Mike Richards & Arnold. What’s Not To Love?

The lines that put a smile on my face:

“My dad always says if it’s not going in, you must not be working hard enough.”

[after the girl didn’t know who he was] “That wouldn’t have happened in Philly.”

[To Doughty] “Buddy, if you only knew what style was. You’re the worst style in the league.”

[To Loktionov] “You sure you don’t want to order the last two things on the menu you haven’t had yet.”

“My first year in junior I was given the advice that you can’t tell other people to do it unless you do it yourself.”

[To the idiot ref]

Richards: “Hey, what the fuck are you watching here? He drags me down right to the fucking net, no?”

Idiot Ref: “Stand on your feet.”

Richards: “What’s that?”

Idiot Ref: “Stand on your feet, get away from here.”

Richards: “You’re fucking awesome.”

Idiot Ref: [blows whistle]

A few notes:

If you find yourself dwelling about the hats he wore, you missed the point, unless of course you are a Dodgers fan in which case, I understand.

I was mortified to see Jamie Kompon go over video with players and dispense advice. I knew this happened but just seeing it was nearly too much.

His black lab, Arnold, would be BFF with my chocolate and white ones.

That girl at the studio should be fired.

lol @ Lokti.


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  1. Poor Lokti all by himself.

  2. I watched this on the plane, funny stuff.

  3. It looks like his dog and drew doughty are on the same diet, donuts and lots of them lol.

  4. Loved the whole thing, Richards is a natural leader. Arnold is full of win.

  5. I know a way Richie can make sure that girl never forgets this name again. But I digress.

    Great video – thanks for posting that. I think Richards is golden. IMO part of the reason the Kings went for Carter instead of Nash is because the point wasn’t so much to get more scoring from Carter but more Richie from Richards.

    He’s bound to be our beating heart. He’s the type of man you build a team around.

  6. My dad always says if it’s not going in, you must not be working hard enough.

    … Is that why he doesn’t have a goal in over a month?

    • You are gonna give the guy shit for having a good attitude and admitting he needs to wok harder? He was talking about himself.

      One day you will stop subconsciously blaming Mike Richards for losing Wayne Simmonds ;)

      • You are gonna give the guy shit

        … Why not? No one else is going to do it; might as well be me.

        Penner gets shit on all the time for lack of offense, even though he has a great attitude. Stoll gets constant shit for it, even though he’s in a defensive role and his attitude is terrific as well. And on and on. The whole damned roster gets shit except for the darling of Los Angeles, Mike Richards. And that’s the guy the Kings gave up their two most promising young forwards to acquire. I mean, I’ve learned long ago to not look for logic here when it comes to hockey in L.A., but damn. People want Richards to supplant Brown as the captain, they call him elite, want to have his kids, etc.

        Elite players usually don’t go six weeks without scoring a goal.

        One day you will stop subconsciously blaming Mike Richards for losing Wayne Simmonds

        … This has got nothing to do with Simmonds, other than that people gave him shit for not scoring when he was here, too; said he would be easily replaced, that he wouldn’t score here even if he had PP time, all kinds of bullshit. Yeah, how is all that shit working out? Not too good.

        • Richards was also on fire until he had that head injury. I think his performance recently is evidence of lingering effects. I hope he steps back into his old form again soon.

          However, at this point, I do not think it is reasonable to compare him to Stoll and Penner, who have been lacking offense all season and have not suffered any serious injuries (Pennercakes aside).

          In my opinion, this is why people are not giving him grief for his lack of scoring. However, even the darling of Los Angeles will get scolded if he continues to have problems scoring.

          Personally, I believe he is still affected in some way from his head injury and that by the end of the season he will at some point return to his old form and start scoring. Time will tell…

        • JT get a clue!! The guy was leading our team in goals and then had a concussion. He came back to early because he is a gamer and is not 100% yet. They also had him playing with empty jerseys for most of the season!

          He has been ringing it off the posts lately. He will be lighting the light very soon.

          It is also more than goal numbers with this guy. He does all the little things that I guess you miss, because if you had a clue you would know the guy has more Hockey IQ than anybody on the team by 1 million miles….

        • the difference between Penner and Stoll/Richards is that Stoll/Richards work their asses off every shift and when they’re not scoring they bring other things to the table.

          maybe if Penner put in half the effort as anyone else he would have more than 5 goals and wouldnt be a healthy scratch.

          the good attitudes are a bonus, nothing more.

    • I agree he hasnt been playing well enough offensively, and Im also one of the people here who, when the Kings traded for him, cautioned that he was a 3rd liner in Philadelphia last year, that he was sort of a playmaking version of Dustin Brown in that, you know he’s more than a 3rd liner, you know he’s a top 6 guy, maybe even a top line guy at times, you know these things are true in so many ways, and yet… part of you can still make the argument that they are third liners on many nights. Well, Brown more than Richards.

      But the general idea, that Richards was not playing as well as he was a couple years ago, that maybe his name was better than he was on the ice at this point, and that he definitely wasnt a sniper and wouldn’t fix the Kings problems scoring goals, I cautioned all of that.

      But you know what, even as one of the guys lowest on Richards here when he was traded, Im glad he’s here. The way I feel is that he never had the level of physical talent that was going to allow him to come in to LA and start taking over games at 5 on 5 unless the other team gives him breakaways or something like that. I see Richards as a very smart, clever, smart, responsible two-way guy who you can really trust on the ice, but he doesnt take over games for you. But as a complimentary guy in your top-six? He is hard to beat.

      What Im saying is Im glad to have Richards now that we have Carter. Or that the problem with Richards was people thought hr was better than he was when he came in, and expected more than hes capable of, when the truth is the Kings still really needed a dominant athlete and goal scorer like Carter. But I feel now that Carter has come in, Richards (and even Brown, Kopitar, etc), can take up their normal roles better.

      However, thats regular season talk. In the playoffs, I do expect more from Richards no matter what Carter does. I believe something that has made Richards very valuable in the past, whether he was playing well offensively or not, was his ability to take out players on other teams. If the Kings play the Blackhawks, I want to see Richards lay out Patrick Kane with a big hit, wear the opposition down. Nothing dirty, but Richards skates really well, he can line up hits at high speed, and I want to see more of that. I was looking forward to that aspect of his game when he got to LA, but I havent seen any of it. At all. In fact, with all the divisional games at the end of the year, that would be a great time.

      If there’s one thing that’s really disappointed me about Richards since he came to LA, it’s not. I sort of expected he’d be a really good complimentary piece and not a star offensively like some thought, I knew what LA was getting there (doesnt mean I didnt hope for better), but the one thing I didnt expect was that Richards would completely leave his hitting game in Philadelphia.

      But maybe that goes back to his quote? He’s not working hard enough off the ice. When you see him in shirts and you can see his arms and his build, he looks like a pretty fit play-for-fun tennis player, or a high school baseball player. He’s in better shape than us, but compared to the high end athletes in the NHL, say Ryan Kesler, or what about the college football players you see on ESPN trying out for the combine, the wide receivers, who are absolutely ripped? I dont want to confuse the subject, maybe I should just stick with hockey players.. but Mike Richards is just not built at all. It’s no wonder he can’t lay big hits anymore, or why his shoulders got blown out, he doesn’t have enough natural padding (muscle) to do it regularly. This is a guy who could really, really benefit from working out harder next offseason, and also power skating (get that extra step in his stride back that should help get him back to being more of an impact scorer and not just a complimentary guy). But what really disappoints me is why didnt he do this last summer, so he could help the Kings fully this year? Now we have to wait until next year for the best of Richards, if he even decides to do it for next year. If he didnt care about bulking up and getting his extra step back for this season, why should we think he will care to do it for next year?

      Those are the things that really disappointed me about Mike Richards. Still, even the current version of Richards, I like a lot as a complimentary 2A center of the two-way variety. I just wish he was a 1A, or even a 1B. He was a couple years ago, but I just dont think he works as hard in the gym anymore, hes not as strong or fast as he once was. It makes a huge difference.

  7. His father is mostly responsible for the warrior in him. In past interivews (and even during the brief comment he made in the Dads visit earlier this year (he’s the reason I’m here (NHL))he gives his father the total credit for his work ethic. He relayed that his father was his first coach and streesed that he had to work hard for everything he would get and don’t ever forget that. And he never has.

    He loves yapping, and can be very annoying (he got Ryan Miller totally unglued last year in the playoffs) to the point of distraction. But on the bench and ice, that’s a good thing for his teammates, like having another coach.

    Pete DeBoers (now with the Devils) was a huge influence on his as a junior coach and encouraged him to practice what he preached as a captain, that is what he refered to in the you can’t tell someone to do something you don’t do yourself. DeBoers said the only fault he had with Richards was that ‘the kid hates losing more than he likes winning and won’t let it go’ . He said longafter the game ended, he’d find Richards brooding about the loss and during the playoffs, that gave him more fire in his gut for the next game.

    I read an article about him a few years back where his father told a story about how competitive Richards is, that even as a kid, if the older players made the mistake of saying ‘you’re not big enough’ they paid for it.
    Basically, what you saw is who is he, a very friendly down to earth guy who is a good teammate, and one helluva warrior, that Alpha in him is a large part of why he’s always been a succesful leader wherever he plays.

    For anyone who didn’t see Cabbie presents , Mike Richard’s crib in Kenora , his ‘cottage’ on the lake is very impressive. nice tour…I love the room with all of his championship jerseys framed, and Cabbie counting them off noting the only thing he’s not won yet is the Cup.

  8. “You’re fucking awesome” had the fiancé rolling with laughter.

  9. Great production. Life is good at Manhattan Beach. Training facilities top of line. Arena top cabin. Fans are supportive and polite. Media is soft. Big fat paychecks for everyone.

    Now, all that is needed are “GOALS” and the everybody is happy.

    To Kings management, give Richards a nice Rolex Watch of his choice
    for trying to beat the crap out of that loser Hanzal.

    If Arnold has some puppies that he sires, I want one….

  10. “My dad always says if it’s not going in, you must not be working hard enough.”

    Truer words have never been spoken!! Just keep jamming away, it’ll go in eventually! :D

  11. I thought the same thing seeing kompon, I knew that son of a butch was behind at least some of the offense. Even if he’s just doing video review I don’t like it. That guy needs to go away. If the offense is sucking then shouldn’t you point a finger at the guy who’s telling them where to go on the ice?

    Fuck you Kompon


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