Your Requisite Jeff Carter Youtube Videos

It’s necessary.  It’s fun.  It might even spur me to write a pleasant article.

This just happened what, 3 days ago?

Another hat trick.

This one is purty.


Wait, how’d that get in there…  Let’s try this again.

And now, compilation videos with annoying music.  This is your cue to turn the volume down.  All the way down.

Such wonderful goals, almost makes you want to dance…

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  1. Yeah we can’t use that scoring capability on the Kings, . Great pick up can’t wait until he starts getting used to his line-mates and the “system”.

  2. And when you look at the compilation video (I only watched the second one 3:46 in length), look how many of those goals are scored between the dots! He takes the puck there on a many of occasions, something we just don’t see much…

    • Maybe Sutter can break him of that habbit so that defensively he’s not a liability. The boards is where all offense should be generated, with shots coming from outside so that rebounds are generated, and players can have something to swing at when they crash the net.

  3. Guys got a beautiful backhand. Like Ike Turner.

  4. There is a lot of snipe in that snap

  5. Pretty subtle and sick fake pass->shot on that 2-1. It’s like the quick little stickhandle with the stick in a shooting position to the side. to freeze the goalie. I think Datsyuk does this pretty well.


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