Kings @ Minnesota – You Know The Drill

Hey, look, an open forum game thread.

This is the first, and only, few minutes I’ve come up for air today. I think the game has already started… probably won’t even have time to watch my recording later. But I hear Bernier is net, which is tits, I guess. Whether I watch or not, I’ll take one win, 2 points, a la carte please.

Chat on and GO KINGS!

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  1. Drill? Sounds like an Oiler game. I am wildly optimistic. I toast the Kings with a small soft drink… like a soda from a mini bar.

  2. o.0 44 secs in Williams scores, keep it up!

  3. Dwight King! Nice, last 6 mins has been all Kings

  4. I hate Jamie Kompon. I tivod the game so Im watching right after the first powerplay. I just hate him. They actually have the same problem as Minnesota. Minnesota gets Dany Heatley in a trade, Heatley is all healed up, skating as well as ever, looking good, but he’s having an awful season statistically, and the Wild powerplay sucks. Why? They have Heatley in front of the net. They have Heatley as the “tip” guy.

    It hasnt worked there, Heatley probably is on pace for his career low in powerplay points.

    And immediately Jamie Kompon is ruining the Jeff Carter acquisition, he has Carter as the tip guy. Any big body can screen the goalie! Having Carter there is a waste. He barely touched the puck all powerplay long. You have to put Carter somewhere he can shoot it. The guy screening the net barely gets the puck clean, only on tips and deflections.

    So damn dumb. Cant they fire this asshole already? If Dean Lombardi doesnt fire him before the playoffs then Lombardi deserves to get fired himself.

  5. Justin Williams having a great first period. Maybe he’s just getting healthy? Either that or confidence, whichever it is, I hope he can bottle this up and keep playing like this.

  6. Beautiful set up by brown for that Kopitar goal.

  7. Wow, 3-0 Kopitar from Brown

  8. 8 goals in 2.33 games?

    The world is coming to an end.

    • Unfortunately every goal the Kings score equals 1 extra year of job security for Jamie Kompon. Congrats, we’re stuck with him for three more years now.

      Dean Lombardi: “What do you mean Kompon sucks? We scored 3 goals that one time, and in one period! I would be crazy to fire the man responsible!”

      Oh Dean, if only the real man responsible was fired…

  9. You know,

    with Carter in the fold, this team could really be something if Dean had just added some good depth forwards and Jamie Kompon wasnt coaching the powerplay.

    So close, so far.

    • Listen 3Team, boy are you off. Very sorry to say it, but you don’t understand. What is this stuff about Carter as the ‘tip’ guy. The tip he’s saving for the ladies of LA, and other than that, well of course he’s supposed to screen the goalie.

      What were you thinking? That he’s supposed to be supple, move and use that wicked shot? What a waste. If he did that he might actually have stats commensurate with his usual stats. But this is the Kings, all d all the time where stats level off….. just give them time :-)

  10. Yes, Surly. In your thread you mentioned a Johathen Berneyee. Who exactly is this person?

  11. Who cares about Richards and Carter?

    Let’s go Nolan and King!

  12. Listening to game on my phone. Won’t see it until tomorrow. So, is Minnesota laying an egg, we are kicking ass or a combination? Hard to tell.

    • I’m doing the same. But from the sounds of the Wild Fans, its not going well for the home team, HAHAHAH!!!

    • Combo. We are kicking ass. Third was a little slow.. but to be expected when up 4-0. First two periods were great, came out with a ton of energy with the Kings controlling much of the action with speed. They were setting themselves up in great places around the net. Penner played probably his best game of the year in my opinion. Didn’t score obviously, but it wasn’t 4-5 when he was out there, was strong with the puck and forcing the opposition in their own zone to make a play with the puck.

  13. How the kings make the playoffs this year: other teams have bad nights defensively…

  14. Mike Richards just looks so fucking small.

    I really think, back in Philadelphia, he just had 10% more muscle, and 10% more speed and strength in his legs, and that made all the difference in the world, sort of like Doughty two years ago compared to now. Richards just plays so small out there now, he cant protect the puck like he used to, he keeps getting knocked off it. He also cant break away from defenders because he just does not seem to have the speed he did before.

    I think the adage he used, if it’s not working you need to work harder, is true. He hasn’t worked hard enough. Im not sure everyone realizes just how important being in shape is today in the NHL. The game is so tight, so much of it is played on the boards, you need that extra strength to protect the puck, to stay up, or in open ice, you need that extra step to get by all the defenders and their stick checks. It’s so tight, those extra steps are so important.

    It’s not like five years ago where there was natural space out there and slow players like Cheechoo could just find some space and get the puck and score. You have to create your own space now, because teams give you nothing. Zero. You have to make it all yourself. If that’s along the boards, it means you have to shove off a defenseman, have the size and strength to push them off with your butt, stay on your feet, and hold them away from you. If it’s in open ice, that means you need that extra jump to accelerate by the defender and get to the opening or the angle you want to.

    Right now, MIKE RICHARDS does not seem to have those qualities quite as good as he had three years ago. That’s why he’s not scoring. If Mike Richards or the Kings were smart to this, which they dont seem to be, then they should be working him hard in practice and after games, while we still have some time before the playoffs, to get him back in top shape and ready to dominate come playoff time.

    Surly, Scribe, maybe you guys could tell your sources within the Kings organization, and they could tell Lombardi and Sutter. Someone has to help these guys. Trust me, I am bang on with these things. I knew JVR would struggle this year after watching him for five minutes in the preseason. I definitely have an eye for whether a player has his top speed or not. If someone could just tell Richards, it’s not mental, it’s a physical thing and you can actually fix it, I think that would really help him and the Kings. Same with Doughty. Do you guys have any way of getting that information to the right people who could tell these guys?

    • “You have to create your own space now, because teams give you nothing. Zero.”

      Exactly what happened in the Preds game.

    • Well for starters maybe you, or Surly, or Scribe, or Futa, or Yannetti (never mind, those two are probably out scouting defensemen and gritty forwards)…. where was I?

      Oh yes, maybe someone could suggest that after a wonderful quiet candle light dinner of sushi, that Doughty and Richards don’t top it off with a big tub of ice cream? Those sorts of sugars aren’t gonna exactly help you. Sugars like that take you up, and then down. But Mike Richards and Drew Doughty are far far far far far better hockey players than I ever would have been… but I’m probably a lot better at what I do than they would be, so I suppose it evens out.

  15. Super happy they gave Bernie a shutout.

  16. Though I agree the “system” is part of the problem do you see what happens when our top players act like….well top players!

    Brown has been outstanding. Williams has been what he’s always been and Kopitar actually played a descent game. That, on most nights will equal a win.

    Only a matter of time before Carter starts putting up points. I like the feel of that line and that includes King.

    Way to stick up for yourself, Nolen. Speaking of which, I don’t like when The Big Red Dog is absent from the line-up.

    Voynov is a player I enjoy watching more and more each day.

    Great game JB. You deserve the shutout. You without doubt should have spelled Quick on more occasions this year.

    Nice win, boys!

    • Its a terrible team. The Wild don’t have Mikko Koivu or Pierre Marc Bouchard. They are a bad offensive team to start with. Add to that they traded their top two defensemen from last season, Brent Burns and now Marek Zidlicky. It’s a bunch of bottom pairing defensemen out there. This might be the worst team in the NHL on paper right now when you factor in the injuries. Tom Gilbert is really bad defensively, and he’s not acclimated to their system, either. They’re also sad because they lost Nick Schultz who they like.

      Theyre really bad. This game means nothing. The Wild are just that bad.

      • Yes, you are correct, the Wild are on the bottom but it’s still nice to see the Kings play the way they are suppose to. Didn’t we just play Columbus a few games ago and what happened? We don’t always play to our potential so it’s nice to see guys do what’s expected of them.

        I understand what you’re saying, but every game means something. Some more than others.

      • “This game means nothing. The Wild are just that bad.”

        I’m afraid I agree with you.

        But I hate you for saying it.

  17. That Kopitar/Brown goal…oh man, I’ll be watching that over and over again during my “alone time” if you catch my drift.

  18. Kings now +7 since the trade.

    Jack was a minus 3 tonight and on the ice for 4 of the 5 goals against.

    Voynov with another solid game. +2 since the trade.

    Carter has some amazing wheels. Really wanted him to score on that breakaway. Teams have a dilemma matching up against the top two lines.

    Martinez with a solid game and jumps up at the right times.

    Bernier with the shutout. Fuck you Sutter.

    Kings just need to get into the playoffs. And get gagne back.


  19. Jack was a minus 3 tonight and on the ice for 4 of the 5 goals against.

    If you watched the highlights, with goaltending like that, Ray Bourque and Nik Lidstrom as the shutdown pair would’ve been minus 3.
    Who cares what he did or didn’t do. I wish him the best of luck personally.

  20. Wow what a game…do these guys read our blogs or something?? They were actually reading plays and making good passes. This team is schizophrenic. Last night dogshit. Tonight they look like a legit cup contender what the fuck is going on with these guys? Even Pancakes is coming around. Twilight zone weird game tonight…but in a good way. :D

    • Read 3TeamFans post. He says it there. The Wild aren’t a very good team, their best two players are out with injuries, and they just traded away Zidlicky.

      I wouldn’t get too high at the moment or as you’ve probably seen this season, you risk being very let down the next game. There aren’t many things I can guarantee in life, but I can sort of guarantee that the games vs. Detroit, Vancouver and Boston won’t be nearly so easy as the game was tonight.

  21. Oh yeah forgot about that fight that Nolan got into. The kid can hold his own. Loved the southpaw move. The other guy freaked out and said “Ok enough of this shit. The kid knows how to fight and I don’t want my teeth knocked out” then went for the ole grab and take down. :D

  22. … Yeah I can totally see why Bernier had to sit and watch all those games, Sutter. You dipshit.

    Why does it have to be MY team who’s always run by idiots?

    • I don’t want to get too crazy over it, but it’s well documented that Quick struggles down the stretch. That probably IS due to fatigue, but this organization drafted Bernier for a reason: To eventually be the #1. What better time to give him that chance after a shutout in late February?

      • Quick isn’t struggling. He’s had 2 bad games in his last 10 where his GAA, and SV% was

        2012-02-09, 3.00, 0.818
        2012-02-22, 9.00, 0.727

        He had 1 other game where his team played like crap in front of him

        2012-02-21, 3.69, 0.862

        In the other 7 his GAA, and SV % was

        2012-02-07, 1.00, 0.960
        2012-02-11, 1.95, 0.920
        2012-02-12, 2.00, 0.929
        2012-02-16, 1.02, 0.952
        2012-02-18, 1.02, 0.944
        2012-02-25, 0.00, 1.000
        2012-02-27, 2.02, 0.929

        He gave up 2 or less in those 7 games, and his worst SV% was 0.920. I think right now, he’s outplaying any goalie in the league.

    • I think Scandella made the right choice. He was gonna be Nolan’s punching bag.

    • I like when Clutterbuck sucker punched Brown in the face. I’m going to imagine Brownie said something like “What’s the matter Cal? Had to go to the locker room to change your diaper?”

  23. Great game tonight. Loved the presence in front of the net tonight. No game til Saturday which means Jeff Carter has time to work with his line some more and get a better understanding and some more chemistry with them. When he gets into better shape, watch out! This can be the start of a streak guys!
    Hey guys do me a favor and check out my blog that I just started, I would love some feedback from you guys! Thanks!! Go Kings Go!

    • Goddamnit, why didn’t you post a link?

      I hate expending effort to type shit on address lines.

      • I just tried to post something over there, but I couldn’t get past some sorta Facebook-Tweet horseshit about a “profile” that I don’t understand.

        If you’re looking for people to post, the site should be 1) simple to use, 2) private, and 3) tolerate dirty words.

        • Just click on his name. I stopped by, but I have no accounts with any of his posting options. Love when guys put forth the extra effort.

  24. Really like the way Bernier is playing. Hes lookin more like quick. When he drops down in butterfly his lateral movement is much looser and he seems to be more athletic and flexible. He used to be much more rigid and if he committed to a spot and went down he was easier to beat down low. The more athletic style he’s playing combined with his sound positioning and fundamentals is looking really good. I dunno if it’s just from watching and emulating Quick or if it’s Ranford’s instruction. Either way the more these guys develope the more I think Ranford is a great goalie coach.

    Based on this game Sutter should give Bernie more minutes. I fear Quick is getting burnt.

    • Can’t remember which game it was as you have to go into ancient archives, which would be sometime this season, but I remember him making an outstanding lateral save (maybe Dallas or St. L, not sure) and thinking the same thing.

      People either say he’s a bonafide star, or really overrated, just look at the stats….. blah blah. No one knows for sure, but I do like his poise and all. If you look at Quick’s career he’s improved every year….. so why would Bernier actually regress unless you have a coach who isn’t clued in and thinks his goalies are horses, literally, not symbolically.

  25. I just watched the Flyers-Sharks game….man I miss Simmonds.He’s still playing hard and fast but what I just watched, he’s playing more under control. He’s a force!

    • I was watching that one too. Then I had this feeling they were going to lose 1-0, so I stopped. Miss Simmers too, and Schenn. Can’t believe they let SJ get those two points though.

    • Marty McSorley who Scribe can’t stand said on a radio interview that the Kings miss Simmonds in a major sort of way because of how he’d sort of stop up the play of the other team during his shifts, even if his line didn’t actually get a chance in the offensive zone. Also said either he’d be hard to replace or they need to replace him, can’t remember exactly.

  26. Hey Kings Fans, I wouldn’t put too much stock in last night’s game…


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