I Agree With Bruce Boudreau’s Rant…Kind Of.

Bruce didn’t care for last night’s officiating by Dan O’Rourke and Ian Walsh.

“Some of the worst calls I’ve seen in a friggin’ long time. A game of this importance, we can’t have officiating making calls like that. I mean, there’s three penalties that weren’t penalties.”

“Granted, they scored and probably sour grapes because they scored, but those things can’t happen. It’s too important. There’s too much at stake for everyone not coming to do their jobs.”

“Everybody makes mistakes. But if we’re busting our ass all night long and playing our fifth game in seven nights. I mean, we need it better. I mean, from them…I don’t know what their schedule is, if it’s four nights in a row or what have you. But we can’t have that. Just bad calls. I haven’t paid too much attention to whether they deserved their calls…”

“What it does is it gets everybody frustrated on the bench and then they lose their focus, start yelling at the referees. The referees start yelling back, and so the focus on the game is gone and it’s a big part of it.”

Bruce Boudreau referred to the first period call on Luca Sbisa and the second period calls on Niklas Hagman (tripping) and Nick Bonino (interference).

First, I am disappointed Boudreau didn’t use the word “fuck”. After HBO’s 24/7 and his profanity laced reputation, I expect at least one fuck. “Friggin”? Fuck off. Minimal point for use of the word “ass”, which of course the Orange County Register changed to “(rearend)” although it is supposed to be “rear-end”.

Second, the Anaheim Ducks held and interfered their way through parts of the first and most of the third period. I am pretty sure Jeff Carter was tackled near center ice in the third.

Finally, when Boudreau allows his team to get frustrated, yell at the referee and lose its focus, he is the idiot not doing his job. I am not saying just stand there and look frozen in time, but there is a fine line between stoic and stick tossing. What Bruce Boudreau should have done is take a page out of Tom Webster’s coaching dictionary and pick a fight with an L.A. Kings player…like Kyle Clifford. Oh, the fun that would have ensured.

You may wonder with what part of Bruce’s statements I actually agree. He also said this.

“Our special teams were horrible. I mean we can’t kill a penalty and we can’t score a goal on the powerplay.”

So fucking stipulated.


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  1. What the Fuck!! You could not be any more Fucking right!!

    Bruce should have said-

    1) The Kings played better then us.
    2) We did not score on our power play.
    3) The Kings scored twice on their power play.

    End of Fucking story!!!!!

    P.S. LOVE the new look of the site guys, easier to nav and read. Good Job S & S

  2. Take a page out of Webster’s book… and throw a stick. God I miss that shit sometimes

    • … Webster had the maturity of an eight-year-old sometimes, but the man knew the game and could coach. The 1990-91 team he coached was probably the best overall team in Kings’ history.

    • Pretty good javelin throw. The single only good thing about Kerry Frazier is his hair

  3. I saw some BS calls go their way.

  4. Mr Boudreau, that was some of the worst coaching I’ve seen in a friggin’ long time. A game of this importance, you can’t have coaching like that. I mean, you can’t lose your composure like that.

    I do agree with Bruce on the officiating. Terrible. There were at least three more tripping/slashing penalties that should have been called on the Ducks.

    At the beginning of the night Bruce said his team could only lose two more games this year…. Only one to go. I’m just happy the Ducks hired Bruce

  5. To me, throwing things on the ice is generally okay and a good way for the fans to have fun and get some extra value for the high ticket prices now days….

    (Tigers thrown)


    (coach clothing)

    (moose leg)

    (stuff animals)

    (rabid hockey fan wants to commit suicide)


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