In the media scrum, Darryl Sutter was asked about needing more from Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.

SUTTER: “I’m not going to single any of that out. I think the only thing that kept us alive tonight was Jonathan Bernier and our penalty killing. Other than that, it was pretty much right across.’’

I don’t think the question (although it wasn’t posted) was only about the Blue Jackets game. Maybe it was. If so, I accept his answer as being limited to one game. If it wasn’t, I have a question.

Why would Darryl Sutter hesitate to call out Mike Richards? He has 1 goal in how many games? 30? More? He had no problem to single out Kopitar. Brown. Has Richards been that much better on a consistent basis over the past two months? Sutter all but took a shit on Dustin Penner.

I find this interesting. Does Richards get the kid glove treatment? No player who fails to do their job should.