Catching Up With Teddy Purcell & Matt Moulson “aka” Dean Lombardi Is Not An Idiot.

First, Teddy “that’s Mr. Purcell to you, Dean”. 61 games played, 17 goals, 29 assists, 46 points, +9, scoring goals on over 16% of his shots. He has already tied his entire goal output from last season. He certainly is not clutch this time of the season.

Matt Moulson, 62 games, 26 goals, 27 assists, +8, headed for his third, count it, THIRD consecutive thirty goal season, scoring goals on over 15% of his shots.

As a bonus, here is Wayne Simmonds’ numbers – 61 games, 22 goals, 17 assists, 39 points, -1, scoring goals on over 14% of his shots.

“But Teddy Purcell is only successful because he is playing on a bad team…except it was a good team last season…”

“Matt Moulson is only scoring goals because of a play maker like John Tavares and the Kings don’t have any play makers…oh wait…”

“Wayne Simmonds is only scoring goals because…shit, I give up.”

Coaches and system you say?


This is all coincidence. Just like it is coincidence that just about every offensively gifted forward on this team may not reach his point total average this season.


30th in the league in offense?

Total coincidence.

That is what Dean Lombardi would tell you and he’s not an idiot.

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  1. … Don’t forget Michael Cammalleri carrying the Habs’ offense to the Conference Finals two seasons ago.

    Ever remember a GM in Kings’ history squandering so many offensive assets? I really don’t.

    • McMaster? He did trade the Great One :) By the way, did you know he is a scout with the Blue Jackets? I find that funny. Not sure why. Dean Lombardi should be a scout…for the Latvian National team.

      • I think the whole thing was different w McMaster. Not better, just different.

      • … Well, I would say McMaster got a raw deal, but I suppose that was the only way he was getting a GM job at the NHL level. He knew the hand that had been dealt before taking the position. There wasn’t much to work with at all.

    • Do I have to answer that?

      What can one conclude. I refuse to write anything tonight as I’m staying very positive (for me).

  2. Nah…. He’s an idiot

  3. ya but.. they weren’t character guys… gotta change the culture..

  4. You have to score if your teams not gonna play defense right ??

      You have to score even if they play defense. Nobody wins 0-0.

      • This ^^ is what Dean has never understood.

      • yeah as far as the playoffs go your right , but last year with Stoll being on fire and Quick wininng alot of shootouts we did pretty good .. but Tampa was lucky that Roloson was in the zone last year because they really are what u see now… I’ll take my chances with a sound defense and Goalie and a offense that gets hot , well hopefully.

  5. I watched NHL 36 with lidstrom. The way mike Babcock and his assistants prepare that team is incredible. I just can’t see Sutter and Kompon preparing the offense like that. They were talking about set paths to get right to the net.

    • Babcock is Babcock. There’s a reason why the Ducks went to the Finals with him and that Detroit won a cup and lost another finals. Three finals. Not bad.

      How about if we drop the whole thing?

  6. Im pulling for a lottery pick. We need another d-man! Go Deano!!

  7. You probably are too busy to care, (sorry, not fair) buf it’s been awhile since I’ve said hello, Surly and Scribe. So, hello. Hope all is well family- wise and as always, thanks for the time you put into this site. You do not know how much you are appreciated. I could not drop the triple knuckle baby without you guys. (slang for dropping a deuce) you guys are my fiber. Buona Sera, boys. And again, thanks!

  8. They weren’t the “right fit” …they didn’t have the “character” Lombastard was looking for. Scoring goals doesn’t “fit” within the system; it is unwelcomed.

    A threat was made by Lombastard to each of his players that if any of them scored 30 or more this season, they’d be shipped out of here the minute he got a chance. It is not allowed. Murray hated goal scoring….Sutter hates goal scoring…Kompon tells all of his friend and family he’s a baseball coach…

    “Frolov…you are a 30 goal scorer, thus, we will put you in a 3rd line checking role and watch you dwindle away like a dying star….oh, and fuck you.”

    Lombastard…is Jack Johnson the “right fit” you’ve been preaching about for this team?

    “Oh, absolutely. Jack is a great kid. He is the type of player that fits our team’s philosophy…that’s why we signed him to this contract; we want him here a long time.”

    **not too long in the future**

    “You’ve been moved to Columbus, Jack. Fuck you.”

    No boys, Lombastard is no idiot.

  9. Factoring the OT losses the Kings have been an under .500 team most of the season.

    This team has sucked, all year. Won or lost, how many games could fans look back upon and say “I saw a great hockey game tonight”? Sixty minutes of talented, intense play? Ten, maybe twelve?

    Instead we’re treated to 50 games of same retarded shit we saw in Europe against the Freezers, Rangers, the over rated Sabers and then that window on the season game against the Devils.

    Jesus, what the hell was Lombardi thinking? Since when is watching a battle of mediocre teams been entertaining? It’s like having season tickets for Helen Hunt and Ellen Degeneres mud wrestling in some tacky Hollywood lounge.

    I am pissed having a bottom 1/3 team in a weak division to root for….again. Might as well be the 80’s.

    “Announcing your newest Los Angeles King, Peeterrrr Stemkowwskiiiii!”

  10. I thought the Kings and DL gave Purcell a fair shot while he was with the Kings. He had first line minutes at times and even skated with PP2 a lil bit if I recall correctly. He was like Lewis now…you can see the potential, but couldn’t finish. I wasn’t sad when he was traded.

    Moulson on the other hand…

    • It could be surmised that playing in a system that creates nothing but defense, and offensive minded players not developing into scorers goes hand in hand.

      Those players were given minutes…… grinders. As soon as they went somewhere else, and were given minutes as offensive players, they became offensive players.

      Tampa is even more defensive than the Kings in a lot of ways, and even they weren’t stupid enough to try to turn Purcell into a grinding responsible 2 way player.

      During that summer, I read an article where the coach just told him worry about getting the shot off, and getting open. Let them worry about the defense.

      • I knew there was a good reason I always liked Guy Boucher. Oh, Dominick, I just sent an email to a good friend of mine and I went on about the same thing (but expressed a bit differently) than what you said.

        What in God’s name are the chances that the stats of Simmonds, Purcell, Moulson, Poni, and even Boyle have improved going elsewhere…. and that Mike Richards hasn’t scored a goal in a month and a half? Really? A month and a half? I won’t bother going into Penner.

        So, everyone who leaves does better, and everyone who comes does worse?

        And even wrt to Boyle, for sure he isn’t scoring a ton, though as we all know he got 20 some odd last year, But, I get to watch all the Rangers games and I can tell you that he uses his size and strength to the max and they like him for that. I refuse to believe that it was strictly a question of getting older. Torts won’t tolerate players not fulfilling their roles. Also, Boyle is v important for them on the PK and faceoffs.

        So, someone w a bit of smarts helped him to develop. Who has helped the young Kings to develop. Even Doughty got to where he was seemingly on his own w some help from O’Donnell and Scuds, and then has regressed. If you weren’t asking questions about management before, maybe you should be now.

        • I agree with DD, but I think DD was idiot proof when he got here. He’s showing the last couple of years what happens to all scoring when the fous is too much the other way, and his numbers have regressed.

          He started out at a ptsPG 0.33, then went too 0.72, 0.53, and now sits at 0.47. He did miss camp, so I’ll give him the benifit of the doubt since right now he scoring at a ghigh rate, but you have to wonder watching everybodies numbers drop.

  11. Neil from Simi Valley, welcome to Kings Talk. The issue with scoring, you look at the current team, and there really is no reason why collectively everyone is in a slump.
    I just don’t understand that. Is it the system, the players collectively tuning out what is being coached?
    What was TM thinking, when he sat Quick after he had posted 3 straight shutouts? I just don’t understand that one.
    You look at the Kings farm team, and honestly there isn’t really anyone you can call up, that is going to help this team score goals.
    I have to question letting players like Cammy go for Colten Teubert, Frolov just walks as a UFA, Moulson walk.
    The Kings did not give Moulson a fair shot, he got to play in 29 games total.
    22 under Crawford and 7 under Murray.
    “Daryl: the Kings did give Moulson a fair shot, he just wasn’t showing he was the player they thought he was.
    “Neil: Daryl do you really think 29 games spread out over 2 seasons is really a fair shot? Loktionov has played what amounts to a little less that a full season, but has really done nothing in terms of scoring.”
    Moulson is now going to have his 3rd 30+ goal season, I guess Lombardi was wrong.
    As much as I think Poni is an average player, even he has 12 goals and 14 assists this season coincidence?
    Wayne Simmonds where to begin on him. Second round pick, projected to be a power forward. During his rookie season and his 2nd season, the Kings and fans got a good glimpse of why they drafted Simmonds. Last season apparently changed, and the coach felt Simmonds had regressed instead of progressed.
    Simmonds now becomes trade bait for Richards. Simmonds upon leaving the Kings and now playing where he was projected to play all of a sudden has a career high in goals, and should eclipse his previous best 40pts.
    The prospects of Toffoli, Weal, Vey, Kozun, Nick Shore are not going to be playing with the Kings for a few years if lucky.
    You now have Jeff Carter, and hopefully Hall and Oats can remember their time in Adult Education and make beautiful music once again.
    What the fuck is Dwight King doing on a 2nd line as a wing? You have 2 skilled guys, and you put a north south forward out there with him and expect them to score?
    Trevor Lewis is quick, relentless and has hands like feet. Lewis belongs on the US speed skating team, with Apollo Oh-no, because that is what I say every time I see him have a great scoring chance Ohno!
    Finally Nick before you cut me off to play Petros Papadakis talking about Barrys tickets.
    Sorry to say this Nick, but I really hope the Kings miss the playoffs. Dumbardi keeps deceiving the fans with his broken promises, changing the core, the culture. If I wanted to see the Philly Flyers I can watch them on TV, but to achieve a true identity, you can’t continue to take players from pretty much one organization, who have won squat since the 70’s.
    Oh the answer to the trivia question for that crappy Popcornoplus crap is
    Robert Goring, this is what “Butch Goring’ real name.

  12. Neil, great article, or phone call, or post, or rant, or…., nevermind.

    But not sure what the heck you’re thinking wrt to Moulson. He had 5 goals in 22 games which makes him at that pace a 20 goal scorer as a rookie. But thats Crawford, so they trashed that I suppose. Then one goal in seven games w TM, but I think there were issues around the compete level and having a heavier stick for a big body…… so…….. out he goes.

    You’ve gotta be putting up the serious numbers in his situation if you expect to hang around….. how about 14 goals in 22 games? Now that would’ve been more reasonable. Oh well. Hey it could be worse. I believe the Kings traded for some second rate goalie and gave Boston their first round pick….. that turned into Ray Bourque. See, guys you can count on me. It could always be worse.

  13. … In other news, for those of you who thought the Kings could acquire Rick Nash for Jonathan Bernier and other bits and pieces they had lying around, you might want to read this.

    • Holy fucking shit.

    • Way too much. Nothing wrong with trying to get something done if it’s been mandated by ownership, but Howson seemed hell bent on sabotaging any offers by adding even more to the deal than anyone could possibly want to pay.

      It actually worked out well for him. He didn’t end up being the one who traded the only franchise player on the team while on his watch, and if it did go through, he would of been voted GM of the decade right before he gets fired this summer.

  14. Los Angeles Kings: Evaluating the Moves and Non-Moves at the NHL Trade Deadline

    This piece says that DL did okay with decisions…

    The writer must be a relative or bribed..

    Anyway, the bottom line is that DL has worn out his welcome with so many fans and probably many players on the team.

    Something is wrong somewhere with this team which is being covered up by DL, Sutter, and who knows who else, because what is shown on the ice does not make sense and has not been working, except defense and tending.

    Most say it is the system, and that seems to be the most viable factor.

    A loss tonight, especially if a shut out or one goal, tells us more that the team is still in an offensive coma.

  15. Some recent happy King fans when there was finally a goal scored the other night

    • I think they were looking at Tuan Jims brass sack. LOL

      What you don’t hear is the hard thud hitting the window and scaring the customers.

  16. Bud Holloway has 19 goals and 44 pts in 52 games with Skelleftea of the SEL… just saying… he’s another one who we let walk…
    Moller has 13 goals and 28 pts in 51 games

    just sayin…

  17. old man ziggy palffy in the slovakian league stats the last 3 seasons


    HK 36 Skalica
    games played


    HK 36 Skalica (at age 38)
    games played


    HK 36 Skalica (at age 39)

    games played

    just saying…

  18. All this predictable, recycled whining, and you don’t even mention Juraj Mikus? Supposedly this guy’s pumping them in so fast and furious that the city of Poprad has issued a curfew for all females under the age of 75. Richards and Carter ain’t got nothin on this stud.


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