Quick Lays An Egg, Kings Hatch Five Goals


Jonathan Quick’s word after the final horn sounded.

“Fuck yeah!”

My words after the final horn sounded.

That was nerve racking, eh?

By my count, if this game had, er, goaltending, we would have won 2-1.

Scribe’s three stars:

3. Matt Greene
2. Drew Doughty
1. Justin Williams

Honorable mention to Slava Voynov. What a gem this kid has been.

On February 27, I tweeted:

Just told the wife we are not having sex until Kings win 3 in a row. She rubbed her cold nose on my nose & walked away. #WhatDoesThatMean?

Now, if you’ll excuse me…


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  1. Honorable mention to Slava Voynov. What a gem this kid has been

    Jack who?

    Kings are plus 11 since the trade. 4-1 since the trade.

    Coincidence? ;)

  2. Bob Millers play by play in Bobby Scribe’s bedroom: “…he scores, he shoots!” (Too much? I think not) GO KINGS!

  3. Honorable mention to Scribe’s penis and his recent sacrifice. Get ya some.

  4. Honorable mention to Slava Voynov. What a gem this kid has been.

    … I think what I can’t get over is that he’s still just 22. He plays with a poise beyond his years and he doesn’t seem to get rattled by anything. There’s just something about this kid; I can’t say that enough. His timing is exceptional, and he understands the flow of the game. Watch that pass he made to Williams to set up the Kings’ second goal tonight. Positively brilliant.

    I realize I’m babbling at this point – but Slava’s rapidly becoming my favorite player on the team, with the departure of Simmonds.

    • Damn it JT stop this shit I’m not supposed to agree with you twice in a row for fucks sake. Once in a year is enough. But twice in two different posts. WTF

    • Haven’t agreed with you in a long time. I do on this one though. I think the ingredient you’re searching for is just straight up russian suppression. Forges hard mind and strong will.

    • He is a Good choice.
      He sees the ice like a Vetren…and you do not see him out of place. That is something I appreciate from the Euro players..Russia in particular :)
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. Fuck yes.

  6. 5 goals tonight? where are all these goals comming from? lets keep it up!

  7. This game was a needed wake up call to Kings management, though. I’ve had enough hearing about planning contracts for the future so “we can pay our goalie.” The Kings can’t build this team around Quick, or plan their moves around Quick getting a huge contract. All of a sudden because the Preds were stupid enough to give Pekka Rinne a ridiculous contract, everyone thinks Quick has earned the same with one solid regular season.

    No. Do people really think it’s a coincidence that those considered the best goaltenders in our league, like Lundqvist, Rinne, Luongo, and Thomas, and now people are mentioning Quick, also happen to play on the best defensive teams in the league? How is it possible that not one of the best goalies in the league ended up on a bad defensive team? Do bad teams somehow magically never end up with good goaltenders?

    No, they do. But that’s the point. There is almost no such thing as a good goaltender on a poor defensive team. Without the defense, the goaltender is nothing, unless you’re Patrick Roy.

    In my opinion, you never pay a goaltender big bucks until he shows you that he’s still an elite goaltender even if he has to play for a poor defensive team, and he shows you this over time. One season, two seasons, even, is not enough.

    Quick showed us last postseason, the moment the Kings defense breaks down, there’s a fair chance he will, too, to the effect of blowing a 4 goal lead. Last night he showed something similar, too.

    Do you want to keep Jonathan Quick? Yes. But in my opinion, he needs to be handled contract wise similar to Jimmy Howard of the Red Wings, who got a two-year deal for 2.5 million per year or something like that, or Antti Niemi with the Sharks, who got 3.8. At most, you give him the Jonas Hiller 4.5, but it has to be for a short term because even that is a lot for a goaltender who has only ever played behind great defenses, and probably isn’t as good as we think he is, which we would probably find out if he played for the Oilers.

    But 7 million for a goaltender? Its a killer. It kills your team. You are completely handicapped. It simply does not leave you enough cap space to create the depth you need in front of the goalie, which is what’s most important.

    So if Quick won’t settle for 4.5 million or less, as much as it’s a difficult decision you trade him or let him go. Even if you’ve already traded Bernier, that’s the smart move. Why? There is always going to be someone like Mike Smith, just sitting out there, available for 2.5 million instead of 7, who is actually just as good. If you’re smart enough to find these guys, if you have someone in your organization with a good eye for underappreciated goaltenders, you are so, so, so, so much better off paying 2.5 million for the same goaltending compared to 7 million. I mean thats a huge difference. Thats a whole Dustin Penner. But seriously, big, big, big, big, Cup vs no cup, absolutely huge difference.

    And honestly, the Kings are sort of like the St Louis Blues in that their defense does a good job of keeping opponents to low scoring areas, and they may not even need an elite goalie. Its entirely possible they dont even have one right now. But the Blues, Halak had one good postseason, and Elliott is a career backup, but they look like world beaters because the Blues dont ask more of them than they can do. All the Blues need them to do is play smart positionally and block the pucks, make the 1st save from mostly low scoring areas, because the team defense takes care of everything else.

    The Kings are the same. While it’s a nice luxury to have your home grown goaltender who you think is elite, it’s not worth an extra 6 million in cap space. The best choice of course is if you can find a guy who looks just as elite, like Mike Smith, for much less money. But even if you dont find that guy, the Kings are much better off just finding their version of Brian Elliott, someone who will make the 1st saves and not give up soft goals, play well in combination with the team defense.

    • Jonathan Quick may have elite numbers, but that does not necessarily mean he’s an elite goaltender. In fact many goaltenders post elite numbers on good defensive teams and then turn out to be average.

    • In no galaxy is Jonathan Quick worth Pekka Rinne money, or close. Pekka Rinne is not worth Pekka Rinne money, or close. Unless one of these guys truly turns into an unstoppable Cup winning force like Patrick Roy, they will never be worth all that precious cap room when there are other solutions like Mike Smith who give just as good goaltending for 1/3 the price.

    • And speaking of Mike Smith, remember he struggled so much last season with Tampa, and now he’s elite with Phoenix under Tippet’s defensive system. What if Quick is the opposite? Elite this year with a defensive system, and then terrible next year. We saw it with Steve Mason, Tuukka Rask has struggled to regain his form after leading the NHL in save percentage, Tim Thomas was all world earlier in the season, but as the Bruins have gotten banged up and started playing worse, Thomas has been average. Once again, a goaltender that looked elite is proven to be only as good as the team in front of him.

    In conclusion, Quick is not worth 7 million a year, or even close to it. I mean Zach Parise is making 6 million this season, and I believe the GAA leader in the NHL, Brian Elliott, is making under 1 million.

    So I would rather have an elite top line forward, and just as good goaltending, for a total of 7 million, than just a goaltender with no elite top line forward.

    I mean it’s not even a hard choice. If you pay Jonathan Quick 7 million per year, that’s what you give up. That’s like trading away if not Zach Parise for free, then Jeff Carter, or Joe Pavelski from the Sharks, or any other good forward making in the 4.5 million range. And that does not help the team.

    • Goalie is on the ice the entire game, Most forewords won’t even play a full period’s worth of a game.

      This is where I see flaw in your logic.

  8. Handicapped… HANDCUFFED! Maybe handicapped works too in that sentence in some way, but I think I meant handcuffed.

  9. By the way, just to prove the point on giving goaltenders big contracts, from top cap hits down.

    Henrik Lundqvist is making 6.875 million per year on the cap, and I guess if any goaltender could be worth that every year in the NHL right now, it’s him. He also has a fantastic defense in front of him right now, but he’s also shown himself to be an elite goaltender. This signing has worked out.

    Cam Ward is making 6.3 million against the cap. He played behind a great Carolina team in 2006, which was a screwy year in general, and won the Conn Smythe. Clearly, he had a good stretch there. But this season, he’s hasn’t been worth his crazy cap hit at all. The Hurricanes defense has not been good, and Ward has done nothing to help them. His save percentage at 910% is below average even though he’s being paid like an elite player. This would be like if Steven Stamkos scored 15 goals per year for his 7.5 million. Ward’s GAA is also bad at 2.84 per game. Ward also has a losing record when taking into account overtime losses, and his team is at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Right now, this is a terrible deal. The Hurricanes would be much better off with another elite defenseman in toe along with a Mike Smith type guy for combined similar money, they would be better off in the standings, than using so much cap space on a goaltender who right now is performing at a below average clip.

    Ryan Miller is making 6.25 million against the cap. While he’s been hot the last week or two, and anyone can be hot for a week or two, he has been bad all year long. The Sabres were supposed to take a step forward this year, but they’ve taken a step backwards, in part because of Miller. The Sabres signed Miller because of how well at the Olympics and because he posted a .929 save percentage in 2010. Since signing the contract? Guess what, the save percentage has gone down a full .15 points, a huge fall off. .916 in 2010, .915 this year. A .929 save percentage every year may be worth 6.25 million, but surprise surprise, it was a fluke. He didn’t come close to that number ever before 2009-2010, and hasnt been close since. The Sabres, like the Kings potentially will be, let one great statistical year fool them into handing out this huge contract, and now they’re spending 6.25 million for average goaltending, when they could have gotten better for 2.5 in Mike Smith this season.

    Niklas Backstrom is making is making 6 million for the Wild. Backstrom wasnt very good last year, with a 22-23-6 record, .916 save percentage, a 2.66 GAA. This year he’s been better with a .920 sv% and 2.44 GAA, but far from elite, which is what he’s being paid to be. Additionally, he had a terrible .903 save percentage the year before, so his average save percentage over the course of this contract has been poor. Also, very much worth noting, his two best seasons were 2006-2007, and 2008-2009. He signed the contract after his good year in 2008-2009, and guess what, he hasn’t posted as good numbers in a single season since.

    That’s a theme we’re season. A goaltender has a flukey year behind a good defense, posts very high numbers for that one season so the team has to pay them big bucks, and then not once do they approach those numbers again after signing the contract. The same is true with Ryan Miller and I believe Cam Ward, too.

    The next highest paid goaltender is Miikka Kiprusoff. Despite playing behind a very defensively oriented team Kiprusoff had a terrible, terrible year last year, posting a .906 save percentage. Thats horrible. Backups do better than that. That is 6 million 100% wasted. This season he’s been much better, but still not good enough for his team to be in the playoffs. He has a .920 sv% this year, which is good, but he’s been alternating good and terrible. He had a .920% in 2009-2010, too, but a .903 the year before that, and a .906% the year before that. His average over the last four of five years is actually completely average, probably around 912 or 913%. Not consistently worth the money at all, certainly not last year or two years before that. When you pay a top defenseman 6 million per year, or a top forward 6 million per year, they generally produce their money’s worth every year. Ilya kovalchuk gives you 30-40 goals every year. Same with Jeff Carter. But what Kiprusoff has done is go from 30 goals one year to 5 the next, which means in those “5” years, his 6 million (about) per year contract is one of the worst in the NHL, which is a trend here with these high paid goaltenders.

    The next highest paid goaltender is Ilya Bryzgalov. Yeah, remember when he was supposedly elite, one of the top goaltenders in all the NHL, better than Quick, even, and definitely worth big money? Uh huh.

    The next guy is Cristobal Huet, didn’t even stick in the NHL.

    The next guy is Luongo. I actually like Luongo when his goaltender coach isn’t fucking with his fundamentals, but dont think for a second that Vancouver doesn’t want out of that contract. Cory Schneider and Mike Smith are both better value.

    Martin Brodeur hasnt been worth 5.2 million the last couple seasons.

    Tim Thomas was definitely worth his 5 last year, wasn’t the year before, hasn’t really been this year. One for three, but I’ll count it as a good deal because that one good year really was something.

    Marc-Andre Fleury has gone from .912% sv% in 2008-2009 to .905 to .918 (good) to .915 this season (average range). His GAA has been very good this year though at 2.29. I’ll give this one a pass, too.

    Then Rick DiPietro. Then Jonas Hiller, who hasn’t been good this year mostly, maybe from the vertigo, but otherwise has been.

    Antti Niemi has not been worth 3.8 this year.

    Nikoali Khabibulin has not been worth 3.75 million this season.

    So of the highest paid 15 goaltenders in the NHL, only 3 have worked as good deals, Henrik Lundqvist, Tim Thomas, and Marc-Andre Fleury. And even Fleury has only been good, not great, still hasnt lived up to his #1 pick billing as being a truly dominant NHL player, and Thomas, while he was exceptional last season, has not been able to keep it up either the year before or this year. So even of the three of fifteen, two of the three years so far on Thomas’ contract havent really been worth the high price tag, and Fleury for 5 million is has only been good in that, well, he’s been a good player. Yet, so has Mike Smith, just as good, for half the money. So while Fleury may make the list as an “acceptable” contract and value, it doesn’t mean you’re getting great value or anything like that, like you would if you got a top line forward for 5 or 6 million. The forward who plays on your top line every year is still the better value.

    Even if you included someone like Luongo by pretending the Canucks didnt have Schneider, or Kiprusoff because he’s playing well this year even though he was awful last year, the point is the same. You give a goaltender a big contract after one great year, what usually happens is the year turns out to be a fluke, the goaltender never performs as well again because it was a fluke, and you’ve got bad value. As you can see, at the very least, two-thirds of the big contracts given to supposedly elite goaltenders have turned out to be bad decisions and bad contracts.

    So once again, do not be fooled, the Kings should not give Jonathan Quick a big contract. It’s one of the worst things that could happen to the team. All the progress that has been made, it would throw a giant wrench in that.

    • I’m gonna answer some of this all in one place. Damn man this is a lot of words. For the first time I have to say I couldn’t read it all.

      How is it possible that not one of the best goalies in the league ended up on a bad defensive team?

      Rogatien Vachon.

      In my mind Quick is being handled badly by a guy known to expect too much from his goalie. Kiprusoff is the exception, and Sutter thinks all goalies can do it. I would guess the depth of the thinking is something like, “He’s a goalie, he is supposed to stop the puck.” Sutter is unaware that this is the third year where Quick has been overused in the playoff stretch and has annually slumped at this time of the season. Like Donovan wrote, “Must be the season of the witch…”

      Bernier had a shutout and was 5-1 against the Preds. He is a viable backup, and when Fox paraphrased Sutter as wanting to give his team the best chance to win by playing his “best” (read number one) goaltender I was shocked. Quick was not especially sharp for the Duck’s game, had never beat the Preds, has been off his game by going back to “overactive lately, and is, to me, clearly showing mental fatigue. Distract him by giving Bernier some ice, divert the mental fatigue into competitive energy.

      By fatigue, I am aware of the many days of rest before the Ducks game; in this case, I think it hurt Quick. I think the goaltending coaching he gets is sometimes not conducive to Quick’s personality. He style is easily corrupted into “trying to do too much” and the coaches (Ranford, et al) have been pushing a very pro-active set of techniques.

      I hate the prone, face-first lunge toward the puck, I don’t like the over-use of the poke check when pucks are at the end of his reach around the net, and when you see Quick over-sliding past posts and into the adjoining solar system leaving the net wide open you know he is overplaying situations. Many times, all he needs to do is remain upright against a post, and there will be no room to shoot at.

      I understand Quick is a reaction goalie, but at this time of year when he plays too often he gets into being an over-reaction goalie. That’s what I think, anyway. It’s not physical fatigue, per se; it’s an erosion of technique.

      • Player-X, why do I always agree with you? I’ll add my two cents worth here. I see it on a more ‘primal’ basis. You know how certain coaches are a bit more ‘level’? Bylsma for sure, Babcock is super intense but still more even than Sutter. Who else? Gulutzan also I like very much from how he looks behind the bench and interviews I’ve read. And I’m sure there are others.
        Sutter seems to me to be that ‘throwback’ type of a hockey guy that DL seems to like so much. When men were men, blah blah blah. The thing is as I’ve said so many times, the Kings travel is probably w the Ducks the toughest in the league, but the Ducks started the season in America, but the Kings didn’t. It Has to be catching up w Quick. It’s almost as dependable as Kopi’s December and January dips.

        All the specifics you bring up (yeah, I’ve sort of ‘felt’ the same thing wrt the prone face first lunge)…. overplaying situations etc. I told a friend of mine that I really like Bernier (and my friend really understands the game) but he insisted that Quick is the guy. Personally I don’t know, but I do know that the way they’re ‘managing’ Quick and ‘mismanaging’ Bernier is something I just don’t care for a whole lot.

        But I see things differently than many. I’ve read several times on Insider comments by people saying that the trade for Carter was a stroke of genius. Is it working out well? Clear.
        Though I saw it more as a move that DL had to make as 1) the team was obviously not scoring and 2) he had to do something to try and save his job.

        Bottom line; I don’t have quite the faith in the management group that I would in the management groups of seven or eight other teams…..

  10. Why are the COMMENTS turning into whole articles?? They are supposed to be COMMENTS based on the posting. With all due respect, if you want to write an entire article, start your own blog or email it to Surly & Scribe and have them post it as an article.

    • Jeff, I say let them speak. There are still educated people in the world that like to express their thoughts in prose versus the snippets of words that most people use when responding to blog articles.

      By the way, some of the comments are damn right interesting. Look at the goaltending comment from above. Do you expect him to say all that in fewer words? Hell no. Let me translate that article for you in the non-intellectual response:

      “Wow man! Look at the top 15 paid goalies in the league! They all suck bro! Don’t give Quick shit cuz he’ll tank next year. Fuck Lombardi.”

      Is that better?

    • … I think that 3TeamFan should start his own blog, and I say that with nothing but respect. I would follow it and post there, for sure. And, I empathize with him because I know what it feels like to think “I’m just gonna write a few sentences in this comment” and before I know it, it’s a page long. Sometimes, it just works like that.

      • He has his own blog. It’s sharkscircle.com I believe or something akin to that. It’s on our blog roll on the side of the page. Or do you mean a Kings blog? I think that would cause a conflict of Interest for him with the Sharks blog :)

        • He has his own blog. It’s sharkscircle.com I believe or something akin to that.

          … Oh, well that explains why I hadn’t noticed it before now.

          • Yeah haha, I just don’t like to advertise that I run a Sharks blog in the comments of a Kings blog. I mean literally, when you think about it, that could not be more contradictory. Right now, I mean, in a way it’s impossible to be a fan of both.

            Anyway, it’s complicated, I dont advertise it, but I didnt want to be dishonest either, which is why I made my account name 3 Team Fan, to tell people I like more than one team.

            Also when it comes to comment length, I apologize that I take up a lot of room when I comment. What I like about commenting as opposed to publishing articles on my own blog is that I don’t have to think them out, make them organized, make them professional and up to a high standard. If you read my work on my blog vs my comments, I mean one reads like a good writer (hopefully), and the other is messy. But it’s much more easy to be messy. When I comment, it’s not that my points are any less complicated than when I blog, they’re usually just as multi-faceted, which is actually the problem, why they still end up in long comments. The difference is when Im commenting, Im just trying to make that point fully as quickly as I can, which often means it comes out a bit messy.

            So that’s why the length. Im just trying to make my comment, without leaving out the subtleties of the point, as quickly as possible, and that often works against itself because it’s organized, so it ends up longer, and longer comments take longer to write.

          • Go Hanzeus!!!
            that Couture kid is pretty good too
            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • I don’t mind length of comment, but sometimes some of the points are repeated, and occasionally more than once, within the same comment. It is also a little strange when you write a very long comment and then reply to yourself. I know it indicates “afterthought” and you want to keep it near where it refers to but it’s a little weird. And just because it’s a comment, it isn’t exempt from the idea of “editing.” I like the thinking, I usally agree with much of what you say, and the “no ban” policy isn’t just about swearing.

            As far as the Sharks fan part, dear sir please tell that part of yourself to kindly fuck off. As far as the Kings fan part, welcome dude, have at it! (You know I am just kidding, right? I do not use emoticons…)

  11. When is Nick Nickson coming back to tv? Miller is absolutely past his prime, I mean how can one listen to that haircutt in the next seat without going elbow to head? Nick rocks.


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