Predators Beat Kings 2-1. Good News, Bad news.

What happens when you put a really good defense against an atrocious offense?

Tonight happens.

“The effort was there.”

“The boys skated hard.”

“We cycled.”

Yes it was, yes we did and, once again, we couldn’t finish. Mike Richards has had better games. Dustin Brown wasn’t bad, he wasn’t great, but he wasn’t bad. Anze Kopitar, all I can do is sigh. He plays the game like his confidence is broken. Maybe it is. Dwight King. Dude. Come on. Our bottom six. El Oh El. Jeff Carter? He hit a post.

Give the Predators credit. They capitalized on our mistakes. There weren’t a lot of them but the ones we made, POW, the back of our net.

The good news is we’re only 2 points out of 9th place.

The bad news is we’re only 4 points out of 13th place and there is the pitter patter of webbed feet behind us.

The good news is if we don’t make the playoffs, Dean Lombardi and his entire crew will be fired.

The bad news is if we don’t make the playoffs, we don’t make the playoffs and Surly may fucking lose it.

The good news is Dustin Penner, Jarret Stoll and Colin Fraser will likely be off the books and we can add that other top  6 wing.

The bad news is that will leave little money to sign Quick so we won’t be adding that top 6 wing.

The good news Slava Voynov sure looks like he has one hell of a bright future with the L.A. Kings.

The bad news is all of our young, up and coming potential star talent is at D, where we need little help.

The good news is the law of averages must eventually catch up and cause each player to near their offensive averages.

The bad news is the law of averages is fast running out of time and the time, if you haven’t heard, is now.

The good news is if the L.A. Kings don’t put together a winning streak here soon, Dean Lombardi may not make it to April.

What do you say we end this post game with good news?

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  1. The good news is that this is my first time being able to say “first.”

  2. The bad news is other than that, realistically there is little to no good news.

  3. Wow, that’s a good article Scribe. They don’t call you Scribe for nothing.

    I prefer to look at the glass half full side, which is some of the things you said would happen if they don’t make the playoffs. I think the team could do well to have a new viewpoint inject some creativity into the proceedings.

  4. Mother fuckin titty suckin two balled bitch!!!!
    There, I’m done.

  5. The bad news is we’re only 4 points out of 13th place.

    The good news is that when we fall to 13th place, at least we’ll get to keep our first round pick!

  6. Your too kind.

    New wing, same question…who is going to stand in front?

    There are only 19 tomorrow left. I would say a winning streak had better start tomorrow

  7. I have been telling this to all my fellow king fans, that no matter who we bring to this team, we will NOT be a cup contender team. The kings system under sutter and poor offensive coach kompton, don’t have any idea how to make a balance system with a creative offense. We can have Parise, Nash, Ovenchkin and still can’t score. Its not the players, its the system.

    • If I hear one more vague reference to the “system” being the culprit I am gonna fucking scream. SPELL IT OUT, what exactly would you want the Kings to do differently?

      You want them to pinch the corners more? They do it now.
      You want them to rush the D? They do it now.
      You want them to carry it in more? They do it now.
      You want them to send two on the forecheck? They do it, when possible, as disctated by a successful dumpin and successful first-man pressure.
      You want them penetrate the middle? You want them to drop the weak side D more for shots? You want them to refine the breakout to a two man parrallel attack?

      I mean, for god’s sake (he/she is a hockey fan) spell it out. Draw a diagram using words. Tell me. I am not saying there aren’t things to be done. I can think of others than I’ve already mentioned. There are things to be done, so tell me, but if you are gonna blame the entire situation on “system” then you’re gonna have to prove you’re smarter and more expreienced than Jim Fox when he says that systems are fairly generic with a few minor tweaks.

      It’s personnel, habits, and coaching, and a hundred other things in small and large parts. Saying it’s “system” is like saying a plane crashed due to wind resistance.

      • … Agree one million percent. Wait, who am I agreeing with, here? Is this real life?

      • go watch the wings and see their system.

        • … How about you prove your point instead of bitching out and responding with some low-effort crap like “watch the wings hurr”.

          You’re the self-proclaimed hockey expert here, why don’t you explain to us what the Wings are doing that the Kings aren’t doing? You have from now until the end of time – go.

        • Ryanz, see below. Bobby Scribe, Hat Trick, these guys are describing what they wish to see. It’s not enough to bemooan the system, and it’s not enough to tell me the Kings should play like the Red Wings or the Canucks.

          I don’t mean to have picked on you, and I don’t want you to feel that way. If you do, I apologize. You were just the final example that sent me over the edge, of people crying “system” with no support, no explanation, no suggestions, and no acknowledgement of changes and tweaks that were/are ongoing under Murray and now under Sutter.
          I want to hear what the man in charge would say to his team. What he would work on in practice, what he would focus on in video sessions. If you’re gonna complain about system, it only makes sense that you should be able to be specific. If you had your say, what would the players hear? If they heard, “We need to have more balance in the system, play like the Red Wings,” do you think they are gonna suddenly stand up and say, “Holy shit, that’s it! Now we know what to do!”?

      • Hey even Helene Elliot is referring to it. I thought it was kinda funny but whatever.

        It’s all about Options. The thing about the Kings system is they play like they don’t like to utilize those options. Swing in down low, swing it up top, point shot, crash net. That’s fine because the point guy’s usually open but all the time? Not good. Swing down, read play…who’s open? forward in slot stick on ice? Point guy? Can I put the puck on net with a guy there?

        I think they shouldn’t hang their forward so high in the slot. He’s almost to the blue line. Drop him further down between the dots so the shots off quicker and harder for the goalie to react.

        Cycling…when they cycle and bring in the D at times, other D coverage can get blown especially because they’re now able to generate a decent amount of speed in the zone. Cycle, up top, hand off to D, D is now moving with speed, Options open up…that forward that passed it off is also moving but needs to cover the point position he might be open for a shot on goal or a pass down low…Options its all about options.

        These high scoring teams all have that knack. They recognize it and they use it to the best of their abilities. Team chemistry, knowing where your linemates will be or what they’ll be doing. Tell him you get the puck put it on net because I’m going there. Also, playing that off wing has so many options. Off wing and Ovechkin is the master at it, cut in across the grain then there’s a whole shit load of options.

      • 1. Lack of neutral zone forecheck & gaps too big, D falling back too often = not creating turnovers and ineffective transitional game.
        2. Breakouts don’t read the pressure but consistently seek to “buy time” regardless of pressure and don’t stretch the defense
        3. Forwards leave zone too late on breakouts – this is why the fucking red line was removed, to allow teams to open it up and the best teams do (see Canucks, Vancouver as best example). Our strong-side winger is not available enough for a direct pass or puck off the boards. He is in a low position and therefore the puck does not advance far enough on the breakouts.
        4. When was the last time you saw the Kings make a blue to blue stretch pass to the right wing? Ever?

        Let’s go to the powerplay, the bane of my existence.

        1. Notice how both of our PP units give the opposing D the same look? Same formation? That’s coaching.
        2. See breakouts, above, which become DOUBLY important on the PP, yet we often break out and enter the zone the exact same way on the PP as we do 5 on 5 – without speed through the neutral zone and no attempt to cause the D1 and D2 to back off to cover the F1 and F2. See the Kings execute a single swing? See many center lane drives when the D gives it? You think that’s the players just deciding not to do it? They are playing the formations they are told.
        3. I have seen the Kings play a five man attack on the PP a handful of times this season. When the F2 and F3 stay inside (F1 and D2, stay outside) and the D1 is given options, good things have happened. But they just don’t do it. It’s almost like a happy accident.
        4. The perimeter game. It’s maddening. God forbid we take the puck up through the middle of the ice. If the F2 and F3 are not within 10 feet of each year, it’s fucking Armageddon.
        5. People keep talking about creating traffic but before you get that, you must maintain possession and funnel the puck to the net.

        Look, I could go all day with this shit but, from experience, we play a very conservative game in all three zones. Sutter is better than Murray, he has brought some creativity to the O but the PP still suffers (I fucking hate you Jamie Kompon) and while execution is part of it, there is a reason we don’t look anything like the top teams on the transition game and offensive zone pressure.

        Finally, I don’t mean this with malice because I like the guy, but Jim Fox is a homer. He is paid to be a homer. He will not call out the coaches. If you took Jim Fox at face value, Terry Murray was a wonderful coach and he doesn’t have the stones to call them out, nor should he – it’s not in his job description and he doesn’t advertise himself as “independent”.

        • Dude the breakouts are getting to be unbearable to watch. The squad is caught in their zone on several occasions when they were barely scraping by to save their asses. It’s been a problem, it seems like, all season. There’s a little too much hesitation it seems. Get position if you see an open guy…pass the fucking puck up ice!

          I was impressed with how the Preds broke out with relative ease. The guys were just “there”. That doesn’t happen by accident.

          • “hey look, a lateral pass, I think I’ll make that” followed by
            “hey look, a lateral pass, I think I’ll make that” followed by
            “hey look, a lateral pass, I think I’ll make that” followed by



          • Dude the shit’s gotta change or else the team’s not really going anywhere. Yeah Richards dad talked about hard work and shit and I agree with him but then there’s also the definition of insanity. So while I agree that hard work is an absolute essential part of it, if what they’re doing is not working over and over and over again, then working harder is just not the solution.

            And changing a coach or adding a player will only take it so far imo. Step in the right direction though.

          • Hahahahahahahahaha

            It could actually be funny, if it wasn’t so true.

        • I’m gonna re-watch the NHL36 with Richards, but I do remember when Nolan and King and Richards went in for the video session with Kompon (at which point I, the viewer, thought to myself, “aha, now I see…We’re fucked”) and Kompon showed some highlight. Nolan said, “So can I go jump down in there?” and Kompon said, “No, you can’t do that. You can’t jump in there. Where’s the puck gonna go if you jump in there?”

          I wonder if anyone can see (1) what Richards’ reaction was (2) what the play was, in which zone (3) whether it’s an actual example of the conservative style you are talking about being insisted upon. I wonder if that was an example of the kid having offensive instincts and those instincts being stifled.
          Maybe it wasn’t even a scoring play, it might have been in the defending zone, I dunno yet, but my spider sense is tingling.

        • Am I crazy or do they just look lost offensively?

          Passes are horrid. Spacing is equally bad. Count how many times they make piss poor passes or bump into one another… it happens far too often. And have you seen the little one foot passes? They look largely uncomfortable with the puck most of the time. And just how the fuck can you execute a long ass pass but you cant seem to move the puck in your offensive zone without clearing it on yourself 10 times a fucking game?

          Also, learn how to get out of your own damn zone.. I’ve never seen a team struggle to get out of its own end/get into the other teams end so badly. These do not seem like difficult tasks to fix IMO.

      • I’d like them to stop making eleventy-billion D-to-D passes before moving the puck forward (they’ve been better at this at times).

      • An example of having the forward positioning closer to the goal for a shot was Carter last game when he rang it off the post. He positions himself 5-7 feet back and it might not even reach the post. Might be off the goalie’s shoulder and over the net.

  8. I’ve already come to terms with myself that we will not make the playoffs. This will keep me from losing it once it becomes official.

    It sucks really. Weren’t people predicting the Kings to be in contention for the S.C. this year?

  9. Well the good news is that we do have a good team. Replace the management, switch a few things around, add a player and we should be in a much better, less torturous place.

  10. The good news is Dustin Penner, Jarret Stoll and Colin Fraser will likely be off the books

    … The bad news is Penner and Stoll make up two-thirds of what’s been a pretty good third line for the first time since last season, and not re-signing them is going to bring the bottom six back to being utter shit.

    The bad news is that will leave little money to sign Quick so we won’t be adding that top 6 wing.

    … There’s a real easy solution to that problem.

    • I thought you liked the bottom 6 last year due to their size, and this year, the bottom 6 have never left being shit, so I don’t think it’s amatter of them being brought back to that. It may condemn to remain shit, but it would be very little or no change.

      • I thought you liked the bottom 6 last year due to their size

        … Well, they had size and skill. Ponikarovsky, Handzus, and Simmonds made up a pretty nice third line. I kept calling for Simmonds to get more time out there, in PP situations, bumping up to the top six, etc. All of my blather about that was validated to a certain degree by Simmonds’ performance in the playoffs.

        I liked what Clifford and Richardson were doing last season, but Clifford hasn’t seen his ice time increase this season and Richardson’s offense seems to have fallen off of a cliff. I would have never been able to predict that, but it goes back to if you have a line working in the postseason, why would you be so eager to break it up?

        Clifford and Richardson appear to be fine enough players individually on the ice, but they’ve lost their rudder. I’m not saying Simmonds was that rudder, but they don’t appear to have found one this season. The polite way to say it is that they lack confidence, but how are they going to regain it?

        Finally, the Kings this season have a third line with some potential – Penner, Stoll, and Lewis. At some point, Lewis might have to be bumped down due to not having hands, but at the moment I like what I see. Penner had just 76 shots on goal in 662 minutes (6.89 per 60 minutes) before being moved to this line, and over the last two games, he has 9 shots in 27 minutes (20 per 60 minutes). That’s a huge increase. If he keeps this up to any degree, then at some point, those shots are going to start hitting mesh. There’s nothing wrong with Penner’s shot; the problem has been getting him in a position to take shots.

        • Richardson’s demise has been shocking to me. I thought they played above their ability on the playoffs, and it was scary cool. I dodn’t expect them to maintain that high a level this year, but I really never expected them to all drop so far to the other extreme, and it has really been disappointing.

          I like the Penner Stoll combo when Penner is moving well, but when they generate scoring chances it comes down to Lewis needing to either finish or make the last pass for the slam-dunk. Last night, these things happened with Stoll and Penner, but when it got to Lewis the play fizzled. His speed seems wasted, I wish he could do better, but at this point he just does not have it. I wanted him third line RW earlier this year, now I think he should just get limited minutes on the 4th line and whatever PK time a third tandem might get.

          I think Penner is widely misunderstood. He has quick hands, not quick feet. He isn’t always lazy, but often looks it just due to a slow turnover in his stride. He makes quick passes, the short little dangerous ones that move the angle and confuse defenders, but his linemates aren’t ready for them. I wish he could get time with Williams somehow, even though Williams is much speedier (quick three steps, waterbug, which conflicts with Penner’s “lumber”) I wonder if they could find some chemistry with Kopi, having Penner in the middle of the ice as the 3rd point in both an attack and cycle triangle. When you talk about his being in a position to get the shot away, I think it might be in part due to his being consumed by cycling attempts, and then having to take what is left in front of the net. If he could establish in the slot and move responsive to a cycle or attack, he might be more ready and better able to find the 3 feet of open ice in the soft spots as defenders move.

          Lewis especially seems to me to have trouble accepting passes, so many times outlets on breakout are lost by him when it could be a quick rush, even some become turnovers and dangerous rushes against. And if I see him stop it up looking for the late trailer many more times I may brick my TV. This dude almost never challenges the defenders on the rush in any way, and never tries to even get inside toward the net on the rush. If he can’t finish when chances come, and cannot generate his own chances or even a scramble to open passing seams, I don’t know how he contributes other than mere possession time.

          I miss the size, but not so much the endless cycle. The Poni’s, etc. style became tedious because they rarely seemed to break into the middle for shots; it was just an example of cycle to spend time away from our net. Sure, that has worth, but I wished they, and the others now, would have gotten coaching to turn the possession cycle into a scoring attack. Why fight to recover the puck if all you’re gonna do is cycle until you lose it?

          As for Simmonds, I think he is having his best possible year, properly utilized. It sucks to have lost him, it sucks that Clifford hasn’t replace him well enough. I still like the trade for Richards, but it seems we have five top 6 guys, maybe two or just one 3rd liner/s, and six or seven 4th liners. I am gonna do an article about this, probably for Wednesday, I look forward to your feedback on that.

          • I think Penner is widely misunderstood. He has quick hands, not quick feet. He isn’t always lazy, but often looks it just due to a slow turnover in his stride.

            … You’ve written a fine post up there, but this is the one thing I wanted to highlight. I agree completely. He looks as if he’s lumbering, but he’s not.

            I don’t even think the guy is lazy, as I believe there’s a difference between laziness and knowing one’s limitations. If there’s a puck that he gauges to be too far away, considering that extra half-second or so it takes for him to get that train going, he’s not going to chance it and take himself out of the play. People might say “well hustle in anyway and just hit the guy who gets there first”, but that’s not his game and it would be foolish for him to play it. What good is it to do that after the puck’s already gone? Personally, I’d rather have a guy well-positioned and working smarter, not harder.

            Lewis especially seems to me to have trouble accepting passes, so many times outlets on breakout are lost by him when it could be a quick rush

            … I agree with this, too. But I will say, in Lewis’s defense, pun intended, that he’s tremendous defensively – and that ideally, the third line is the shutdown line. Lewis uses his stick exceptionally well, he doesn’t give up on any play, and his speed enables him to quickly recover if he’s out of position at a given moment. It’s always that tug-of-war as a coach … do you prize shutdown D or do you sacrifice some of that to have a third line where everyone up front is capable of chipping in a goal here and there?

            it sucks that Clifford hasn’t replace him well enough.

            … I didn’t expect Clifford to be able to replace Simmonds right away, but I did expect him to be more utilized; to see more time on the ice this season. I’m disappointed in both head coaches for not making that happen. How in the World is Kyle going to show progress if he’s not given the extra opportunity?

          • About Penner. I don’t call him lazy because he isn’t moving his feet. I don’t think he is a coaster. I call him lazy for the 80% of games where he doesn’t fight hard enough for the battles he does get in. The board battles and the front f net battles. I dot expect him to be fleet of foot, but I do expect him to bear down in front of the net. He has done just that the last two games and that to me is the difference between lazy Penner and hustling Penner. Too often he skates through the front and is edged out when the puck gets there. When, like last night, he fights for those inches and makes defensemen move him, as opposed to moving around the defensemen, he can be incredibly effective.

            It’s also his lines he takes from the boards. When Penner is lazy, he gets the puck in the corner, quickly dumps it along the boards, then stays there and waits to see what happens. When Penner is hustling he holds onto the puck longer, looks for a play, dishes it and then heads to open ice or for the front of the net. It’s the difference between making the play happen and waiting for the play to come to you. Sure, some of that depends on the play of his linemates, but Penner isn’t paid to be merely a support player. He’s payed to and expected to be a guy who generates offense himself.

            So for me at least, it really has nothing to do with his skating, how fast he is or whether I see him as gliding or running around after every loose puck.

            He Carter is a guy who coasts a lot, but he has that knack for knowing when the puck is going to be in the slot and timing his coasting to meet it there. Coasting can actually make the opposing defense forget about you of you do it right and most importantly, time your pounce on the puck correctly. Not every play has to be a choochoo train.

          • Surly-

            I will say there3 have been many instances where Penner has not seemed engaged or committed. I will watch for the lines from the boards, etc., as you describe, very interesting to me and a new perspective for me.

            His board battles may be a thing where we will have to split the difference in opinions. I just don’t think he is good at it. I don’t like his one-handed technique on the stick, trying to hold guys back with his free arm. I wish he would make the low tripod and use his butt/back to gain distance between the defender and the puck with his stick out front, like Frolov would do. Fro could just stand there and the opponent would be unable to reach the stick or puck. But Penner is just not a board battler, and the misunderstood part is partly due to his size. I can forgive Penner for this if he is othrewise engaged; board battles are only so critical when a team is limiting themselves to that sole attack. If there was mid-ice penetration, suuddenly Penner standing in the slot is a pick, or a give and go partner, or as you say Penner could find those soft areas of small open ice for his own shots.

            Penner doens’t hit, his size is more suited to absorbing hits. That leads us to where we ageee, in that if Penner were able to set up while linemates establish possession (mere fractions of seconds of timed perfectly) than Penner could be like Dave Andreychuk in front of the net. His quick hands would be utilized there, for tips, putbacks and bunt passes for tap ins.

            Anyway, fun stuff, will be watching for the things you described.

    • ___ – Lokti – Lewis has been pretty good for us. (I’m talking about possession, obviously not scoring, since no line has been good at this).

    • you could re-sign penner for 1 yr at the 500k he deserves.

  11. Phx has put together a streak of 5 wins. I can’t remember if the Kings put together any resemblance of a winning streak this season.

    This team reminds me of a really nice boat but there’s a leak in the hull somewhere, not sure where, so I’m constantly pumping water out before the thing sinks. I’ve just tried to patch the leak (Carter) but I notice that the water is still coming in from somewhere…

    This squad might, maybe, make it into the playoffs this season but if it does it’ll resemble the opening scene from Pirates of the Carribean with Jack coming in on his boat. Realistically does this squad stand a chance in a series against Detroit, Nashville, St Louis?

    • Great analogy Hat trick. It fits perfectly. So depressing too because you know its futile.

      • It really is but anything can happen. But more than 60 games into the season if they haven’t found out by now I don’t really see how they’re all of a sudden going to figure it out in the last part of the season.

  12. “The bad news is that will leave little money to sign Quick so we won’t be adding that top 6 wing.”

    This isn’t exactly true. We probably wouldn’t be able to get Parise @ $8M and Quick @ Rinne numbers, but Richardson, Lewis, Drewiskie and Scuderi fall off the books on Quick’s contract year, none of which probably need to be renewed. Bernier I would hope would get traded for offensive power. Clifford also falls off this year though so there’s a pay bump. Both Voynov and Martinez hit RFA as well. Voynov will obviously get a bump, Martinez could theoretically be replaced with someone younger and cheaper. I also bet the cap will increase as well. I’d wager we have $12M+/- to spend on Quck + top 6 wing.

  13. Just saw Moneyball.. Hopefully the kings go on a torrid scoring/winning streak and keep at it…

    Of course that was hollywood.. We’re more like Rick ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn meets Slap Shot

    • … Moneyball was a good movie, well produced and had good acting and all, but there was a lot of artistic license taken with actual events and several real people were portrayed terribly. That rubbed me the wrong way.

  14. Does anyone remember this game? The Fucking Kings shall rise again!

  15. Seemed like a lifetime ago…

  16. Yes I’ve been drinking a bit…

  17. Does anyone miss Palffy? I do…

  18. Stoll, Richards and Slava busted their asses down to the end of the game.
    Did anyone see Dustin Brown diving at center ice to stop the puck and keep the Preds from scoring an empty netter?
    I didn’t think so, that was our future “Captain”, Mike “I’ll wear any fucking baseball cap I want too!”, Richards.
    I wish he was 6’4″, he’d fuck some people up.
    Where was Kopitar, Brown, Clifford, Nolan and King tonight?
    Where were the crunching defensive hits? Except for Slava!
    Oh, that’s right, they got traded to Columbus!
    Matt Greene really disappointed dude. Not one fucking hit?
    Scuderi, you’re worthless, making stupid passes right up the middle when all you have to do is skate four more feet to clear the zone but, you don’t want to take a hit?
    The Kings defensemen tonight- five total hits? Slava had three of them!!
    Scuds, you don’t even need shoulder pads except in your suit, you bitch!!!
    Stoll and Richards hit everyone and Carter hit a post but, at least he shot the damn puck!!
    Carter, Stoll and Richards went into any corner to hold the puck in for scoring chances while the rest of the Queens looked around and ran from hits.
    It’s fucking embarassing and I hope Sutter rips them a new asshole!!
    Brown had one good game this year-
    (just days before the trading deadline, coincidence, I think not) and he didn’t get traded, shame on Lombardi.
    Now, Penner can go back to playing small, like he has basically all fucking year!
    He got his shit handed to him the entire game by Nashville.
    I’ve never seen a 6’4″ pussy until tonight!!!
    Penner you’re a big giant PUSSY!!
    Made of pancakes no less!!
    Dustin give up the “C”, you don’t fucking deserve to wear it anymore!
    Mike, Quickie, Slava and Jarret, you guys deserve a better group of teammates!!!
    Put Williams/Richards/Carter on the 1st line
    move Nolan/Kopitar/Brown to the 2nd line where they belong!!
    Trevor Lewis score a fucking goal would you?
    All you had to do was lift the puck and you had several seconds to do it!
    You looked like a retard humping a desk!!!
    Go Kings, on vacation!!

    • A Big Giant PUSSY, made of pancakes!!!!!!

      I’d like to crawl inside and sleep soundly, wake up and eat the bed I’m in……..mmmmmmm

      WAIT!!!!!! smells like a worthless LA Kings forward in here!!!
      FUCK ME!!!!! I’m rapidly gaining weight and visions of playing softball, in the local beer league are everywhere….
      HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! there’s a huge Tampon named Jamie forcing it’s way in her…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  19. Here’s an idea …

    You don’t have to be a hockey wizard to know the system sucks.

    Hell i don’t need to know shit about F1 this or D1 that.

    I have to know how to build and ice an entire team before I’m qualified to be critical?

    Give me a fucking break … all I need to do is look at the fucking scoreboard and the standings.

    The system sucks.

    • “I have to know how to build and ice an entire team before I’m qualified to be critical?”

      No, but we’d run out of shit to say rather quickly if we only went deep enough to say “the system sucks.” I am not saying the system does not suck, I am not saying that htere are no tweaks or changes that could or have been made.

      I am saying I am fucking sick of hearing people stop at that without describing more than that. AS for looking at the scoreboard and saying the system sucks, well of course you could do that. But then what? We’re done? You can make that observation and be correct. I was talking about having a conversation, not just reading numbers.

  20. I think the Kings have only had a 3 game winning streak twice the entire season….1 was a 3-game, the other was a 4-game, I think…

    Other than that…they cannot put together a strong back-to-back to save their damn lives.

    19 games left…as this season’s history dictates, the Kings will likely go 8-8-3…which will not get them into the playoffs.

    Colorado is on a winning streak…….Dallas came back to beat Vancouver…the Ducks are winning…Phoenix is winning (PHOENIX…IS WINNING…Who do they have again?? Who is their goalie? Smith!? …. Vrbata, really!?…fuck me…)

    It’s natural for us fans to HOPE…but can we, logically, think that this team can pull a 13-6 finish? 14-5? 15-4? Can they squeeze 30 points in the stretch? …

    They’ve got:
    (2) Nashville
    (2) Detroit
    St. Louis
    (3) San Jose (back-to-back to end the season)
    (2) Ducks

    And they only have 7 home games left…

    It will be nothing short of a miracle if they pull this off…

  21. Lol the pitter patter of webbed feet. That one really made me laugh


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