I generally don’t listen to guys named “Bucky”. I have a similar rule with “Chip”, “Chet” and “Rusty”. But I suppose when Bucky starts talkin’ bout our Dustin, well then hell, we have to take a gander.

Bucky mentions toward the bottom of his Buffalo News article:

The Kings fielded several offers for winger Dustin Brown before deciding to keep him for the stretch run. Brown, on pace for his fifth straight 20-goal season, likely will be traded before next season. He has a $3.175 million cap hit and two full seasons remaining on his deal.

Dean Lombardi denied he shopped Brown. Maybe he didn’t. The offers could have been unsolicited. I doubt that. More likely, Deano was pissing down our back and calling it rain. We know he was busier than a blind man at a strip show up to the deadline and was probably madder than a snake that married the garden hose at Dustin’s performance leading up to it. If Bucky knows what the hell he is talking about, then “several offers” didn’t just weave themselves out of whole cloth. If Dean wasn’t shopping Brown, people wouldn’t have called and if they did call, they would have said howdy and asked “is he available” which would have been met with, “hell no he ain’t available”. They wouldn’t have come with offers. So, was Lombardi lyin’ like a no-legged dog? Don’t know. Probably.

That brings us back to Bucky and his claim. I know for some of you, the thought of trading Brown makes you about as happy as a dead pig in sunshine. But you can’t deny its possibility and the word “probability” makes you as mad as a mule chewing on bumblebees. Why would Dean trade Dustin? I will give you two reasons it may happen:

1. Brownie is due for a raise. He has a cap hit of $3.175. He will be in his “prime” years two seasons after this one and he will be a UFA. You don’t think someone will pay him $5 to $6 million per season? I do. That person isn’t Lombardi.

2. We need the cap relief. Dean kind of blew it. For all the talk about his cap management skills, we’re stuck in a worm hole even with Stoll and Penner’s contracts coming off the books. Jonathan Quick will want money, lots of it, probably well deserved. If his GAA and SV% stays around its current digits, will he want Pekka Rinne dollars? Hope not. I am thinking 6ish. We’re stuck with Carter and Richards for a while. Anze is at $6.8 and I doubt he goes anywhere. Doughty is at 7 million. Voynov will be due for a raise if he keeps getting better and possibly a big one. He is an RFA after next season. We’re already spending to the ceiling and have some long contracts on the books and some long ones coming up. I see Dean trading Brown for touted young forward prospects (not that I trust Lombardi’s judgment on the topic) and picks. This is partly the price of not drafting and developing top 6 forwards. Partly? This IS the price.

All of this assumes Dean Lombardi is even around. If I am a betting man, although Dean Lombardi probably thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow, I put money down that his neck is on the chopping block and, even if we do make the playoffs, anything other than a deep run means hello GM Gretzky. I am kidding about Gretzky. Or am I?

Why are we talking about this stuff? I agree. We’ve won three in a row. Forget I wrote anything. Bucky is probably crazier than a sprayed cockroach. GO KINGS!