The Dutch Perspective: Don’t Take Me For a Sutting Idiot, OK?

… So apparently, I missed the whole situation with the Kopitar line being benched for the last six minutes of the second period – just after the goal by the Ducks’ Devante Smith-Pelly. Darryl Sutter said:

We played the guys that were mentally tough, because they all weren’t. They’re still learning that. There were guys that didn’t play during stretches there, pretty significant players that didn’t get to play much at certain points of the game last night. You try to get a read, as a coach, who is that and who isn’t.

… Excuse me, what??? Kopitar not mentally tough, my ASS. What a crock. That line got thrown under the bus because Quick gave up a softie.  And, that’s a load of shit.

Then, Sutter goes on to say this about Colin Fraser:

It’s probably a combination of both. They get tagged as fourth lines, but a lot of times it’s about how guys above them are playing, and what the score is in the game and if they’re momentum-changer type of guys or if there’s a matchup, individually, maybe. Our fourth line has a centerman who has won championships, at this level and at the World Junior level, and he’s probably significantly ahead, in terms of the way he thinks the game and the way he recognizes what’s going on in the game, than some of our players who get significant attention. So it doesn’t really bother me to play him in those situations.

… Is this guy a fucking retard? FRASER is ahead in the way he thinks the game? That’s unbelievable; I’m stunned that Sutter can watch that game and say that Colin Fraser, the worst forward in his lineup last night, is ahead of anyone else on the team in anything except getting his ass handed to him in fights.

I mean, yeah – Fraser technically won a title at the NHL level, I suppose. But he hardly played in the postseason that year. All of 25 minutes, to be exact. Fraser was a healthy scratch for 19 of the 22 games the Blackhawks played in those playoffs. And, the year before that, there were the oh-so-memorable 23 minutes he logged, as he was a healthy scratch in 15 of the 17 games that playoff year. Yeah, he’s Mr. Fucking Stanley Cup, isn’t he. I’m not as dumb as you look, Darryl.

If you want a guy who REALLY was a critical piece of a Stanley Cup winning season, look no further than the guy you benched, Justin Williams. Remember him? Wouldn’t you think he would possess a little mental toughness? Or does that sort of toughness come more from guys who ride the pine when the chips are down?

Somehow, I’m not very surprised to find that Darryl Sutter has never won a Cup in his NHL career, either as a player or coach. Mind-boggling, irrational, and plainly idiotic decisions like this definitely won’t get him any closer to that goal.

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  1. Wow J.T. I found a lot that I agree with there. I’m sure I am as shocked as you.

  2. JT comes out swinging and down…goes…Fraser.

  3. Fraser is clearly not a great player. While I don’t necessarily agree with Sutter benching the first line, I have no problem with his singing the praises of Fraser. As long as we are stuck with him, let’s do the best to instill confidence and motivate him. The guy does give 100%, which is important.

    I also agree that Sutter is not the smartest coach. He often makes illogical statements and does not appear to be very intelligent. I do feel, however, that he has done a good job of bringing the team together after Murray’s ice cold and borish demeanor drained the spirit from the team. IMO, Sutter is not a coach who should be analyzed word for word. It makes him look bad and diminishes the real value he brings as a coach.

  4. At this point if mind games is what will yield results then by all means carry on…. on that second goal, team was caught flat footed… there needs to be pressure at all times, two way hockey….. Go Sutter…..

    • The second goal was this side of an abortion. That was a routine save JQ should make in his sleep. Quick used to have two glaring weaknesses, handling the puck and picking up the longer shots. Last night against Anaheim, we saw a little bit of both creep back. He bounced back nicely though so let’s hope it was a passing virus.

  5. Gotta agree completely with JT. Since I’m always right that means he’s also right in this case.

    Fraser got completely dominated several times in that game. Your centerman needs to be strong, talented, and have some kind of advantage over the opponent. He isn’t fast, he isn’t terribly smart, he isn’t savvy with the puck, he isn’t crafty with his stick, he isn’t good at beating anyone one on one, he isn’t strong, he isn’t big, and he loses a lot of one on one board battles. He is basically Clifford with less skill but a bit more composure with the puck.

    He sucks at fighting yet keeps on picking up the middleweight fights. It doesn’t help your team in any way to lose fight after fight or turn them into a hugfest draw. Let Cliffy or Nolan go at it so we can see an actual punch being thrown or an actual win on the scorecard.

  6. I’m gonna give Sutter the benefit of the doubt here. He noticed something or didn’t feel that something was quite right with that line. I can’t remember if they came out in the 3rd and was a dominant line or not but those guys aren’t stupid and they notice that they’re not getting rolled with the other lines so they know the coach ain’t happy with them.

    I think the coach is expecting and wanting a Lot from that line. I think he expects that line to elevate it’s awareness in all aspects of their game. I personally don’t remember that line slacking but if Sutter is using it to get into their heads that they’ve got to play that elevated game to get to the next level then I can appreciate that. Kopi Williams and Brown to the next level? That could get scary.

  7. A bit over the top on the Sutter-hate, I think. There’s no way for us as fans to know exactly what made Sutter sit those guys and to assume it was all because of the second goal seems presumptuous (but boy-howdy was it a bad one for Quick).

    As far as Fraser…spot on man!

    • There’s no way for us as fans to know exactly what made Sutter sit those guys and to assume it was all because of the second goal seems presumptuous (but boy-howdy was it a bad one for Quick).

      … OK, well if it wasn’t that, what was it? Kopitar wasn’t even on the ice for the other Anaheim goal, and that goal was a fluky one anyway, if you ask me. If anyone could be blamed there, it would be Stoll for losing the faceoff in his own zone (to Selanne, of all people) and Greene for inadvertently screening Quick on the play.

      Anze WAS out there for Carter’s first PP goal, although he didn’t get a point; Richards and King got assists on that one.

      Also, Kopitar made a nice play five minutes into the game while the Kings were shorthanded, intercepting a pass in his own zone and springing Brown in alone on Hiller. Brown didn’t score, but it was still a great chance. Shit happens.

      You got me, here. I thought Kopitar had an alright game. It wasn’t great or anything, but it was fine. Brown got another goal; he’s been on fire lately, playing his ass off. Williams has been alright – no complaints there for me, either.

      The line’s been getting it done. I don’t see the point in benching them or calling them out in the media, nor do I think it was warranted (obviously); and that little remark about Fraser being mentally tougher or more advanced thinking the game just set me off. That’s just dead damn wrong.

      • I watched the whole game with a focus on Fraser, and it almost didn’t matter what he tried to do, he was basically ineffectual at it. I am not sure how his line ended up against Getzlaf’s so often, either. No matter what reason, it was exactly what the Ducks would have wanted and created momentum for them. Doesn’t matter if Fraser was slow to change, or whether Sutter didn’t recognize the matchup and counter it effectively, or whether Sutter actually wanted that matchup; Fraser was behind all night, got his ass kicked early in a fight, and if Sutter actually intends to justify upping Fraser’s ice time at the expense of Anze Frickin’ Kopitar’s ice time, well he’s gonna sound stupid no matter how “folksy” he words it.

        • … I agree, obviously. I’ve been calling for Fraser to be scratched, sent down, waived, etc., in various ways all season long. I don’t think he does anything well anymore at the NHL level.

          Don’t get me wrong. Fraser works hard, and I do respect that he goes out there willing to scrap with guys. I never said he won’t give 100% – he’ll certainly do that; he’s gonna be game. But, I don’t think he has enough to offer at this level as a player. He should be the 13th or 14th forward on the team if he’s on the team at all.

        • I think you guys are missing the point here. It’s not about Fraser it’s about Kopitar. We all know Fraser isn’t all that good but I think what Sutter was saying in rolling Fraser’s line is that he wants Kopi’s game elevated. He’s supposed to be the “star” player on the team but he’s not playing like The Star player. Every team has one…Ovechkin, Toews/Kane, Malkin, Kessel, Thornton, etc.

          If the Kings are to make it to the cup finals the top guys need to be The Top Guys. One can argue that the other team’s best defense is on their line but that don’t mean shit. Every coach is going to match the top line with the shutdown line. If the Kings meet the Bruins for the cup playoffs the Bruins coach is going to play Chara against our top line otherwise it’s a big mistake.

          Kopi’s been here for how long? Has he elevated his game to be cup contender?

          • Kopi’s been here for how long? Has he elevated his game to be cup contender?
            The answer is yes; Kopi has done nothing but improve various aspects of his game every season, and throughout each season. The guy does everything, even including laying a check on George Parros in the first period that knocked Parros down. Of course, hitting isn’t Kopi’s specialty, but he is improving at it. Kopi has tendencies that could be better, but his work ethic is, for me, above question.
            But this isn’t about whether Kopi’s game is elevated, it’s about whether his being benched in that game at that time was deserved, and it’s also about giving that time to Fraser of all people.
            Sure, Sutter wants more from Kopi, and he is in a bit of a funk, but of all the players on this team, Kopi is probably the absolutely last one I would think deserves to be benched and then criticized in public.

          • I hear what you’re saying but in terms of the “star” player of the team is it really Kopitar? I don’t think it is. I think Sutter is pushing him or trying to push him into that next realm, level whatever you wanna call it. Kopi has got to be taking over games at some point. Not the entire game but in some of the biggest moments Kopitar’s gotta make a big impact at the most crucial time. He seemed to be doing it earlier in the season but has backed off imo. It might have been after those crushing hits he sustained.

            If you’re on the best line and the coach rolls over your line with the 4th line, you aren’t gonna be a little pissed off about that? Here you are knowing your line’s about up and you see the center waiving to you on the ice and then Sutter taps you on the shoulder and then calls out Fraser’s line. That would speak volumes to me.

      • Trust me, I feel ya. From the view on my couch Kopi played a very good game and I don’t really know why he would be benched. I thought perhaps, and I haven’t looked at a replay, that he was a bit slow in getting back on that second goal so maybe that’s what Sutter saw? Either way my larger point was that there must have been some aspect of the game that Sutter didn’t like from those three and he was looking to send a message. As far as Fraser? Yeah, I could see how hearing praise for his hockey IQ next to criticism of Kopi would drive anyone crazy!

  8. Great post.

    On one hand, I agree with Sutter that the first line was not playing especially well last night. Williams in particular struggled with his reads and puck control.

    On the other hand, everything else he said was complete bullshit. The way Sutter “motivates” reminds me of that parent that scolds the good kid and lets the bad kid get away with everything because it’s easier to look like a hardass that way. The obsession that Sutter and DL have (and Murray had) with “know how to win” veterans that actually contribute ZERO to winning (Moreau, Hunter, Frasier, et al.) is so irritating. There are shitloads of data that tell us they cost the team wins. Oh yeah, and our fucking eyes also tell us this. And yet it takes these guys 20 times longer to realize this than the rest of us sitting at home screaming at our televisions game in and game out. How is this possible?

    Finally, when did Kopitar become the punching bag for critics? He’s having a down season by his standards, but holy shit – guess what? – so is the whole fucking team! So yeah, let’s jump on the franchise guy who is still producing .19 points/g (or +29%) more than anyone else on the squad (see JT’s chart again), who never complains, who is a model citizen on and off the ice and has battled through all kinds of freaky ass injuries the last year. That sounds like a great Sutting idea.

    /end rant

    • Finally, when did Kopitar become the punching bag for critics? He’s having a down season by his standards, but holy shit – guess what? – so is the whole fucking team! So yeah, let’s jump on the franchise guy who is still producing .19 points/g (or +29%) more than anyone else on the squad (see JT’s chart again), who never complains, who is a model citizen on and off the ice and has battled through all kinds of freaky ass injuries the last year.

      … Excellent. I couldn’t have said it any better.

  9. Agree 100% with this Dutch. Fraser winning a championship from the box?
    All this will do is piss these guys off and maybe split the room. How can you even think about benching Brown?? Its not like he hasnt been scoring lately.

    This is the guy who did the Phaneuf deal. 3-2 league, blow me.

  10. Maybe he’s benching them more for Kopis and Browns game than williams. That’s what I’m thinking.

  11. Regardless of what he’s benching them for, it simply reminds me (uefff – it’s old and tired’ish’ at this point) but DL’s love of ‘throw back’ hockey. The good old days.
    The thing I really like about people like the current Dallas coach, and Dan Bylsma and as for GM’s, Ray Shero and Ken Holland, is that there is something very ‘level’ and mature about them. It’s simple. Their communication (I read a Glen Gulutzan interview) is clear and straight forward. So many players seem to me to have a more modern way of thinking and communicating.
    I’m not saying that we can get inside Sutter’s head and figure out what it was that he sees and how he thinks the game, but for me I prefer a different approach is all.

    Dale Hunter is a bit of a throwback. Seems like a DL sort of guy. Well, he isn’t working wonders so far with the Capitals. I know there are plenty of other issues there in terms of how the team is built, but I think the more modern guys (could have mentioned Dave Tippett and Mike Babcock there too) are likely to have more success.

  12. So, how many cup winning teams have you played for or coached on?

  13. Mixed message at least, kopi was out there fcor the empty netter. So, if Sutter was trying to send a message, th message to Fraser is bust your incompetent ass until tghe reward is possible, then get out of Kopi’s way.
    Message to Kopi? When Quick misses one, it’s your fault, and I am gonna hold you out until gravy time,then embarrass you in the press.

    Ever sinced Suter got hired I have been waiting for an over=ired Quick, and even tho there was rest before the last game, bad habits start wth fatigue

  14. Keep the articles coming Dutch!

  15. Fraser is such a boob. He RARELY if ever does something great of the ice. Got rid of Moreau, Hunter so Fraser is the last rotten choice to make this team left. So disappointing.

    I enjoyed reading this Dutch, thank you for writing out many people’s thoughts.

  16. Sutter got 2 points against our most hated division rivals. How did he make that happen? I don’t care. He got it done.

    And I don’t think he’s singing the praises of Fraser the way you seem to think he is. I merely think he’s saying that Fraser doesn’t let the flow of the game, the ups and downs, effect him like (in this case) Kopi and Brown seem to do.

    “…he’s probably significantly ahead, in terms of the way he thinks the game and the way he recognizes what’s going on in the game, than some of our players who get significant attention.”

  17. Enough. I’ve had enough. Fire this stone age thinking idiot.

    • Seriously, I was hoping Sutter would get rid of Fraser sooner than later. Little did I know Fraser was actually an all star.

      He’s won a championship…

      How fucking stupid is this coach of ours? I don’t remember Colin Fraser winning the Stanley Cup, do you? I remember the Chicago Blackhawks winning it, and he was technically on the roster, but I dont remember him having anything to do with it. If he played, and Im not sure he did, he certainly made no impact.

      Colin Fraser sucks so bad, I am literally, I kid you not, I am not saying this just to make a snarky funny comment, seriously, Fraser is so bad, he’s making me wish for Ethan Moreau or Trent Hunter.

      Do they not think the game will and play responsible? Because, if they don’t, then I’m really confused as to why Lombardi signed them. They dont have skill. They dont score. I thought the one thing they were supposed to do is be defensively responsible, and play the game the “right” way.

      Cant it be one of them? They can at least suck without sucking the life from everyone on their line. Moreau at least has the speed to sort of keep up. Same with Hunter.

      For every good thing that happens with this team, it has to be evened out with some completely avoidable bit of utter stupidity. How can the Kings ever progress with this type of stupidity holding them back at every turn? You finally get a sniper, and as a result get the top-six scoring, and Sutter/Lombardi have to be some incomprehensibly stupid decision that ruins the bottom-six… You can’t ever move forward like that.

  18. By the way, Im glad to see my eye for the obvious is as accurate as ever, that the corsi bears out what Ive been saying about Fraser. I dont depend on corsi or anything and it is often misleading and misused when stat guys try to use it on a bigger scale, but it’s obviously a very good indicator here when it comes to Fraser. He’s one of the worst players in the NHL. This is going to sound like an insult, but it’s actually true, there are many, many better players in the AHL right now than Fraser. I mean the Kings just called up two in Nolan and King. But there are better still. I watched the AHL All Star game, there are some very good NHL players playing in the AHL right now, if that makes any sense.

    Which really has nothing to do with Fraser. There are players playing on the 3rd line in the AHL who are better than Fraser, I have no doubt. Fraser is one of those guys who I guess got drafted by the right team with the right coach who liked his attitude, or something like that, and found his way into the NHL because of that, and then he sticks because he lucks out again with an idiot like Sutter who likes him. He’s one of those guys who is not an NHL player in any way, and we wouldn’t even know about him or need to hear about how he won a championship under normal circumstances because normally players are bad as him never make it to the NHL.

    It’s just one of those fluke circumstances. There will always be a couple really skilled guys who fall through the cracks and should be in the NHL but never get spotted by the right people, and there will always be a few really bad players, not even good AHL players, who somehow got into the NHL and stuck because some dumb coach got to know them and got attached and let their bias trick them into believing the team couldn’t do without the player’s attitude or experience or Cup-winning-while-benched pedigree.

    Cant win like this. Cant progress like this. Need a coach who is smart enough to see these things on his own.

    • This, FFS.

      If we’re going to have someone be a weak link, I want someone who is going to be getting some valuable exposure and experience at the NHL level, someone who is going to develop and become a better player through the course of the year. Fraser is what he is already and isn’t going to be something he’s not already. We’ve got some quality players rotting in the AHL this year that could use some experience.

      This whole year has been pretty badly mismanaged by DL. We have one of our best defensemen being sent down to the AHL (twice) while we’re fighting to secure a playoff spot. We had Lokti and other young, talented wingers down in the AHL while Moreau and Hunter were soaking up all that ice time.

      We have a great backup not getting enough playing time to either trade him for assets we need or to give Quick some rest and help Bernier get into a groove.

      If you want to win, you have to have your best and most talented players playing on the team, not a no talent scrub filling a role. You can’t teach a scrub to do anything outside of his physical capabilities, but you can coach a soft talented player to become more gritty and physical.

      • Bob, I sent an email to my friend today and was somewhat, not harsh but still critical of DL. Reading your post reminds me that unfortunately he merited that criticism.
        I was thinking of drafts. Did you know that Boston drafted Bergeron in the 2nd round and that Boston drafted in one draft Lucic in the 2nd and Brad Marchand in the 3rd? And that after Phil Kessel in the first round. Three players in the first three rounds!! (That’s 2006)

        Meanwhile in one draft DL drafted Lewis in the first round and POS in the 2nd round.
        Then of course Hickey in the first and Oscar Moller (separate draft) in the 2nd. Not that I didn’t like Moller, but why draft a guy like that if it’s pretty clear that he isn’t your type of player which I imagine would have been obvious to other observers from the beginning, now knowing the types of players that DL likes.

        That’s the importance of drafting well. DL has hit on two first round picks so far; Schenn and Doughty. Doughty let’s be honest was pretty much a no-miss. So, that leaves Schenn. With Lewis, Hickey and Teubert sort of falling thru the cracks I don’t think that’s good enough.
        As you mention, there’s Bernier but he’s been misused. So poor development there, and poor selections on some of the others.

        That good drafting was integral to Boston winning the SC.

        Jordon Caron made an impact now being brought up. He was the 25th overall pick in 09.
        They’ve done pretty well, and of course converted Kessel into Sequin. Oh well.

    • The Oilers didn’t need him. First it was a concussed Brule, then they sent broken ankle Fraser to LA. And now he’s a key player for coach Sutter.

      “…he’s probably significantly ahead, in terms of the way he thinks the game and the way he recognizes what’s going on in the game…..”

      A load of BS from coach DS. Thank you, Dean. Thanks for signing this guy to a 4 year contract. What the hell were you thinking ???

  19. I’ll take Kopitar playing at 80% over a Fraser playing at 110% any day. That being said, I do believe I see some of the point that Sutter was trying to make. You play every shift like it could be your last or we’ll find somebody else who will. The fact that Fraser is the guy being elevated above you just adds salt to the wound while you’re sitting there on the bench.

    I am not saying that this tactic will work or is entirely useful for many players, but we’ve seen benchings light a fire under many a player’s butts, so who’s to say it won’t work here. We KNOW Kopitar and Williams have a higher level of play available in them. We’ve seen it in the past. I just think Sutter is trying to push some buttons and see what happens. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it completely backfires and the player backs off further due to his perceived lack of appreciation. A good coach knows which buttons to push and when. We’ll see how this plays out.

    And why hasn’t anybody with access to the Kings asked the pined players about their extra breather during the Ducks game?

  20. FRASER????

    Here is all you need to know about Fraser, which is not much.

    If he established himself at a great grinder player, that would be one thing. If he established himself as a role player, that would be one thing. He is established himself as a great fighter, that would be another thing. We don’t know what he really represents, but at age 27, nothing has been established except mediocrity and nothing note worthy except for the ring. Why would we expect that he will ever break out and show and prove what he can really do?

    I have nothing personal against the guy and he may be a cool dude and great in the clubhouse.

    But, it is hard to see him staying with the Kings and it seems just a matter of time and he is off to new digs.


    Fraser, born January 28, 1985, hence now age 27.

    Fraser was born in Sicamous, but raised in Surrey, British Columbia. Growing up, he played minor hockey with the Pacific Vipers of Vancouver with future Chicago Blackhawks teammates Brent Seabrook, Andrew Ladd and Troy Brouwer.[1] He went on to play major junior in the Western Hockey League (WHL) with the Red Deer Rebels for four years. He spent time as their team captain. Following a 52-point campaign in his second WHL season, Fraser was drafted in the 3rd round, 69th overall, by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

    In the season following being drafted by the Flyers, Fraser was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks on February 19, 2004, while still in the WHL, along with Jim Vandermeer and a 2nd round selection (Bryan Bickell) in 2004 in exchange for Alexei Zhamnov and a 4th round selection (R. J. Anderson) in the 2004. Turning pro in 2004–05, Fraser made his professional debut with the Blackhawks’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate, the Norfolk Admirals, appearing in a handful of games following the completion of his fourth and final WHL season. He remained in Norfolk for several seasons and made his NHL debut with the Blackhawks in 2006–07, dressing for one game. In 2007–08, the Rockford IceHogs became Chicago’s AHL affiliate where Fraser scored an AHL career-high 41 points while also playing in five games for the Blackhawks.

    During the 2009–10 season, Fraser won the Stanley Cup while playing with the Chicago Blackhawks. He played in three playoff games. On June 24, 2010, it was announced that he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for a 2010 6th round draft choice (Mirko Hoefflin).[2]

    On June 26, 2011, he was traded by the Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings, along with a seventh round pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, for Ryan Smyth.[3]

    During his junior career, Fraser competed for Canada at the 2005 World Junior Championships in Grand Forks. He recorded 5 points in 6 games, helping Canada to a gold medal win against Russia in the final. The gold medal marked Canada’s first championship of a five-year run.

    Won the CHL Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2005.
    Won the Doug Wickenheiser Memorial Trophy (WHL Humanitarian of the Year) in 2005.

  21. dutch, you gotta lay off the analysis. either get a full-time job at NBC sports or accept your role as part of the armchair coaching staff. you can presume all day as to what the coaching staff was “THINKING” but alas.. you’ll never know. it’d be nice to hear some praise about your “favorite” team.

    • dutch, you gotta lay off the analysis.

      … I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, if I were you.

      you can presume all day as to what the coaching staff was “THINKING” but alas.. you’ll never know.

      … LOL! Are you new here? Bobby and Jacob spent months disagreeing with the things Terry Murray was doing while he was the head coach here. That’s all I’m doing – disagreeing with Sutter, in a passionate way, because (surprise!) I’m pretty passionate about this team. If we’re not allowed to disagree with those who actually have jobs within the NHL, that’s news to me.

      it’d be nice to hear some praise about your “favorite” team.

      … If you read some other posts and comments I’ve written, you’ll find it.

      • it’s that kind of dissection that makes me shake my head. and yes, i am relatively new, if i wanted to be snarky i’d say look for my comments, but i won’t. what you type just bums me out as a fan.

        • what you type just bums me out as a fan.

          … You’ll get over it.

        • Why get bummed out dude. I’m personally not a super critical type, but I do see issues around the team management that concern me. Depends what you want. If we’re happy with a .500 team then we can sing their praises from now until—- day. But I prefer that they challenge for and win a Stanley Cup. Myself and some others here pose questions as to aspects of how this team operates. Now that does bother me and others. The comments don’t, unless they’re really over the top………… which does in fact happen from time to time.

  22. it seems that at any moment, if someone has a successful counter-argument, and i say successful because you sometimes lack the ability to recognize that, your head will explode.

  23. Straight from the horse’s mouth…he’s turning the screws a little tighter on Kopitar’s line. Brown has been on fire lately so I would think the message is more geared towards Kopitar first and Williams second.

    We all want the Kings to go further in the playoffs don’t we? That’s only gonna happen when our top guys are playing above and beyond how they’re playing now. Every time they step out on the ice, they’ve got to prove it or else their ice time gets reduced. I have no problems with that. It happens all the time in team sports and Sutter should be no different in riding them harder than the others.

    They Must elevate their game to new levels.

    I think Kopitar’s a great player as is Williams and they’re considered the “top” guys and every King’s fan wants that fucking cup. That cup don’t come easy.

  24. It’s no great trick. When you wanna bang(or Sutt in this case) the hot chick at work who knows how hot she is, you openly talk about a lower level chick and thus instill jealousy in said hot chick and a need to prove that she is hotter than someone she knows is nowhere near as hot, forcing her to bring her “A” game, and usually offer up the back door.

    A quick guide to this quickly constructed (and probably not totally sound) analogy–

    Hot chick = Slovakian cavemen forwards
    Ugly mousy chick who changes toner in the copier = Fraser
    Guy looking to bury his bone = Sutter
    bury his bone = inspire a Slovakian Caveman to score more goals
    back door = more goals. Unless your Lombardi, in which case, it may actually mean, back door.

    • Com’on man, these are the Los Angeles Kings you’re talking about. Not the West Hollywood Pillowbiters.

    • Sutter was minding his own business in Calgary and life was good for him.

      All he had to do when DL called was say “NO” for the coaching job. So, what a pandora’s box now opens up for Sutter, in having to take over a whole team that he had nothing really to say or do about.

      Who in the heck knows why Sutter would bother with this whole ordeal to take over the Kings, other than the chance to be in a big market and limelight and see if there was any luck in getting deep into the playoffs.

      Something tells me that Sutter would have been better off to have said “NO” to DL.

      We will probably never know the inside reasons he really took on things for DL.

      Who knows where we would be if Sutter said “NO” to DL and somebody else came in to handle salvaging the season.

      Even since Sutter has been here, certain players are still in prolonged slumps.

      It looks like Quick could care less who his coach is, as he is in a zone and does not really need a coach it would seem. He is the man and could just go out and not even talk to the coach all day long and night.

      Clearly, Kopi has not responded that much to Sutter. Brown picked up his game after hearing about trade talks last week. Maybe if Kopi was talked about for trades, he would have picked up his game and gotten a hat trick too.

      But, if Kopi were traded, there would be riot at Staples anyway. There is a big love affair ongoing for Kopi and the fans, and it is way too soon for that love affair to fade away, no matter who is the coach, or GM for that matter.

      Anyway, here is all you really need to know about Sutter, and you can figure out that
      it was a super gamble in picking him and we are all watching and waiting to see how this pan’s out with any seed or not in the playoffs.

      Darryl John Sutter (born August 19, 1958) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey forward and currently head coach of the Los Angeles Kings. He is one of seven Sutter brothers, six of whom made the NHL (Brent, Brian, Darryl, Duane, Rich and Ron); all but Rich and Gary (the seventh Sutter brother) worked alongside Darryl in some capacity with the Flames. Sutter was also the Flames’ head coach before resigning that position. Sutter has also coached for the San Jose Sharks and the Chicago Blackhawks, the team with which he spent his entire NHL playing career.

      As a player, Sutter spent five years in the minor leagues, including a year in Japan, where he was rookie of the year. He stands 5 foot 11 inches and his playing weight was 176 pounds. Sutter was drafted by the Chicago Black Hawks in 1978 in the 11th round as the 179th pick overall. In his NHL career as a player, he suited up only for the Blackhawks and scored 279 points (161+118) in 406 career regular season games, plus 43 points (24+19) in 51 playoffs games. He was a well-respected, hard working left winger but was never an All-Star and never won the Stanley Cup. His last season as a player was in 1986–87.

      Sutter was the head coach of the San Jose Sharks from 1997 until he was fired on December 1, 2002.

      Sutter was hired as head coach by the Calgary Flames, December 28, 2002. After the 2002–03 season, Sutter took over as general manager of the Flames, in addition to his duties as head coach.

      On July 12, 2006, Sutter stepped down as the Flames head coach. He has said that he found it difficult to handle the jobs of both head coach and GM of the Flames. Sutter compiled a 107–73–26 record in two-plus seasons behind the Calgary bench, joining the Flames after head coaching stints in Chicago and San Jose. The Flames promoted Jim Playfair as Sutter’s replacement, but after a first-round loss to the Detroit Red Wings in 2006–07, Sutter hired Mike Keenan as head coach, with Playfair stepping back into an associate coaching role. Keenan was fired a month after the Flames were eliminated from the 2008–09 NHL playoffs at the hands of the Blackhawks. Brent Sutter, former coach of the New Jersey Devils, was selected as the new Flames coach in June 2009.

      On December 28, 2010, Sutter resigned as the General Manager of the Calgary Flames.

      On December 17, 2011 it was announced that Kings had a deal for Sutter to hire him as their coach.[3]

      Sutter is the father of Charlotte Checkers captain Brett Sutter.

      Career statistics

      Regular season Playoffs
      Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM
      1974–75 Red Deer Rustlers AJHL 60 16 20 36 43 — — — — —
      1975–76 Red Deer Rustlers AJHL 60 43 93 136 82 — — — — —
      1976–77 Lethbridge Broncos WCHL 1 1 0 1 0 15 3 7 10 13
      1976–77 Red Deer Rustlers AJHL 56 55 78 133 131 — — — — —
      1977–78 Lethbridge Broncos WCHL 68 33 48 81 119 8 4 9 13 2
      1978–79 New Brunswick Hawks AHL 19 7 6 13 6 5 1 2 3 0
      1978–79 Flint Generals IHL — — — — — 1 0 1 1 0
      1979–80 New Brunswick Hawks AHL 69 35 31 66 69 12 6 6 12 8
      1979–80 Chicago Black Hawks NHL 8 2 0 2 2 7 3 1 4 2
      1980–81 Chicago Black Hawks NHL 76 40 22 62 86 3 3 1 4 2
      1981–82 Chicago Black Hawks NHL 40 23 12 35 31 3 0 1 1 2
      1982–83 Chicago Black Hawks NHL 80 31 30 61 53 13 4 6 10 8
      1983–84 Chicago Black Hawks NHL 59 20 20 40 44 5 1 1 2 0
      1984–85 Chicago Black Hawks NHL 49 20 18 38 12 15 12 7 19 12
      1985–86 Chicago Black Hawks NHL 50 17 10 27 44 3 1 2 3 0
      1986–87 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 44 8 6 14 16 2 0 0 0 0
      NHL totals 406 161 118 279 288 51 24 19 43 26

      Coaching record

      Team Year Regular season Post season
      G W L T OTL Pts Finish Result
      CHI 1992–93 84 47 25 12 — 106 1st in Norris Lost in first round
      CHI 1993–94 84 39 36 9 — 87 5th in Central Lost in first round
      CHI 1994–95 48 24 19 5 — 53 3rd in Central Lost in third round
      SJ 1997–98 82 34 38 11 — 78 4th in Pacific Lost in first round
      SJ 1998–99 82 31 33 18 — 80 4th in Pacific Lost in first round
      SJ 1999–2000 82 35 30 10 7 87 4th in Pacific Lost in second round
      SJ 2000–01 82 40 27 12 3 95 2nd in Pacific Lost in first round
      SJ 2001–02 82 44 27 8 3 99 1st in Pacific Lost in second round
      SJ 2002–03 24 9 12 2 1 73 5th in Pacific Missed playoffs
      CGY 2002–03 46 19 18 8 1 75 5th in Northwest Missed playoffs
      CGY 2003–04 82 42 30 7 3 94 3rd in Northwest Lost in Stanley Cup final
      CGY 2005–06 82 46 25 – 11 103 1st in Northwest Lost in first round
      Total 860 409 320 101 30 949

      IHL coaching record

      Team Year Regular season Post season
      G W L T Pts Finish Result
      SAG 1988–89 82 46 26 10 102 2nd in East Lost in first round
      IND 1989–90 82 53 21 8 114 1st in West Won Turner Cup

      • Hey jopo, part of me thinks it might be better for you to either insert a link to these lengthy articles from other sources, or summariaze them and provide a link. I mean, it’s interesting stuff, but it just seems weird to have a complete article, from someone else, posted as a comment.

        No harm no foul, just thinking out loud here. I like what you type more than what you paste.

    • Haha, well put

    • @Chris
      Slovenian, dude. Handzus, Satan, Gaborik, Chara are all from Slovakia.
      Kopi is Slovenian.

      • I stand geographically corrected, thanks for the heads up. Then again, any place that isnt Simi Valley is Slovakia to me. Caveman comment stands, dude has huge supraorbital ridges

  25. For Dutch and Player-X and whomever else – found this website that allows you to look up the shots for any player in the NHL – may be interesting for you guys:

    website –
    source –

  26. I think its upselling him for the pending trades in the off season (genius). Otherwise DS is suffering some kind of head trauma (idiot).

  27. Kopi gave an interview at Mayor’s Manor today and was asked about Dionne’s comments. He gave a very honest reply and deferred back to the team again, rather than being the man. And it’s not fair to use Malkin, i think, not everybody is that driven. Maybe Kopitar knows he’s not that kind of player. He did say he wants to be known as a player who can make the big plays in key games. But he also said it was more important that the team play up to their potential and that would make him a better player. Not every player can bear the weight of the franchise and carry their team on a consistant basis. He’s a great player and only 24, maybe when the Kings get him more elite players, like Richards and Carter, then he the weight won’t seem so heavy. I think they will trade for a top winger for him this summer, in a package that will include Bernier and a current top line player.

    • I think they will trade for a top winger for him this summer, in a package that will include Bernier and a current top line player.

      The have Stoll, Penner make 7.75 million coming off the books if they want, so free agency could provide that winger.

      To your point, if Quick were to get the extension he deserves, it could make Bernier slightly more expendable. I agree they should do something to get that other winger, and actually I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kopi, Carter and Richards as the top three centers next year which would open spots on the wing even more.

      Developmentally, Lokti should get in as a center, and I would be happy if he were given 4th line minutes and some PP time. And Gagne is still out there…

      • I forgot about Penner and SToll, I hope they do come off the books. Unless Deano resigns SToll for the third line because he’s gonna flip Loki in a trade.
        I wouldn’t mind a shutdown line of Richards Nolan and King, but that would only be if you found the right wingers for Carter, he is more of a shooter, not a passer. That’s why I questioned Howson going after him for Nash, who plays the same way.
        But if he adjusts to wing (and so far he seems comfortable ) than I think that will be a good second line given an upgrade over King on the other side.
        And you’re right that 7 million should get them something, and hopefully there are free agents thta want to come to LA.
        I did mean that a trade would only come after Quick signs. Which is why I was skeptical of the deadline rumors. I didn’ t see LOmbarid trading Bernier first, what if Quick wants to go back East and gets an offer he can’t refuse.
        Gagne…hope he can come back (he seems confident) he’s a great player and a good asset. I really hope he gets back for some of the playoffs, he’s generally got good hands and is one of those players who finds the net in those games.

    • And it’s not fair to use Malkin, i think, not everybody is that driven.

      … You misspelled “talented” right there. Not everybody is that talented.

      Maybe Kopitar knows he’s not that kind of player.

      … Maybe Kopitar’s not a “driven” player? Is that what you mean? Let me remove the uncertainty for you, here – Kopitar absolutely IS a driven player, 100%.

      ut he also said it was more important that the team play up to their potential and that would make him a better player.

      … And that’s absolutely correct. The team DOES need to play up to its potential and if it did, that WOULD make him a better player.

      For instance, seeing Mike Richards score more than one goal in a couple months would make the team better overall. I’d think that’s implied, don’t you?

      Not every player can bear the weight of the franchise and carry their team on a consistant basis.

      … Let me paint you a little picture.

      The Penguins 542 points (201 goals, 341 assists). Malkin has 81 of their points. That’s 14.9%.

      The Kings have 380 points (138 goals, 242 assists). Kopitar has 55 of their points. That’s 14.5%, nearly as high as Malkin’s percentage.

      Malkin plays almost a minute more per game on the power play than Kopitar does.

      I believe Kopitar to be a better defensive player than Malkin, as evidenced by his defensive indicators being just as solid as Malkin‘s despite playing alongside worse teammates, and the fact that Kopitar plays over two minutes per game on the PK while Malkin plays next to zero. Both teams have comparable (very good) defense, but I have reason to believe Kopitar to be more responsible for his team’s good defense than Malkin is for the Pens’ defense.

      When everything is considered, Kopitar is a very comparable player to Malkin; likely not as good, but then as I said, not everyone is as talented as Malkin. It comes down to (as always) the fact that Kopitar usually has to play alongside wingers who aren’t as talented offensively.

      He’s a great player and only 24, maybe when the Kings get him more elite players, like Richards and Carter, then he the weight won’t seem so heavy.

      … I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. The Kings won’t have the cap room. I’m sure they’re going to sign Quick to a long-term deal with a huge cap hit, and after that is done, next to nothing will be left for anyone else. Kopitar is likely going to suffer the same fate of the man who called him out, Marcel Dionne – great underrated player on a team with no playoff success.

      I’d love to believe the Kings will soon contend and achieve that success, but I don’t believe for one second they currently have the coach or GM or talent to take them there. And, as long as Leiweke is ultimately the man in charge, I’ve somewhat resigned myself to not seeing the team win for a long while. The Kings need someone who actually cares about the success of the team to run the team. Until that happens, it’s going to be coitus interruptus, season after season.

      • Dutch, I’d really like to hear more on how you think Leiweke really impacts the players on the ice. Other than his control on the purse strings, I don’t see how he really impacts the on ice product. The Kings are spending near the cap, so I don’t see any spending restrictions that prevent Lombardi from acquiring talent or building the team that he wishes.


        That’s three degrees of separation between players and Leiweke. Other than rah rah speeches once or twice a year, I can’t see how Leiweke has a direct impact on the day to day activities on the ice. From my perspective at work, where I work for a large international company, I actually have equivalents to both Leiweke and Anschutz (and beyond) in my org chart. If you would consider me as a player (bottom of the org chart – no direct reports), then my boss’s, boss’s, boss would be Leiweke. I don’t even know the name of that person in my company. They have zero affect on my day to day activities or job performance. Sure, they have some impact on my budget and they have a greater impact on my boss’s boss, who is a direct report, but as a person removed by 3 degrees there is little or no direct impact on me.

        Lombardi has been here long enough to call the Kings ‘his team’, he runs the team. The Kings are now molded in his fashion through his drafting, signings and/or trades.

        • Lombardi has been here long enough to call the Kings ‘his team’, he runs the team.

          … Then, why did he have to fire Terry Murray when it was clear this was not something he wanted or intended to do?

          Why did he acquire Dustin Penner at the trade deadline last season when it has since been made clear this was absolutely not a player he liked or wanted to have on his roster?

          • Links for these cut and dry facts?
            For 1.) We know Sutter was DL’s man from the beginning, but he wasn’t available at the time. He hired Murray as a plan C (Crawford plan B). He certainly didn’t hire Murray with the intent to fire him. But you can see that when you have been working under plan C and it’s clear something has to change AND plan A is now available, that you make that change if it’s in your power. But you are saying Leiweke fired Murray and I would like to see some real evidence that Leiweke _forced_ that move.
            2.) My understanding is that Lombardi wanted Hemsky, but the asking price was to high. Penner was the next best choice to fill the empty box at top 6 winger with finish. Let’s not use the 20/20 hindsight that we have available to us (7 goals in 67 games with the Kings). Penner was considered a great deadline acquisition for the Kings and perhaps one of the better pick-ups at the deadline. He had scored 21 goals in 61 games for the Oilers and he was just what the Kings needed. But you are saying Leiweke pulled the trigger on this deal and I would like to see some evidence indicated this was Leiweke’s deal..

          • But you are saying Leiweke fired Murray and I would like to see some real evidence that Leiweke _forced_ that move.

            … How about the fact that Murray flew all the way to Boston, while Lombardi stayed in L.A., then the day after that, Lombardi flew out to Boston to fire him? If Lombardi wanted him gone, why wouldn’t he just fire him in L.A. before the road trip? Wouldn’t that be a bit more of an intelligent and efficient (not to mention courteous and professional) way to do it?

            But you are saying Leiweke pulled the trigger on this deal and I would like to see some evidence indicated this was Leiweke’s deal.

            … I’m not saying it was Leiweke’s deal, I’m saying that Leiweke wanted a deal made. There’s no way Penner fits in with what anything that Lombardi wants in a player, and Lombardi has done nothing but shit on Penner publicly from the moment he came to the Kings. That leads me to believe Lombardi didn’t want him.

          • Ok, just so I understand. When you say something is “clear”, you mean I have to don my tinfoil hat and make all sorts of assumptions.

          • … OK, so in other words you have nothing, and have decided to resort to “tinfoil hat” as your response. Have fun.

          • I asked you for facts and you provided the assumptions, so from my perspective you have nothing. That’s fine. If your belief is that Leiweke is the problem, then you can go on believing that. That’s also fine. I see him a faceless suit somewhere up the org chart and having little or no effect on the day to day operations of the players. That’s my opinion. But don’t tell me something is “clear” and state rumor or speculation as fact when you are just making assumptions. THAT is nothing. THAT is bullshit, and you know it. I call you on it and you say I have nothing? That’s just laughable.

          • Lombardi was described, or maybe he said it himself, as needing to “do things right” once the rumors about the firing leaked out, which is (ostensibly) why Murray went to Boston thinking he had a job, and then Lombardi flew out there last minute to fire him eye to eye. Not a huge issue, and I am going from memory here so I don’t have the quote or link, maybe I could look it up. Just saying that Murray going to Boston and then followed by Lombardi can have many reasons to have occurred.

          • By the way, congratulations on the great post, and all the traffic and talk it generated. The article was up for a long time but, even if not I think it would have really had “legs.”


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