The lines that put a smile on my face:

“My dad always says if it’s not going in, you must not be working hard enough.”

[after the girl didn't know who he was] “That wouldn’t have happened in Philly.”

[To Doughty] “Buddy, if you only knew what style was. You’re the worst style in the league.”

[To Loktionov] “You sure you don’t want to order the last two things on the menu you haven’t had yet.”

“My first year in junior I was given the advice that you can’t tell other people to do it unless you do it yourself.”

[To the idiot ref]

Richards: “Hey, what the fuck are you watching here? He drags me down right to the fucking net, no?”

Idiot Ref: “Stand on your feet.”

Richards: “What’s that?”

Idiot Ref: “Stand on your feet, get away from here.”

Richards: “You’re fucking awesome.”

Idiot Ref: [blows whistle]

A few notes:

If you find yourself dwelling about the hats he wore, you missed the point, unless of course you are a Dodgers fan in which case, I understand.

I was mortified to see Jamie Kompon go over video with players and dispense advice. I knew this happened but just seeing it was nearly too much.

His black lab, Arnold, would be BFF with my chocolate and white ones.

That girl at the studio should be fired.

lol @ Lokti.