Mrs. Dustin Penner, Jessica Welch, Files For Divorce

Personal problems have a way of affecting your work. That “way” to which I refer varies depending on the person and personality but few thing in life have an impact more than death or divorce. Dustin Penner is going through the latter. She just filed. I don’t yet have a link for this (update: Link here).

I don’t know much about Dustin Penner’s personal life but his marriage to Jessica Welch has been the stuff of secondary internet news (not from the major players) for a while. Jessica Welch was previously married to cut throat Richard Zednik.

Divorce is often preceded by marital problems. Marital problems manifest themselves outside the marriage with a lack of focus, effort and inconsistency. For a light hearted, type B guy like Dustin Penner who probably internalizes his emotions, these problems and now a divorce can take an emotional toll. You don’t hear it in his voice or words. He can be all smiles. You see it through his conduct.

Does this explain Penner’s on ice issues since he came to the L.A. Kings? Perhaps. He is getting paid a lot of money though and your first instinct may be to chastise him for letting his personal life adversely impact his game. I would respond he is a human being before a hockey player and comes with our frailties.

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  1. I can see this being a big part of things. It has been a difficult year for him. I know first hand the types of things that can affect your work. Sometimes you just want to stay in bed all day, not face a demanding coach, ridiculous expectations set earlier in your career, and sarcastic media.

    Let’s all give the guy a little break.

  2. What ever happened to the rumors about him cheating on his wife with some chick here. I thought that was the heart of this. Terry Murray briefly alluded to Penner having personal issues.

  3. Quick struggled with the birth of his first child a couple of seasons ago.

    Shit happens. Athletes are human too. Nobody is going to use this as an excuse, but it helps explain his lack of focus.

  4. But she just made him pancakes a month ago!!

  5. How long before either
    a) She marries another hockey player


    b) Richards or Carter bangs her.

  6. How long should I wait before I ask her out? Normally I would say 4, 5 months, but given Penner’s lack of scoring, it seems like she might want me to ask her out ASAP!

  7. That explains some of his piss poor play but for 4+mil a season that’s still no excuse. He’s basically stealing from the Kings unless he’s disclosed to them that this is going on and that’s the issue. Someone should tell him that some player is banging her. Maybe that’ll motivate hus dumb ass.

  8. I thought about this because it would seem to explain his time here.
    But what about his time in Edmonton? He has been inconsistent since he signed his offer sheet. Yes he scored more goals there but on a team that was offense offense, offense. He was also benched by Mac T while in Edmonton. He came with a huge warning label, he takes games off. I think he’s probably a 20 goal scorer average. I like him at 20 goals just not at 4 mil.
    I feel bad the for the guy his wife is obviously a gold digging cunt.

  9. This makes soooooo much sense…

  10. cut throat Richard Zednik

    So cold Bobby. So cold.

  11. If his relationship problems are affecting his game, then lets just hope that the “anger” phase of the grieving process coincides with the playoffs.

  12. I had a feeling it was something like this. Penner is a beast that can destroy almost anybody in the league but, with the exception of a few flashes this year, he hasn’t been playing that way. I feel bad for the guy and any unlucky player that he decides to release his frustration on. I suggest Teemu Selanne but if he picks another Duck or even the entire Detroit Redwings team, that would do.

    Seriously though, I feel bad for him and wish him the best.

  13. Quite honestly, I thought he played a better than usual game last night in Minnesota. Perhaps he’s telling himself, “I’m finally free of that bitch!” Maybe this will help his game and keep the Kings scoring because they have to win 3/4 of their games from here on out to make the playoffs, assuming 95-96 points is the cutoff between those who make it and those who don’t.

    Go Kings go!


    Dustin Penner is not the first NHL player to get divorced, nor is he the first NHL player whose divorce became TMZ fodder — ask Sheldon Souray about that.
    But the gossip site’s report that his wife Jessica Welch, formerly married to Richard Zednik, filed for divorce in Los Angeles citing “irreconcilable differences” has us questioning our own love … of pancakes.
    Welch is the one who made Penner the “delicious pancakes” that led to the most surreal hockey injury in recent memory. She helped him get dressed after that flapjack-related ailment, so he could go the rink for treatment. It was all one Jason Mraz song away from being a montage in a rom-com.
    But alas, it couldn’t last. You see, marriage is like a pancake: One minute you’re neatly stacked on top of each other and covered in sticky sweetness; the next you’re soggy and falling apart, your home becoming a gelatinous soup of what used to be. (Also, both marriages and pancakes are made exponentially better with the addition of bacon. We believe science has confirmed this.)
    On a serious tip: This always sucks, and our best wishes go out to both of them. And while there’s nothing that formally backs this up: Maybe there was more to Dustin Penner’s slump than hockey-related matters. At least recently, when Darryl Sutter demanded he work his ass off during a series of healthy scratches. More here from Life In Hockeywood.
    The Royal Half has a look at the Penner/Welch wedding, for nostalgia’s sake. (Also from The Royal Half: “Trust me there is no coincidence that Dustin Penner’s wife leaves him the minute Jeff Carter joins the team.”) Luckily for Penner, the Kings have already played their game against the Buffalo Sabres this season, so he won’t have to hear 60 minutes of Pat Kaleta’s best divorce material.

  15. Pancakes get divorced on National Pancake day. Is she just fucking with him at this point?

  16. Given this development, for the good of Penner and the team, he ought to sit things out unless he demands and really wants to play and show he can really do the job.

    I would him a chance to prove himself, but, if he is a mental mess, then, he has to sit it out for awhile.

  17. Huh?????

    Maybe Lombardi should have employed the ol “Mind Fuck” game with Penner.

    Hey Penner! Penner! Penner – Jessica sucks pussy! Hey Penner she’s a dyke! I know, I know! She’s a lesbian, a lesbian, a lesbian!

    If Penner’s wife’s a dyke, does that make him a fag?

    Hey, Darryl! Darryl! What did you say to him?

    – I told him his wife was a dyke. – No!

    – Yeah! – Fuck!

    Jesus Christ. No wonder he flipped his lid.

    Anybody called my old lady a dyke, I’d go fuckin’ bananas.

    His wife is a dyke.

    – Jesus Christ. Poor fuckin’ guy. – Does that make him a fag?

    Fuck him. Penner’s an ape. I knew it would piss the shit out of him.

    She’s a fantastic gal. I mean, fantastic!

    I knew it’d drive him berserk.

    You nailed him, Coach, in the fucking head.

    – Right in his mind. – He deserved it!

    Yeah! Yeah!


    The guy had his mind on the wrong set of stacks…..

    He needed to keep his eye on the trophy wife and what she could bring to the plate….

  19. Bobby good for you for having compassion.. Our beloved Kings and Hockey players all over are human and as such we can relate to them. I feel bad for him.

    • I agree. What Penner’s going through isn’t something we should be joking about. Give the guy a break and let him get through this without laughing at him.

      Let’s hope that he can get through this and move on and find some happiness elsewhere.

      • I too agree….the guy is going thru a rough time and I know when I a mad or upset about something it makes life suck in general….

        Bravo for him to be able to laugh at himself and help the Kings Care Foundation earn over $3000 for his Pancakes with Penner event at IHOP.

        My mom went to that event and said he was the nicest guy ever and she offered to adopt him…and he said she would make a great second mom to have. So I hope he gets through this ok.

  20. Here is the Penner/Welch Wedding Day Video from Montreal last year:

    That wedding was big time money no doubt….

    Easy come and easy go….

    Penner is lucky this is LA, the land of anything goes, because if he were in Toronto, or Edmonton, forget about it. Living in a fishbowl on this stuff really
    messes up the mind…

    Here in LA they just phone Patti Stanger and she will fix it all up…

    • This is the corniest video I’ve ever seen. No self-respecting hockey player would agree to release this video.

  21. I should add that if making pancakes did not work out, then making some
    great burgers could be the best recipe for Penner at this point…

  22. Maybe him, Richards and Carter can go airtight on some 20 year old nitwit with huge fun bags. Team bonding exercise.

    • A professional hockey player should not be worried about pussy. He should move on, and regain the fire. He needs to play better to keep his dollars up for next year.

      Guys like Mike Richards, just him and his dog Arnold, have the right idea. Careers are short. Keep your priorities in order. He will never have the opportunity to make this much money the rest of his life.

      Pull your head out of your ass and find an instinct for self perservation. The guy has looked like dogshit for most of the season. Get it together !!!

  23. Scott Hartnell – marital problems – 14 goals, 30 assists in 81 games

    Scott Hartnell – happy and single – 30 goals, 28 assists in 62 games

    Bitches ruin everything

  24. Wish this phone would auto correct properly ..
    it’s not like I haven’t written KINGS a few million embarrassing ….
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  25. “You can’t make a ho a housewife” – snoop dog

  26. The lack of production. Marital problems. Careers on the verge of collapsing. I really hope to see him get past this season somewhere. I might not want the Kings to resign him, but I’m gonna be pulling for him from this day forward, and if he ever does make it back on top, it will truely be a test of wills, and a victory over Murphey’s law.

    If he ends up pitching softball, It will be a tregedy.

  27. I told you he was a giant, 6’4″, Pussy who was made of pancakes.
    Apparently he can’t even satisfy his woman!

  28. “Bitches be trippin’-” Sheldon Cooper

  29. Hell, maybe she’s really a King’s fan and can’t fucking stand the way he played this year either!
    Or, she decided she wants to be married to a professional hockey player again!


  30. it just shows a woman kills your “game” in more ways than one.


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