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  1. I loved Doughty’s goal because of how hard he was calling for the puck (you can even hear it in this video) then absolutely buried it. I also liked Trevor Lewis’ because he came out of nowhere and lifted the puck over Peckers just like someone posted in the comments a few articles ago (the one about everyone shooting the puck high except for when the goalie is scrambling). If Carter had done this last game, we would have had a hat-trick.

  2. What’s up with the organ music after visiting team goals at the Preds arena? Sounds like
    being at a baseball game.

    Lesson: Good things happen when the Kings finally figure out making a play, such as Nolan
    giving to Doughty bursting down center with after burners on and gunning shot that scores.

    Keep showing this video to all the Kings every hour on the hour until game time.


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