What happens when you put a really good defense against an atrocious offense?

Tonight happens.

“The effort was there.”

“The boys skated hard.”

“We cycled.”

Yes it was, yes we did and, once again, we couldn’t finish. Mike Richards has had better games. Dustin Brown wasn’t bad, he wasn’t great, but he wasn’t bad. Anze Kopitar, all I can do is sigh. He plays the game like his confidence is broken. Maybe it is. Dwight King. Dude. Come on. Our bottom six. El Oh El. Jeff Carter? He hit a post.

Give the Predators credit. They capitalized on our mistakes. There weren’t a lot of them but the ones we made, POW, the back of our net.

The good news is we’re only 2 points out of 9th place.

The bad news is we’re only 4 points out of 13th place and there is the pitter patter of webbed feet behind us.

The good news is if we don’t make the playoffs, Dean Lombardi and his entire crew will be fired.

The bad news is if we don’t make the playoffs, we don’t make the playoffs and Surly may fucking lose it.

The good news is Dustin Penner, Jarret Stoll and Colin Fraser will likely be off the books and we can add that other top  6 wing.

The bad news is that will leave little money to sign Quick so we won’t be adding that top 6 wing.

The good news Slava Voynov sure looks like he has one hell of a bright future with the L.A. Kings.

The bad news is all of our young, up and coming potential star talent is at D, where we need little help.

The good news is the law of averages must eventually catch up and cause each player to near their offensive averages.

The bad news is the law of averages is fast running out of time and the time, if you haven’t heard, is now.

The good news is if the L.A. Kings don’t put together a winning streak here soon, Dean Lombardi may not make it to April.

What do you say we end this post game with good news?