Willie Mitchell Gets His Expected Extension At 2 Years For $7 Million

File this under “we told you so” and “cool”!

From the February 8 article of “What Will Willie Mitchell’s Rumored Extension Mean For The L.A. Kings”

The Mayor has heard it.

Matt Barry has heard it.

We have heard it.

Willie Mitchell is getting an extension soon.

He is 35 this April. Spring chicken he is not.

He does have a concussion history. He has been healthy this seasons. Knock wood. If the L.A. Kings past and luck is any indicator, within a few weeks of the ink being dry on that extension, we will lose Willie to the dreaded _____ body injury. You fill in the blank.

Mitchell has a cap hit of $3.5 million. That is a lot of dough for a mid 30′s defenseman but one thing Willie Mitchell brings to the L.A. Kings defense is consistency and respect. He and that extra long stick keep crashing forwards away and clear pucks from around the crease. While nobody will mistake him for Shea Weber, Willie is the reason offensive defenseman like Drew Doughty and, more recently, Slava Voynov can take the role of the active D1.

Willie has value. How much?

Isn’t it always about the how much?

I don’t expect a pay raise or, should I write, a big one. Mitchell is paid fairly for his contributions. A top 4 defensive defenseman should get around $3.5 to $4.0 million per season. I also don’t expect a long contract. Two seasons, on the outside three.

Dean Lombardi values what Willie Mitchell brings. So do I. Willie has never been part of the problem and he has consistently been a key aspect of the solution. I am happy to hear he is signing an extension soon.

Happy the signing is official and at 2 years and $7 million (quick math of $3.5 million per season), he remains affordable.

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9 replies

  1. I would normally love seeing this, then quickly remember that in DL, locking him up officially makes him trade bate.

  2. … Jack Johnson’s departure hastened this event, I’m sure.

    If Mitchell stays healthy and holds off the expected decline for a couple more years, he’ll be fine.

    I do hope Thomas Hickey receives an opportunity with the Kings at some point, preferably before he turns 30 (or leaves for Europe).

    • Matt Greene has needed to be moved for quite awhile imo. I think Doughty can handle having a bit more defensive responsibility at this point, or at the very least should be able to very soon. I could see him playing with a AM/VV/TH type player and doing fine, and leaving WM and Scuds to nurture the other two offensive defensemen.

  3. I sure needed to hear this!
    Thank you the Good News
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. Mitchell became indispensable once Johnson was dealt.

    It’s a shame that JJ is on the stage outa town just when he was starting to turn a corner.

  5. I’m good with this, but feel he probably should have been signed for 3 or 3.25. No big deal though.

  6. Great signing by the KINGS! Hopefully they win tomorrow. Man I can’t believe Anaheim is almost caught up with us.


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