Darryl Sutter Doesn’t Want To Single Out Mike Richards? How Interesting.

In the media scrum, Darryl Sutter was asked about needing more from Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.

SUTTER: “I’m not going to single any of that out. I think the only thing that kept us alive tonight was Jonathan Bernier and our penalty killing. Other than that, it was pretty much right across.’’

I don’t think the question (although it wasn’t posted) was only about the Blue Jackets game. Maybe it was. If so, I accept his answer as being limited to one game. If it wasn’t, I have a question.

Why would Darryl Sutter hesitate to call out Mike Richards? He has 1 goal in how many games? 30? More? He had no problem to single out Kopitar. Brown. Has Richards been that much better on a consistent basis over the past two months? Sutter all but took a shit on Dustin Penner.

I find this interesting. Does Richards get the kid glove treatment? No player who fails to do their job should.

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  1. Honeymoon period and all that.

  2. Uh, I don’t know what is up with your Sutter comprehension. But that says that he needed more from “pretty much right across”. Or everybody except Bernier and the PK units (I assume this means during their PK role).

    • How many players played poorly when he openly criticized Brown and Kopitar? Across the board? Brown and Kopitar deserved it. So does Richards.

      • Richards is a newbie and has had more lines than Richard Pryor!
        Dustin wears the “C” and Anze wears the “A”, enough fucking said!!
        Put Brown on the line with Richards and Carter.
        Put Williams, Kopitar and Nolan together.

  3. Can’t criticize our future captain ;)

  4. It does seem that the Kings have a dysfunctional relationship with Richards. Maybe the guy has a delicate ego and disparaging his play to the media will only make his performance worse . On the other hand, it could make it better…

  5. When Darryl Sutter asked Mike Richards who he was, Richards replied, “I’m Batman”, but he kept him in the lineup anyway.

    How much did Jeff Carter loaf tonight? 10 more years of this? I may sue myself for being a complete idiot for watching this.

    How about calling out Stoll for yet ANOTHER assinine penalty in the offensive zone?

    • Leave Stoll alone he’s hitting everything and great on face-offs.
      How about getting some scoring from the defense on a regular basis.
      Doughty and Greene are about it.
      Where’s Voynov and Martinez?
      Bring up Hickey and Moreau!
      Send Drewiske and Westgarth down!

  6. Just maybe, Richards is not happy here or is confused with the system and his roll on this team?

    Maybe he has discovered the reasons the team has flunked out so often over so many reasons and he does not know how to fix it himself?

    Otherwise, with all of that talent, why the draught?

  7. … Who’s going to call out the Darling of Los Angeles?

    I am.

    Who else?




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