… So apparently, I missed the whole situation with the Kopitar line being benched for the last six minutes of the second period – just after the goal by the Ducks’ Devante Smith-Pelly. Darryl Sutter said:

We played the guys that were mentally tough, because they all weren’t. They’re still learning that. There were guys that didn’t play during stretches there, pretty significant players that didn’t get to play much at certain points of the game last night. You try to get a read, as a coach, who is that and who isn’t.

… Excuse me, what??? Kopitar not mentally tough, my ASS. What a crock. That line got thrown under the bus because Quick gave up a softie.  And, that’s a load of shit.

Then, Sutter goes on to say this about Colin Fraser:

It’s probably a combination of both. They get tagged as fourth lines, but a lot of times it’s about how guys above them are playing, and what the score is in the game and if they’re momentum-changer type of guys or if there’s a matchup, individually, maybe. Our fourth line has a centerman who has won championships, at this level and at the World Junior level, and he’s probably significantly ahead, in terms of the way he thinks the game and the way he recognizes what’s going on in the game, than some of our players who get significant attention. So it doesn’t really bother me to play him in those situations.

… Is this guy a fucking retard? FRASER is ahead in the way he thinks the game? That’s unbelievable; I’m stunned that Sutter can watch that game and say that Colin Fraser, the worst forward in his lineup last night, is ahead of anyone else on the team in anything except getting his ass handed to him in fights.

I mean, yeah – Fraser technically won a title at the NHL level, I suppose. But he hardly played in the postseason that year. All of 25 minutes, to be exact. Fraser was a healthy scratch for 19 of the 22 games the Blackhawks played in those playoffs. And, the year before that, there were the oh-so-memorable 23 minutes he logged, as he was a healthy scratch in 15 of the 17 games that playoff year. Yeah, he’s Mr. Fucking Stanley Cup, isn’t he. I’m not as dumb as you look, Darryl.

If you want a guy who REALLY was a critical piece of a Stanley Cup winning season, look no further than the guy you benched, Justin Williams. Remember him? Wouldn’t you think he would possess a little mental toughness? Or does that sort of toughness come more from guys who ride the pine when the chips are down?

Somehow, I’m not very surprised to find that Darryl Sutter has never won a Cup in his NHL career, either as a player or coach. Mind-boggling, irrational, and plainly idiotic decisions like this definitely won’t get him any closer to that goal.