Karma is a misunderstood term. I have heard many “modern” definitions of it. One variation (which I believe is incorrect) is if you do good things, good things happen to you. Do bad and bad happens. This definition is an adaptation of “what goes around, comes around.”

You don’t have to believe in any of that to feel how I do.

I am upset the L.A. Kings lost because I am a Die-Hard King fan. I love this team.

I am also happy for Jack Johnson, the fact he had a solid game, finished with the game winning goal and was a +2. I am a Jack Johnson fan. I see a ceiling some don’t. I see an all-star in a couple of seasons. Defensemen take longer? Jack will epitomize that statement. My opinion. Yours may differ.

I am happy the Columbus Blue Jackets offered to their fans the chance to change their “Carter” jersey nameplate with a “Johnson” at no charge. That is a cool thing to do for a small fan base. It has a down-home, country & Ohio feel to it.

I can “balance” the perspective of the loss with the above bigger picture, non-fanatic positives and still be angry we lost.

I am content if this game caused Dean Lombardi grief. You may not understand.

As for the game, it was simple. The Columbus Blue Jackets played better. Their aggressive forecheck and simple net attack kept the Kings on their heels. We were fortunate we didn’t go down 3-0 in the first 10 minutes. The Blue Jackets came out ready from the puck drop. We did not. Jeff Carter was meh. Did he have a shot on goal? If so, I didn’t see it. I did see his “whiff”. He should have been better. He is Dean Lombardi’s hail mary and dropped the ball tonight. Kopitar played well. Penner used his size. If everyone showed up tonight like Dustin Brown did, we would have won this game.

Some may advocate we should chalk this game up to “oh well, you can’t win them all.” When on the outside of the top 8 looking in, that is a dangerous perspective.

I will finish with Jack’s quote:

“This one felt good. This has been a really great change for me. I’ve been excited to come to the rink every day. These guys here have a blast here at the rink and it’s carrying over onto the ice. Guys are loose and having fun. That’s what this game is supposed to be all about.”

This isn’t a condemnation of the L.A. Kings. The Blue Jackets are at the bottom of the league. They won’t make the playoffs. They play the role of the spoiler. That is rewarding in its own way. That is fun. But having fun and being loose while playing spoiler or for pride doesn’t win championships and I hope Jack soon feels the pressure and intensity of competing for the playoffs. I want that for him.