You’re Full Of Shit Mr. Lombardi

Matt Barry gave us a transcript of the Bill Waters & Jack Johnson interview today. There are two parts I wanted to dissect from the interview and then discuss:


“That’s exactly what they said when the deal was done, that “you’re gonna be here for a long time.” That was the intensions of both parties. We weren’t just signing it just to get it over with. We were doing it to agree to be together for a long time. That was the intension at the time.”

“I knew as the trade deadline got closer there was a lot of rumblings going on. No one said that “The rumors weren’t true” or anything from the Kings standpoint so I knew where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.”


No. It was a very short, sweet conversation. It was, “We dealt you Columbus. Thanks. Bye.” Pretty short and sweet. There was really nothing that needed to be said.

“But it’s a business” I can hear you say. Perhaps. But integrity transcends that. “But things change.” Then don’t make the promise if you know it is not an honest one. I take people for what they do, not what they say. If a person tries to convince me that they are one of character, integrity, honesty and honor before all, okay, I look for evidence of that. Dean Lombardi tries real hard to convince the fans that he is a man of honor and integrity, that his frustrations with so many things relate to that lack of “loyalty” which he claims takes various forms including a tattoo on the ass.

Well, Jack Johnson bit on the bullshit. He took the tattoo and entered into a long-term, cap friendly hit. He also worked damn hard to earn it and, from my perspective, he did. His reward? Being shipped out.

Dean Lombardi loves the Flyers, wants to emulate the team, right? Didn’t Holmgren do something very similar with Mike Richards and Jeff Carter? Didn’t Dean do this before with Lubomir Visnovsky?

If I am face to face with Dean and this topic comes up, I nicely tell him, “you can’t expect to maintain credibility when you talk about loyalty, respect and integrity and then do the very opposite with your actions. Why would any player sign a cap friendly contract with you as a GM unless they are foolish enough to not know your history?” And for all the griping that we did about Drew Doughty and his agent Don Meehan, perhaps what we should say is “good for you, Drew” for having a good agent who knew exactly what Dean Lombardi is and taking the dollars so if you are ever shipped out, you know you have the consistent big paycheck – it is “just a business” after all, right?

I wonder what Tim Leiweke will tell Dean when he fires him? You know that day will come eventually. You think it will be, “well…bye.”

You’re full of shit, Mr. Lombardi. Regardless of how this trade works out for us, it won’t change that salient fact.

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  1. I was speechless when I read that! Guess we know now why Lombardi can’t land the big free agents. Maybe once he’s gone things will change. This sends a bad message to anyone trying to do the right thing here. Can’t wait until Quick asks for 8 million a year!

  2. Seriously, JMFJ getting what he got was a huge overpayment. When was the last time he layed someone out. When did he take it end to end and score. When did he shut down the other teams best player. Every player who signs a contract knows he subject to trade. Boo who.

  3. DL has become my gripe. I love this team, and have stood behind Dean for years during his build. Then watched as players he drafted walked away for nothing, only to find immediate developement elsewhere.

    His promises of building through the draft, and a structured influx of developed prospects to feed the perant club for years became false promises when guys like Mollor, or Holloway (who led the Monarchs for 2 seasons in scoring, and got 0 call ups) realized that they were burried in the Kings system.

    His true nature and intent were revealed when instead of using Manchester to fill openings on the Kings roster with Kozun, or Cliche who have payed their dues under Lombardi, the spots were filled by veteran players Moreau, and Hunter instead.

    The stuff he sold everybody on during the first 5 years of his build is all bullshit now. This is the true Dean we are seeing ever since the summer started, and it’s not the same Dean we signed up for in the beginning.

    It’s not the same Dean JJ sat down with and worked a cap freindly 7 year contract out with either.

    • The whole point of this is to win not to coddle millionaire hockey players. You guys sound like a bunch of women. How dare Dean Lombardi try to improve the team by dealing from a position of strength to add where their is a glaring weakness.

      • I guess you don’t understand. You keep focusing on the end. I am talking about the means.

      • I have zero problem with trying to improve the team from whatever position you’re in. But Dean just seems to make it up as he goes along.

        And when you say ‘from a position of strength’, I’m not sure anyone around here would consider negotiating a trade for offensive help when you’re dead last in the league, doing it from a position of strength…….

        unless you mean trading from the position that the team has the most depth in, which isn’t the same thing.

    • Do you guys ever wonder what the Kings could get if Holloway and Moller were still in N.A.? Those were two of the Kings better, more NHL ready prospects, weren’t they? Those two alone in a deal if you package them together probably get you a good 2nd line guy who can help, or they at least fit into other deals.

      What do you think? Is them being in Europe hurting Lombardi’s ability to make deals?

      • I’m pretty sure Holloway will be a decent second line guy himself.

      • No, Dean’s hurting Dean’s ability to make deals….. because if a large majority of your draft picks are dmen and goalies, and some centers, common sense would tell you that you’re gonna find yourself barren of good forwards (especially given that C1 and C2 are already taken… so what do you need more centers for) and especially wingers.

        Therefore you have to trade several assets to get back one player……. and in several cases (Penner and Carter) players who arrive accompanied by question marks.

        A guy who clearly knows his stuff (Eric T) is a Philly blogger who really appreciates Carter, but also points out that the guy doesn’t play to the capacity of what he could do. Will living in nice weather w a huge contract and his buddy Richards inspire him and make him want to prove Philly wrong or make him even more complacent?

  4. In hindsight it appears DD was the smart one and JJ was the gullible chump. But you make it sound like Dean had JJ killed or something. He got traded. It happens to all players in all sports. He is still a young guy in the NHL making millions. In the end, he’ll be fine and so will the Kings because this was a good deal that Dean had to take because Voynov had showed JJ was expendable.

    • You are focusing on the ultimate result. I am focusing on how we got there. I don’t have patience for bullshit and I am a business man. Do what you say is a simple way to be a good business man and maintain credibility. If he signs Jack, doesn’t give him the crap about him being here a long time and then trades him, fine. But JJ signed that deal because of that promise and the premise of being here a long time.

      • Circumstances change in life. When JJ signed the deal I’m sure Dean and all involved wanted JJ to be a King for 7 years, but it didn’t work out that way.

        The need for offense and the emergence of Voynov happened and all of a sudden JJ is expendable. It happens.

        I don’t understand why you guys are so upset about this. The Kings are much better today than they were yesterday. That’s the only thing that matters.

        • 1st of all, Dean is largely responsible for the Kings poor offense because of A) the way he’s drafted and B) the out of balance focus on defense he’s instituted in terms of philosophy and choice of coaches etc.

          Yes, he has had some bad luck with the injuries. Guess what; Dan Bylsma in Pittsburgh had the worst luck you can have. He’s lost his talisman and doesn’t know when he’ll be back and also lost Malkin and Staal for long periods of time. Plus other injuries. They manage quite nicely though.

      • Dang it Bobby. Why do we agree on so many points (such as this one)? I’ll keep looking for something that we can disagree on…. Spaten oder Hacker Pschorr?

    • ……..and that is why every player should play it like Doughty? Make every last dollar possible regardless of how it effects the ability to construct the roster? What every player that accepts an offer that is not the top financial bid should demand a no trade clause. I wouldn’t accept any favorable cap contract without one.

  5. Poor Jack…he’s only getting 4.2 million dollars a year because he loved the Kings soooo much. I keep hearing that JJ gave the Kings a friendly deal, but 4.2 is a pretty good deal for a dman of his caliber. And If it was so important for him to stay a King he should have fought for a NTC.

    JJ will be fine. We all like JJ and I certainly wish him the best in Columbus, but he’s no victim. Besides, now he’s much closer to his parent’s couch.

  6. Dean Lombardi tries real hard to convince the fans that he is a man of honor and integrity

    … I shouldn’t read this site while I’m taking a drink. Water was nearly sprayed all over my monitor.

    Seriously. As I said in the other thread, if you or anyone thought Lombardi was all about honor and integrity and “culture of winning” or whatever, you’ve been punk’d.

    Dean Lombardi is all about Dean Lombardi. Always has been.

    • That’s ringing true more and more lately.

      Whether people believe he was the cause, or DD was greedy on DD’s contract negotiations, the fact is that, afterwards, he shut off to all media outlets afterwards like a pouting little school girl for months afterwards.

      How he handled Murrays’ firing was selfish. Even though he fired Murray, he defiently hired a puppet and kept the coaching staff, and system intact. If he was going to fire Murray, he was going to make sure nobody messed with how Murray set things up.

      He has become a self centered, idiot, and an egomaniac.

    • So because we should know he’s bullshitting we shouldn’t be upset that he bullshits?

  7. Integrity and the NHL parted company the day Pocklington sold the Oilers to McNall.

  8. Hmm… to me I’m not ashamed of Lombardi making the trade. Things change and Lombardi dealt an asset for a need… however, Jack Johnson is a human being and reading how Lombardi apparently told JJ, “Hey, you’re traded. Bye.” speaks volumes about Lombardi’s character and instantly reminded me of how Dan Cloutier bitched about being treated when he was put up in a hotel with little respect for him and his wife (I can’t remember the whole story, but I recall he sounded like a crybaby-sissy because he was so disliked and part of the story Hammond recounted made me arch an eyebrow at Lombardi and Hextalls’ poor communication skills… wow, quite the tangent… Maker’s Mark will do that… wheeee). In any case, for all of the exposition and rhetoric Lombardi has spewed about building a winner, he comes off as a bit of a louse with his social and interpersonal skills. And reading Jack Johnson’s farewell sound bites? Seems like JMFJ was the perceived right fit to me. Eyebrow once again arched…

    • Not only what you say, but I find myself increasingly bothered by too much verbose speech and not much to back it up.

      He banters on about the Yankees and how they built their own core. However the Yankees core included two first ballot HoF’ers in Jeter and Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, Robinson Cano.

      Three of the Kings best players (Quick, Brown and Kopi) were already there. Doughty is still immature and it didn’t take a genius scouting team to draft him. Other than that I’ve yet to see one single player DL has drafted that makes me think he’ll turn into a dominant player for the team. Maybe Voynov? …. and I suppose Simmer but that ship has sailed.

      If you’re gonna use Yankees refs you’d best draft far better than Trevor Lewis and Thomas Hickey and Colten Teubert. Otherwise, find a different reference point than the Yankees thank you (I live in ny and personally don’t like the Yankees one iota, but I respect them).

  9. Ok reading that, I am peeved for JMFJ. He has some true character not to blast DL to anyone who would listen.

    It makes me mad cause DL keeps focusing on character, personality etc.

    Maybe he is just fishing for suckers for his long term goal.

    DL is really coming across as one of those arrogant co-workers, how you wonder, how the fuck did he get this far? I can see how now. By chucking players under the bus, then backing over them.

    Now I know why he is trying to shop Brown too.

    I hope to see DL gone by the end of our season. That isnt business, that is being a POS. DL showing his colors there embodies the problems of a lot of business, politics, religion, heck this country too.

    This is EXACTLY why I will punish my boys for not saying please and thank you and ALWAYS sticking to their words, Being polite and doing the right and ethical thing.

    JJ I wish you the best, and make sure your next shot on Quick goes high and wide, right into the management box!

  10. His day will come. Hopefully soon. All this trash he is passing out, sadly enough is destroying our team. None of our players are going to want to play to their potential. All thanks to one dirt bag. DL MUST GO.

  11. News just in! Players are commodities and hockey is a business!

    Go watch Moneyball if you need more explanations. Do we love them? Yes! Are we sad when they move? Yes! Is life fair? No!

    Suck it up and make sure the team gets better. Crest on front >> name on back and always will be.

    • Yes. Crest on the front. We are talking about what the crest represents.

      I haven’t seen Moneyball. But that’s because I don’t like baseball. Or Jonah Hill.

    • Make the team better? I’m watching this team and to me …. and I live back east so don’t see all the games, but based on what I have seen, they look worse than they did two years ago.

      They may be ‘unlucky’ offensively, but we make a large percentage of our luck. Often they never even look like they’re going to score.

      So I suppose the idea of making the team better would be subjective. More talent? Yes. Better team, I’m not convinced at the moment.

  12. I heard that interview with JJ. I was a little taken aback by it. I thought DL would at least have a little more class than that but I guess not. Fuck it it’s done. Hopefully Carter will work out. The Ducks are only 4 points behind us. Maybe Mr Lombardi can think about that. They were some 20 points back in January now this?

    When can Scotty Bowman step in and be a Real GM?

    • “The Ducks are only 4 points behind us. Maybe Mr Lombardi can think about that. They were some 20 points back in January now this?”

      Thank you.

      • Oh, they also seem to have hired a coach who was successful in Washington and has not done badly in Anaheim either. Oh well.

  13. so I take it nobody thinks that Jack Johnson fleeced Dean with his contract?

    I know how bad that sounds, but hear me out.

    First of all, I do not believe that to be the case. However, who is to say that Dean Lombardi did not want to sign JJ to a contract worth $4.2 whatever million dollars a year? What if he was thinking more along the lines of offering “Willie Mitchell” money? Maybe JJ did a phenomenal job, just like Don Meehan, in getting Dean to cave in? Again, highly doubtful, but if we are just going to throw around our own theories or interpretations of what actually happened, I think it is only fair (see what I did there?) that we mention the possibilities from Dean’s “this is a business” point of view.

    I happen to agree with Mr. Scribe in this instance, I just think we should be a little less reptilian-brained about our discussions before we decide to jam hot pokers up someones ass.

  14. Boo hoo… I felt bad for a second, then remembered how much money he makes. Also the intent at the time of signing Jack probably was to keep him long term, but when the team doesn’t perform adjustments need to be made

    • One can say that there is a paradox there. And I agree w you to a large extent. But as Bobby points out, it doesn’t indicate that I agree with the means.

      I can’t think of another GM in the entire NHL who has had high profile holdouts with two different teams and in both cases the holdouts created a deleterious effect on the team.

      Not saying no other GM has had holdouts. That isn’t the point. But what happened in SJ and also w Doughty both had a pretty nasty resonance. And since I’m on it, Doughty doesn’t even look to me like a $5M a year dman this year.

  15. JJ was naive to trust and believe on permanency or longevity. There is really so such thing in any sport as a general rule. JJ should be pissed more at Pancake Penner and other non-performing players that put JJ into jeopardy. JJ was the sacrificial lamb this time around. Brown could be next.
    Lombardi has worn out his ideas and style and word, and he knows it. If he does not know it, then, he is from another planet. I think the Franchise knows that they were screwed by Lombardi in not delivering even a true contender that is ready for prime time in the second or third rounds, let alone fourth round. I would say the Franchise has already thought about and has ideas on where they will go with a post Lombardi era.

  16. So I guess that you are saying that you would accept the King losing as long as Lombardi is honorable? Jack wasn’t living up to expectations and wasn’t scoring enough to overlook that he was also not improving quickly enough defensively. Maybe he hit a roadblock here and will make a breakthrough when he moves to Columbus or elsewhere, but he was part of the problem in a season going very poorly and became a casualty.
    I just wonder if Lombardi would have been “breaking his promise” if it was a team other than Columbus, like Detroit, Boston, or Philly. Unfortunately, those teams didn’t see enough value to offer up any more than Columbus did …

    • You guess wrong. I didn’t express or imply an opinion about the trade. Johnson for Carter is a hockey trade and whether it works out is another topic. This is not about whether Lombardi should have made a trade. It’s about whether Lombardi should have arguably misled Jack Johnson during the negotiations. You don’t see the difference? There is one. You are focused on the end. I don’t care about that. I care about the means.

  17. Well, JJ surely knew that no matter what Dean told him during the negotiations to the contrary, he could be dealt at any time if the situation on the team warranted it. Surely everyone in the room realized that some moves were on the horizon when changing coaches didn’t appreciablly change the teams fortunes, and the deadline was approaching.

    Dean said the same thing about Brayden Schenn, and when he got the deal he wanted, he dealt him. That couldn’t have escaped Jack’s notice.

    Does any of this make Dean a better person? No. His job is to try to put out a winning team, not be the best person on the block.

  18. Just heard something pretty funny on sirius. Evidently Brown’s wife, no less, started to find out Brown’s name was getting tossed around in trade rumors. So I guess it got back around to DL somehow and then he retracted him being on the block.

    Must be pretty interesting to walk down the hall going opposite directions the next time I bet.

  19. You cant possibly believe that “preserving ones integrity” ever comes into play when a GM is forced to make a move in any sport. Besides the Kobe Bryant level superstar, professional teams are loyal to no one. Im sure Dean Lombardi had every intention to keep Jack as a long term, core player, but this albatross of a season changed everything. Everyone knows that. He had to make a move. Lets be honest, a core player had to get moved to bring in the type of player we needed. Im sure Jack’s name would have just been replaced with whatever other player got traded in this thread. This isnt about Dean Lombardi going against his word; This is about the bitter taste all us Kings fans have about this season. Its easy to micro analyze a Gm’s motives when he’s failed to meet expectations.


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