First, Teddy “that’s Mr. Purcell to you, Dean”. 61 games played, 17 goals, 29 assists, 46 points, +9, scoring goals on over 16% of his shots. He has already tied his entire goal output from last season. He certainly is not clutch this time of the season.

Matt Moulson, 62 games, 26 goals, 27 assists, +8, headed for his third, count it, THIRD consecutive thirty goal season, scoring goals on over 15% of his shots.

As a bonus, here is Wayne Simmonds’ numbers – 61 games, 22 goals, 17 assists, 39 points, -1, scoring goals on over 14% of his shots.

“But Teddy Purcell is only successful because he is playing on a bad team…except it was a good team last season…”

“Matt Moulson is only scoring goals because of a play maker like John Tavares and the Kings don’t have any play makers…oh wait…”

“Wayne Simmonds is only scoring goals because…shit, I give up.”

Coaches and system you say?


This is all coincidence. Just like it is coincidence that just about every offensively gifted forward on this team may not reach his point total average this season.


30th in the league in offense?

Total coincidence.

That is what Dean Lombardi would tell you and he’s not an idiot.