Fuck Yeah!!

Thank freaking GOD!

Thank the hockey gods for beating the slime out of Anaheim.

Thank the hockey gods for having a sniper that sniped two sniperrific goals.

Thank the hockey gods three days off didn’t fuck us tonight because we often looked like the team that played last night.

Thank the hockey gods for Jonathan Quick and his ability to bounce back after giving up an awful 2nd goal.

Thank the hockey gods for Surly’s birthday tonight. The beers have arrived. Time to stop writing and start drinking.

Go Mother Fucking Kings!!

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    sweet as…fill in the blank.
    Happy B. Day Surly…nothubg better and vs the mortsl enemy ..Enjoy..Celebrate..ASPRIN
    GO KINGS GO!!”

  2. Also: SJ and Phoenix both lost. Fuck yah!

  3. What a nice birthday present!! Guys looked good tonight. Maybe this is the turn around point for the boys! Go Kings Go!!!!!!

  4. Oh yeah and Happy Birthday Surly! :-)

  5. Fuck yeeeeaaaaah!


    Outplayed but overstimulated.

    This day ends correctly.

    • Outplayed and overstimulated.. sounds like my sex life.

    • Outplayed but overstimulated.

      … I don’t know if the Kings were outplayed – the Kings had a lot of chances which ended in a shot wide or over the net, so they didn’t show up on the final shots on goal total. The Kings had 50 attempted shots last night, same number as the Ducks had. I thought the Kings lost a bit of their poise in the third period, and were caught running around too much, but Quick turned around his game and made a couple of critical saves.

      Apparently, Boudreau didn’t like the officiating. And, you know what? I agree with him, but the Kings have been victimized by bad calls so often this season that my sympathy for him and his team just isn’t there. Sorry, Bruce.

      • The one thing I noticed..in the first period the boys were overstimulated (Surly in the Locker room pre-game? ;)
        …..an over abundance of energy..Stollie..Fraizer..
        The third period ..a bit used up..need to keep a little in the tank so equal enery for 60 minutes..
        GO KINGS GO!!!

      • Felt the same way as far as chances…for the most part the Kings had puck possession but the Ducks had a large advantage of dangerously close shots on goal. Luck is a factor and several saves were just plain luck.

        What I didn;t like was Sutter allowing the 4th line to match against Perry and Getzlaf fairly often and how the Kings opened the game up about the middle of the 3rd…it almost cost them.

        The last seven minutes were very well played by LA.

        • What I didn;t like was Sutter allowing the 4th line to match against Perry and Getzlaf fairly often

          … I didn’t see the fourth out there very often against Getzlaf, maybe 3 shifts tops? Later, I saw Boudreau double-shifting Perry, so I’m sure the fourth line got matched up against him a little more.

      • Also, do you remember the game about two weeks ago (Carolina at Anaheim)? Perry flagrantly tripped someone who had the puck behind the net in OT. When I say flagrant, you won’t see more flagrant. Well PP Caro? Nope. Ducks get the puck and about 10 secs later Perry scored the game winner. I’m sure Boudreau didn’t complain on that occasion. Kirk Muller filed a complaint with the league and the league evidently backed him up on it.

        So it obviously goes both ways, but that said, I get why he was so upset in such a critical game for them.

      • What I like was FAT FUCK Boudreau crying about the officiating. Kings have been fucked by officiating for years so little Brucie Boy go fuck yourselfr and cry to someone that gives a fuck.

  6. possibly the best part of the broadcast was when ducks fans were compared to the likes of lloyd christmas (im carrey) from dumb & dumber, to quote: “so you’re saying there’s a chance!” they’re clutching to their diminishing 2.2% chance of pitifully making the playoffs.

  7. All I gotta say is we are 3-1 since the Carter trade and 3 out of 4 games we scored 4 goals with two shutouts. Oh and DB is a beast. And step it the fuck up kopi. Go kings fucking go!!!!

  8. Good win tonight. This is what I meant when I talked about how getting Carter or Nash, it doesnt matter the rumors about them, it doesnt matter all that other stuff, it doesnt even matter if you have to give up a lot more than you think you should (JJ and a 1st was definitely more than I thought he would cost), because at the end of the day, once you get the guy, you’ve got him. Did the term on Jeff Carter’s contract get in the way of him scoring 2 goals last night?

    The point is three weeks ago, we didn’t have a 40 goal star sniper, and now we do. Everything else is just noise in a way. Sure, we wont have a 1st round pick at the draft. Sure, JJ is gone. Sure, something could go wrong. But at the end of the day, we now have a prototypical 40 goal sniper, in his prime, on a good cap hit, and we didnt 3 weeks ago. Even in the games he hasnt scored, Ive been very happy with his impact. His size, speed, reach, and what appears to be underrated understanding of the game and defensive fundamentals, just make him dominant. The Kings cover so much more ice with him out there. He closes people down in the neutral zone, blocks passing lanes, etc, all without breaking a sweat.

    Having said all that, and you guys know Ive been a huge proponent of Carter, so I like him as much as anyone here, but he’s not enough. I know some Kings fans were worried when they heard Lombardi was shopping Dustin Brown, and I became worried too once I heard that he wanted a defenseman and a prospect back (wtf?), but before that I was actually happy about it, because it meant Dean understood that the Kings still needed to add more. Same thing with Jonathan Bernier. Darren Dreger and TSN made it sound like the Kings were just getting started, like they were going to really go all out. Dustin Brown for two top 6 forwards, Jonathan Bernier for another, that’s 3 added, plus Carter is 4, minus Brown is 3, so a net gain of 3 top 6 forwards…

    Thats what I was hoping for. Something like that. It seemed like Dean was going to really go all out. Carter was a great start, he filled one of the top 6 holes, but what about the other one, not to mention all the holes in the bottom 6?

    Then Dean did nothing… unbelievably.

    That’s my concern. I mean this is still the 30th ranked offense, plus lazy party boy Jeff Carter. How is that enough to go anywhere in the playoffs? Even the 30th ranked offense plus awesome 40 goal scorer Jeff Carter at his best, it’s still just adding one guy to the 30th ranked offense. I’m not convinced Wayne Gretzky could come in and turn a 30th ranked offense into a top 5.

    Why didnt Dean do anything else? Do the Kings have anyone on their AHL squad who can come in and be a good top 9 forward? If not Brad Marchand, maybe a Matt Read? I think Read was signed out of the AHL. Maybe the Kings could sign one of the AHL’s top scorers? If they pick the right one whose talent actually transfers to the NHL…

    What about Oscar Moller or Bud Holloway? Can they be brought back from Europe? Did I read somewhere that the euro seasons end before the NHL’s? Maybe their seasons are over and they can come back? Moller is probably a pretty decent top 9 forward by now after some more seasoning.

    I just dont want to go into the playoffs with Dwight King, Colin Fraser (he’s so bad guys, Im not sure everyone realizes, but hes fucking terrible. One of the worst players in the NHL. Ethan Moreau and Trent Hunter are both better), and Trevor Lewis on the NHL roster (and King and Lewis in the top 9 a lot). I mean that’s ridiculous. Even Kyle Clifford. Clifford doesnt have very good hands, he’s not the best puck possession guy. He’s suitable when he plays with guys who can hold onto the puck more, like Simmonds, where he can play off of them with his speed. But having him with Lewis or whatever, then he just becomes a spare part that doesnt fit.

    Jordan Nolan I like. He has talent. Im not sure how many rookies you want to rely on during the playoffs for big contributions, but talent wise I like Nolan, and there seems to be no choice.

    I guess Brad Richardson, Jordan Nolan, Kyle Clifford, maybe even Trevor Lewis, are acceptable if not ideal bottom 6 forwards. But King and Fraser especially, they cant be on a playoff roster. Fraser, you see less and less of these guys in the NHL now that Im going to explain about in a second, because GMs and coaches are smartening up. But Fraser is one of the few remaining in the NHL. And what that is is a line killer. It’s someone who is so inept offensively, it’s like you’re always playing 4 against 5 on offense, because he’s just an offense killer. He’s not fast enough to support the puck, his hands are too bad to keep it long enough when you pass it to him for you to get open again so he can give it back. He’s a line killer. He’s not just bad himself, but whatever two forwards you put with him, you waste their talent, too. He sucks. He can’t be on the playoff roster.

    Right now when I look at the Kings roster, I see three big problem areas at forward. Some on defense, too.

    Dustin Brown – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams
    Dwight King – Mike Richards – Jeff Carter
    Dustin Penner – Jarret Stoll – Trevor Lewis
    Brad Richardson – Colin Fraser – Jordan Nolan

    Doughty – Scuderi
    Voynov – Mitchell
    Alec MartinezMatt Greene

    On offense, Dwight King is not a top 6 forward. Im not sure he’s a top 9 forward. Is he really a better player than Shawn Thornton, Gregory Campbell, or Daniel Paille? I think he’s a 4th liner on a good team, if that.

    Dwight King needs to be replaced with a real top 6 forward (Simon Gagne, pretty please).

    On the 3rd line, Trevor Lewis has not produced enough for me. You could move Jordan Nolan up because he’s more talented offensively, I think, but then your two wingers on the checking line are Dustin Penner and a rookie AHL callup in Jordan Nolan. I dont know about Nolan, but Penner gets eaten alive defensively. Still, that’s an option.

    Colin Fraser I already talked about. He kills the 4th line. Brad Richardson and whoever the other winger would be, Kyle Clifford, whoever, are people who can chip in offensively. These are actually pretty good fourth liners if that’s where they are slotted. You dont want to completely waste both of their offensive impacts. Colin Fraser absolutely without a doubt has to go. You know it’s sad too, because Gilbert Brule has been really good for Phoenix as a top 9 top 6 type guy who is playing smart with his skill. Wish Dean had just taken him instead of Fraser.

    On defense, Alec Martinez is okay, but Im not sure if he has enough muscle for the playoffs. I think he would be okay sort of like Jordan Hendry was for Chicago when they won the Cup two years ago, except Hendry had the very capable Sopel (who brought size and skating ability) covering for him, and Martinez has Greene, who might be even worse than Martinez.

    Yeah, Greene is a bit like the defensive version of Colin Fraser. I mean he’s better than Fraser, no one is as bad as Fraser, but the NHL game has passed Matt Greene by. If he wanted to stay in the NHL, he should have worked harder last offseason at his skating. It looks worse now, not better. He’s a pylon. He will be exposed in the playoffs. He’s so bad that his margin for error is 0. He will have to play absolutely perfectly positionally and not turn any pucks over (which he’s terrible at), because he has no skating ability to recover.

    These are big issues, which is why I was baffled that Dean Lombardi did not address any of them. Does he maybe know something I dont? Does he have a guy in the AHL? What do you guys think?

    • Really I can’t agree with several of your points. Fraser, no argument, a line killer. Now add Penner to that list. Replacing King with Gagne…good and bad.

      Good, Gagne is a scorer, bad, he is small and fragile. King’s size has been key to the success Richards and Carter currently enjoy. Big bodied King is able to kick pucks free along the back boards and crashes the net.

      After Fraser, Penner is the next most expendable. The perfect solution to make space to carry both Gagne and King.

      As for Martinez and Greene, just who are you going to find and what are you willing to trade? Martinez is still young, is very good and getting better. Players like Martinez need to be allowed time to develop.

      As for the defense, adding Carter (and losing Johnson) changes the defensive alignments and schemes. This can clearly be seen by the increased number of out numbered rushes and opponents slipping behind our D lately. Until problems manifest themselves is difficult to intelligently consider further changes and dumping “defensive pylons” when your already one of the top (3rd best) defensive teams.

  9. Looking at the parts we have right now, this is what I would do to try and make the best of it.

    Dustin Penner – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams
    Kyle Clifford – Mike Richards – Jeff Carter
    Jordan Nolan/Brad Richardson – Jarret Stoll – Dustin Brown
    Dwight King – Anyone besides Colin Fraser – Richardson/Nolan

    The logic:

    • The King’s current third line with Penner, Stoll, and Lewis is just too many random, different parts that don’t function well together. Penner is a struggling power forward with little physicality and defensive acumen. Stoll is a two-way guy who plays well defensively, and can chip in offensively if he has skilled linemates who also work hard (which Penner doesn’t). Trevor Lewis is a defensive winger who doesn’t fit the bill of skilled linemate. In my opinion, this 3rd line does not get the most out of Penner or Stoll, so it’s a bad line. Before the seasons is said and done, the Kings will need Penner and Stoll’s production, especially Penner’s. You need to put him in a position to produce and ride out the cold streaks until he gets his grove.

    • Whether it’s Kyle Clifford, Jordan Nolan, or Brad Richardson, I think one of those three has to be on the 2nd line. These are guys who have enough offensive skill that they can compliment more skilled players, and you can even squeeze some good production out of them that way, but if you dont put them with good linemates, you’re wasting that. With Carter in the fold now, the Kings have a good opportunity because they have two A-list 2nd liners with Mike Richards and Jeff Carter who are so good, they can probably produce even if they dont have Gretzky on their wing. This is the perfect place to put a complimentary guy with some skill. Clifford brings a hard forecheck, size, and speed to that line that isn’t the most physical. He can bring the grit to the two skill guys. I get that’s sort of the idea with Dwight King, but King doesnt have much skill or speed to compliment Richards and Carter. Clifford is basically the better version of King, so why not him? Same idea, it will just work much better. And Nolan or Richardson would be similar ideas. Nolan is the most skilled of the group, without the snarl of Clifford. Richardson has some speed and skill. Having the Richards and Carter combination on the second line is a great opportunity to bring along a 3rd guy and raise his production, that’s just being wasted right now because King isn’t quite good enough. Clifford has had a down year, I think he would blow up in that opportunity.

    • As for the 3rd line, this is my stroke of genius! Doing what I did with Penner going to the 1st line (which would probably help Penner the most), and Clifford to the 2nd (which helps him and the 2nd line more than the current setup), allows me to do what I did with the 3rd line, which is what’s awesome. One of the Kings biggest problems all year, why they havent been able to score, is that they’ve been a two line team. But by dropping Dustin Brown down to the 3rd line, not only does he have everything you would want in a checker (unlike Penner who he replaces), but he brings scoring ability, and unlike Penner, he plays the same way Stoll does, and the two should work well together. Adding a skill guy like Jordan Nolan to the wing, and now you have three guys on the line with the ability to create offense. Now you have three scoring lines instead of two. In fact, your third line isnt only better offensively, its better defensively, too, so you didnt cost yourself in any regard.

    • The other thing you can do is take it a step further. I moved Penner up to the 1st line to help him, and help the 3rd line some. But if you want to truly make the 3rd line kick ass, you move Jordan Nolan up to the top line, too. So it’s Penner – Kopitar – Nolan, and you just put the ball in Kopitar’s court. You tell him, you’re the star now, this is your line, you take the game over, make them better. Nolan has the skill and the jump, the youthful legs, he’s the type of guy who can play up to his line mate’s ability level. Penner is the wild card, but if he can get anything going, maybe get the cycle going with Kopitar, they’re both so big… maybe you can still get something good out of the top line despite stripping it down. But the real plus is what this allows you to do to the 3rd line. Dustin Brown – Jarret Stoll – Justin Williams, matching up against other 3rd lines, is going to kick ass. If you can roll one line with Kopitar doing good work (with Penner and Nolan complimenting him), a 2nd line with Richards and Carter, and then a 3rd with Brown, Stoll, and Williams, I think maybe you create more offense that way than the Kings do now. I think it’s a matchup nightmare.

    So that’s what I would try to do. Something like that. I would try spread the depth a bit and create a 3rd line with more pieces that fit each other, and more scoring pop. And, related, I would try to get more out of guys like Penner, Nolan, Clifford, Richardson (or as many as I could), by putting them with better linemates.

    And I would get rid of Colin Fraser. He’s so fucking bad

    As for the defense, I really don’t know what you do. What happens if the Kings get an injury on defense? They are essentially going into the playoffs with 5 NHL defenseman, and their would-be #7 guy in Martinez is already on the roster. I wish the Kings had two more NHL defensemen who were better than Greene and Martinez, and then another two waiting in the wings in case of injury. Im not sure what the Kings will do if they get an injury on defense. Even as things are, they have one of the worst third pairings in the NHL. That 3rd pairing is going to cause the Kings fits. Matt Greene is also going to hurt the offense badly from the back end. I just hope Lombardi has a better plan. But i think if he did we would have seen it in a Kings uniform before today. What he really should have done was gotten Clitsome. I cant believe Columbus waived him. If they waived him, does that mean they would have traded him to whoever wanted him if they just offered a 7th round pick? Better than getting nothing for him. Lombardi should have been more on his tows and traded for Clitsome.

    • Don’t fix what ain’t broken. We’re averaging 3.25 GF and 1.0 GA. If things stop clicking then make some line adjustments.

    • And I would get rid of Colin Fraser. He’s so fucking bad

      … Yes, I agree 100%. How he is starting over Richardson is a mystery, and a damned injustice.

      I’d have to agree with the other comments here and not advise major lineup changes at this point. I liked the play of the top three lines, and I liked the way Sutter shuffled things around at certain points of the game. I thought that the Ducks’ first goal was a total fluke, and their second goal was a softie. Anaheim was fortunate to be within one last night until the empty net goal.

      • Right about the goals but I felt Anaheim had far more dangerous and in close shots. A certain number of saves in every game are a matter of luck…I felt on at least three occasions the fates were very kind to LA last night.

      • I think he is starting over Richardson because, Richardson is that bad!

  10. When I typed “tows” I actually started with “toews.” Then I was like, no, that’s not right. “Teows?” Haha, no, that’s ridiculous! That’s not right either. Even spellcheck says it’s wrong. Right, right, it’s tows. Seems a bit off to me but it’s tows. Yup, no red line underneath, that’s what I thought. Tows.


    • We are finally scoring goals and playing well in our last few games and you want to make big changes to the lineup? I don’t think so.

      • I didnt realize one or two good games meant the Kings have no problems. Im talking long term. No argument that Penner has been terrible, that he’s a waste of space. Right now. Ideally the Kings would have better options, but Dean only added one player to the 30th ranked offense at the deadline, unfortunately, so they dont. A deeper team wouldnt have to go to the trouble to try to squeeze production out of Penner, they could afford to just waive him, but not the Kings. If you can get Penner going, its a huge plus.

        USH#17, same thing with Gagne. Im not Gagne’s biggest fan on this blog, but when he’s healthy, he’s still much more of a top 6 forward than Dwight King. To say Richards and Carter need Dwight King on their line to play well is ridiculous. They didnt have Dwight King or anyone like him in Philadelphia. They played with guys like Giroux, Briere, and Gagne.

        Would I like someone healthier and better than Gagne? Yes. But Gagne seems like the best option down the road to fill out of the top 6 or top 9.

        As for Martinez and Greene, I think they’re a weak spot for the Kings. At least Martinez can skate, but Greene, for all his effort and physicality, I just think he’s a vulnerability on the kings defense. I think he is easily exploited.

        Anyway, Im talking down the road, not necessarily changing the roster right after a win. Maybe that’s where the confusion is. Im saying down the road, in the playoffs, Dwight King probably isnt a suitable top 6 forward on any true Cup contender, the Kings bottom defense pairing is a problem, having only two scoring lines is a problem, having Penner not producing is a problem, Colin Fraser is a problem… does Dean have any way of fixing these problems?

  11. happy birthday! GKG!

  12. Happy Birthday Surly, I am glad your power of wishing was enough to put us over the top.

    • And now I try to turn on italics and then turn them off again. Cover me, I’m going in…

      • We now have our own Comedy Duo..
        Take that you other boring blogs. :0
        GO KINGS GO!!!

      • Hey Man, so you figured it out. PLEASE, can you help me….. in a very clear and easy to understand way? As you know, I’ve got the part where you turn them on, but not how to turn them off again.


        • my mistake was using “greater than” “i” “less than” text to be italicized “greater than” “i” “less than”… It should be “greater than” “i” “less than” text to be italicized “greater than” “FORWARD SLASH” “i” “less than”…I forgot the forward slash. After reboot, I tried it again and it worked with the forward slash in there, without getting stuck.
          = less than

          • I’m too tired to try it right now. But I thought I Did use the forward slash yesterday and still got stuck. Maybe I need to try it again. The Only question then that I have is where you say ‘after the reboot I tried it again’. So in other words, once the prior approach was not having an affect, then it was good ???? God I hope that makes sense.

            In any case your breakdown is really good. I did a screen shot of it and saved it so I think it will all be good.
            Thanks again.

          • This is italics.

            without the spaces.


            without the spaces.

          • lol it did italics even though I put spaces there. Ok, Ill use X’s instead of spaces.

            without the x’s.

            or without the x’s.

  13. 17 goals in 4 games? what is happening?

  14. Did my math wrong 13 goals in last 4 games hahah

  15. Best part of the Carter sniper goal was that I don’t think any goalie in this league could stop that quick release and shot into that tiny space the goalie did not have covered. That shot could only be stopped by a sumo wrestler 6 feet wide, 300 pounds, or a giant gorilla in net. Carter, exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Quick stops 99% of the time a goal like Devante, as he must have blinked his eye for a second and just narrowly missed the tweeners. Glad the fans did not boo that.

    Anze: He is still a problem issue, as a big game and nothing going his way until the gift open net goal.

    Clifford: Not one of his better games in missing passes to and from, and out of position and beaten into possession battles.

    Johnson: The team is not missing Jack as the defense is still solid although last night they broke down a few times, running around, scrambling to save close ones.

    Penner: Suffering from too much LA good life, eating excessive marshmallows and cottoncandy. I was hoping he would come out of the box and be pissed over being wife dumped and want to take off heads. Has he gone to a divorce/sport shrink yet because if not he needs one ASAP.

    Doughty: Glad to see that he had good desire to penetrate and puck handle into the O zone and go deep at times to create some good actions. Please do more of that.

    Nolan and King: Young, learning, coachable, excited, and energetic, with some nice hits a la Brown style at times.

    Green: Kudos for class hip side board check on some Quack with feathers spewed all over the ice.

    Slava: Visible and doing yeoman job so far and a keeper so far, but much more testing to come.

    Other than the above, why was I sweating bricks that somehow I sensed disaster was
    lurking in the last 10 minutes of the game? I got to regain my confidence level after living through this season valleys.

    Road Trip: We need 6 points out of possible 8, but I suppose I could live with 5, but not 4 points.

  16. Is it me, or with each passing day Penner looks worse out there? Can’t or won’t make any offensive plays. A defensive liability. Has no life in his game.

    Needs to sit on the bench. At the end of the season needs to clean out his locker immediately and make a beeline for the door. Good riddance you no good piece of dogshit. This team is more important than the pussy you just lost. Go cry in your beer asshole.

  17. Just in case one or two people here may be interested in what LA Times Dynasty Queen Helene has to say about the game:

    Jeff Carter has been a member of the Kings for a short time but it didn’t take him long to conclude that their position in the NHL standings doesn’t reflect their talent.

    “I think the team that we have here probably should be in a playoff spot. It’s a heck of a team,” said the 27-year-old forward, who was acquired from the Columbus Blue Jackets on Feb. 23 for defenseman Jack Johnson and a conditional first-round draft pick.

    “Start from the goalie on out and then you work your way up. I think if we can get on a little roll here we should be all right.”

    Carter pushed them in the right direction Saturday by scoring his first two goals as a King in the team’s 4-2 victory over the Ducks at Staples Center. The Kings remained in ninth place in the West but moved within a point of eighth-place Dallas. The Ducks, who might have waited too long to make another of their annual late surges, stayed seven points behind Dallas.

    For the Kings, projected before this season to contend for the Pacific Division and Western Conference lead, scrambling for a playoff spot is a letdown. They’ve gotten little production from their left wings, and centers Anze Kopitar and Mike Richards have gone through extended slumps. Too many forwards have been played out of position in failed efforts to patch holes.

    If not for the stellar play of goaltender Jonathan Quick, where the Kings would be? Probably near the bottom of the West

    with Columbus, the team Carter was happy to leave after being traded there from Philadelphia last summer.

    But how the Kings got to this point matters less now than where they go from here, and they’re counting on Carter to help them make up ground.

    Carter, who can play center or wing, had no points in his first three games while playing the right side with former Flyers teammate Richards at center and rookie Dwight King on the left. He turned that around Saturday, scoring on a rebound during a power play to give the Kings a 2-1 lead at 2:39 of the second period. He extended that lead to 3-1 at 13:53 of the second period with a shot from the inside edge of the left circle.

    Dustin Brown scored the Kings’ first goal, on a power-play rebound, and Kopitar scored into an empty net with 14.5 seconds left. Sheldon Brookbank, at 15:42 of the first period, and Devante Smith-Pelly, on a long blast at 14:06 of the second period, scored the Ducks’ goals.

    Carter, set up twice by Richards and King, said before Saturday’s game he wasn’t worried that he hadn’t immediately gotten onto the score sheet.

    “I’ve got to be patient,” he said. “Obviously I’d love to have gotten one on my first shift of my first game, but I think with getting some chances it’s only a matter of time before they start going in.”

    Coach Darryl Sutter had no quibbles with Carter’s early efforts.

    “He’s been really good. He’s had more quality scoring chances since he came here than anybody on our team,” Sutter said.

    Those chances turned into goals Saturday. But even when he doesn’t score his offensive potential affects opponents’ strategy.

    A team that uses its checking line against the King-Richards-Carter trio could get burned by the Brown-Kopitar-Justin Williams line. The option to use Carter, a right-handed shooter, at center also gives the Kings much-needed depth up the middle.

    King said he learns from Carter every shift.

    “He’s a world-class player. He’s got good composure on the puck and a good release on his shot,” King said. “And he’s really fast for a big guy. He’s got outside speed and he utilizes it very well.”

    Carter has begun to settle into his new surroundings and is splitting time between a hotel and Richards’ home. He’s also adjusting to Sutter’s defense-first philosophy.

    “He demands the best out of his players every time they step on the ice,” Carter said. “The one thing I like about him is he’ll talk to you. He’ll come and tell you if there’s something you need to do differently. If there’s something you’re doing good, he’s going to tell you that too. It’s been good. I like it.”

    And they like what he’s doing to get them toward the playoffs.


  18. Great fucking game


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