Someone said, tweeted or wrote somewhere that Jack Johnson was on the ice for all four of the Penguins goals against the Columbus Blue Jackets. I haven’t verified this claim as true or not but, if it is, it makes me sad although, for the moment, sadness be damned.

Our top six is Kopitar, Brown, Williams, Richards, Carter & ____. ____ has been, at best, inconsistent this season. Unless Dean Lombardi intends a blockbuster surprise between now and the deadline hour, ____ will likely remain as our number six wing.

With goaltending and defense not the problem, that leaves the bottom seven. It’s seven because ___ is really not…you know if you can’t figure that out, you should be a Ducks fan.

Who could go? Stoll? Richardson? Lewis? Fraser will stay. Westgarth isn’t worth much. Clifford is too young and has far too much potential to be traded. Dustin Penner. But to who? And for what? A pick? Probably, but doesn’t that leave a hole in the scapegoat category? We need one of those during the season and playoffs. So Dustin Penner for a pick. “Hello, Burkie? Lombardi here. I know you need help on defense and goaltending but will you settle for a big, dumb, left wing who occasionally plays great but is often useless?”

I struggle with Dustin Penner’s value and, strangely, he may be worth more with the team than his return would be. I keep asking, “what if he gets hot?”

For those who claim Dean Lombardi will trade more defense to get offense, I respond, “doubt it.” Do not forget how much Lombardi values defensive depth. Jack Johnson may be his last outgoing defensive transaction unless a big return is coming the other way and I just don’t see it.

Sure would be nice if we had someone like Bud Holloway up right now to take that fourth line left wing spot or give options on the second and third line.

So, what do you think? What does Lombardi do?

On a tangent, these are the lines I would like to see next game: