk’ his ass out of this town.

    The only positive in this is that Johnson gets to wear red, white and blue, the color he bleeds. Good luck Johnson. Carter: be prepared for some smelly balls.

  24. 1) Would you have rather they traded Loktionov (CBJ traded their center Vermette and were without one). I’m happy it was a 1st and not Loktionov

    2) Jack Johnson for a 40 goal scorer? You do that deal 100 times out of 100 times

    3) Loyalty? Were the Flyers loyal to Carter and Richards? It’s a BUSINESS.

    4) Yes, Lombardi is still a liar

    5) You said you didn’t mind when Lubo was traded because Doughty was here. Why be bummed that JJ was traded when Voynov is here. Look on the bright side, it’s VERY likely that Voynov doesn’t have a -90 after 5 seasons.

    I love JJ – he’s my boy, but it was inevitable. He would always be 2nd fiddle to Doughty.

    Lombardi didn’t get ripped off, he paid the asking price. Would you rather he had given up TWO 1st round picks for Phil Kessel? He was outbid by Burke and he didn’t want to be outbid by Burke again.

    Sorry to throw logic your way – come have a beer or ten at the Yard House Saturday and we can debate.

    • Oh we shall debate and debate strongly.

    • For now:

      1) Your gonna tell me other assets couldn’t be packaged with Martinez? What about a package? I’d almost have been more OK with Bernier going than Johnson.

      2) Johnson today, fine. What about Johnson in the middle of that 7 year deal? If Johnson puts it all together, which I believe he will, when is 27/28, then this deal looks pretty crappy. I see Johnson’s potential as sky mother fucking high and I see him hitting it. Also, if anyone scores 40 goals on the Kings in the next few years, I’ll be thoroughly shocked.

      3) that’s why I threw in the irony line. Carter gets fucked by the Flyers only to get his way by the Kings fucking Johnson. It’s like a girl being upset her man cheated on her and losing him, only to turn around and cheat on some other girls dude to get a guy. Business, fine. It’s slimebally and if you build your fucking team right in the first place you don’t have to screw players over in the process.

      4) skipping 4

      5) it was the direction of the team. I said in the article that I think right now Voynov replaces Johnson just fine in the lineup.

      More over beer on Saturday.

  25. is this just another “aggressive” move by DL to save his job for possibly another 6 months?

  26. The first round pick smells of a desperate man who needed to do something immediately or get canned. We now take on an 11 year contract. One player doesn’t make this team a good offense. Unless Lombardi makes a move for Nash or an equally potent scorer, we still aren’t going anywhere. Richards hasn’t been the same sense the concussion. Maybe now they average 1 1/2 goals a game. BOOOOO.

  27. still shocked by the move.

    the positive:
    SOMETHING needed to be done. DL made a trade using what was a roster strength – PMD’s. it was what he had to do, to get some goal scoring. good move and smart on his part.

    Carter will bring a skillset and personality the team sorely lacks. for starters he brings a swagger the team hasn’t had in years. im fine with guys having a swagger about them, but keep that shit in check. last thing we need is some prima-donna bs like Ovi

    whether Carter gets slotted with Kopi or Rick at least someone will have a guy on his side that can bury the puck.

    the negative:
    JJ was very well liked by the fans, myself included. granted he had his detractors, but in the end more people liked him than disliked him. personally i think DD has more detractors than JJ ever had, because of his immaturity and lack of effort at times. JJ played hard every game, you didn’t see him gliding around out there and in cruise control. granted he made mistakes and had mental lapses, but the guy brought it each night.

    i still expect JJ to be a beast in a few years when he puts it all together. im calling it now. DET will come calling for him in 3-5 years when he is in beast mode and CLB is still in re-build mode and looking for picks.

    the #1 – this HAS to stop now. for a guy that came in and preached the build from within philosophy, DL has clearly fallen off the tracks. the reason this continues is because his drafting has been crap when you look at it now. he has made some good late round calls, but his selections in the top 3 rounds have been total crap. he has passed on to many guys that he shouldn’t have and taken guys like T Lewis that he shouldn’t have. as a result the team has little to no offensive punch up front and now he has to trade players/prospects/picks to acquire offensive talent.

    after this last batch of trades – picks sent away, the Kings need to get back to stockpiling picks and retaining the top 3 picks. #1-#3 picks are the future lifeblood of the team. #4+ picks are just gravy if you can pull guys from those rounds. based on what has been traded away in the 2012 and 2013 drafts, will have an effect down the road.

    next steps:
    Penner & Stoll – trade them for anything you can get back pick wise. they won’t be back, so get something for them. if DL can’t move them for some picks, then we really are looking a dead duck GM.

    DB – BUF or NYR bound it appears. i am good with this, since it means LA can shake up the team leadership. this HAS to happen at this point. the team with DB/Kopi/Greener as captains just isn’t a dynamic that works. Rick has been and will be the next captain – PERIOD.

    package DB and trade him back home to the BUF area and get Gaustad/Stafford/whatever the latest flavor is.

  28. Goodbye Brown, see ya later, don’t let the door hit you on the way out…


  29. The fucked thing is, Columbus will probably get to the “Finals” before we do again!!
    Karma is a fucking bitch, I know, I married her sister!!
    Love you honey!

  30. Keep Stoll, unload Penner, Brown and Richardson.
    I think Bernier will have to wait until the off-season to get moved, which of course will be in a few weeks for us, lol, wink, wink, nudge, nudge and all that sort of rubbish, :) , up yours and all that cutesy shit!!!
    Get some speed forwards and if somebody’s stupid enough (after all we can’t trade with ourselves, can we?) a youngish puck moving defensemen.
    Ok, Voynoy/Voinov (however the fuck it’s spelled), Drewiske, Martinez and Hickey it’s about time to put up or shut the fuck up. Show us what you’ve got and guard them from Senor Ball Grabber!!
    Look at Toronto, Tampa Bay and Buffalo for some young talent we could use on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th line.
    Get a fighter that can actually score a little.

    p.s. Why did we ever let Kyle Quincey walk away?
    Stupid Dean, Real Fucking Stupid!!


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