“They Changed The Way I Played…”

“When I came here they changed the way I played and I didn’t really want to do that. It took me a while to learn. Since I’ve been traded, they let me play the way I want to play.”

Jack Johnson wants to be an offensive defenseman. Not a defensive offensive defenseman or a defensive defenseman with offensive upside. Offense first. Get away from the blue line. Jump into the offense and pick up loose pucks. Did you see his game winning goal against us tonight? That. He wants the chains off.

Matt Moulson.

Teddy Purcell.

Wayne Simmonds.

Mike Richards? Dustin Penner? Kopitar’s streakiness? Dustin Brown’s? William’s? Doughty’s? 29th in goals per game?

How good would the L.A. Kings be if the team’s offensive skill-set was unleashed? Would the defense suffer? Would we have an offense and defense in the top 10?

Both camps, offense and defense, have arguments here. I come from a third. I see the merit in both. I see the value of balance. Do we have balance? Not yet. Perhaps we will. With this GM and coach? We will see.

Will the “independent” Rich Hammond have the courage to ask Dean Lombardi about this specific quote? It would be a pleasant surprise if he did. We will see.

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  1. They tried to teach him how to play defense. Something he wasn’t familiar with…He couldn’t adjust to both in LA.

  2. Jack then should be happy with no chains then. Over time however playing for a bottom dweller team becomes old and all of that initial enthusiasm can easily wear off over time. It will be golf time for him and his team in a month. If his teams flunks again next year, we can see whether he loses that fire in the belly. Did you see all those empty seats. That has to hurt the ego over time too.

    I just want some system to work. There needs to be a system. I am old school. Give me good old attack pressuring hockey, making other teams choke up penalties and making mistakes and puck turnovers and the like. Not only all of that attack hockey, but the team has to bury those chances that come along too.

  3. This game was dogshit. You gotta win this one. They’ve got a shit goal tender and we didn’t take advantage of it. 2 wasted points

  4. After hearing that why would a free agent want to come here?

  5. Richards ZERO goals in 21 games, 1 in 31 – coincidence? Or Coaching?

    • personally i don’t think it is a coincidence. not at this juncture any longer. i think there is enough evidence out there comparing ex-Kings to current and how their point production on either side has changed. the ex-Kings in Purcell, Moulson, etc all leave and over time have contributed at a level that would be perceived impossible while they were with LA. guys like Richards, Gagne, Penner come to LA and suddenly the net becomes the size of the goals they use in the all-star skill competition for the cross ice passes (like 4″x6″ – instead of 4’x6′). OK so Penner maybe doesn’t fit into this comparison, because personally with him i think there are other issues with him. first of which is desire.

      it was tough to see JJ wearing another sweater. personally i liked the guy. at least every night he played his ass off and left it all on the ice. did he make mistakes and some stupid plays, sure but again you knew every shift he was working.

      found it funny also most of the guys didnt really hit him either, well not at full steam. one play in particular was DB literally skated away from him and then went over and cleaned out Wisniewski instead.

      i agree though that JJ will be happy for awhile in CBJ. at some point when he’s likely around 27-30 and he realizes he won’t win in CBJ and get a shot at the Cup he will move along. i said it just after the trade and I will say it again. he will be in DET within the next 5 seasons. it is the perfect scenario for him to return home. to now play for a team that will be in a re-build and likely have to go through about two different phases and take 5+ years. when DET offers CBJ a #1 or packages something to CBJ for JJ the kid will be headed north.

      as for LA’s performance last night, once again the lack of closing skill killed them. they pressured the crap out of CBJ for stretches but like a sloppy drunk at last call, just couldn’t close the deal with the hottie at the end of the bar. i also thought they played poorly down low around JB last night and didn’t control the front of the net the way they needed to. JJ’s gwg is evidence of that.

      anyways on to DET and most likely something like a 5-2 ass spanking at the hands of the Wings. oh joy…….

  6. “Will the “independent” Rich Hammond have the courage to ask Dean Lombardi about this specific quote? It would be a pleasant surprise if he did. We will see.”

    Thanks for the laugh. A Kings employee grilling the GM?

    I just hope AEG is listening and Dean and the coaching staff is shown the door in April.

  7. I was really saddened to hear him talk like that and hope if we keep asking questions, the Kings org will have to address it as well.

    I wanted JJ to score last night, but only if we were ahead of them! Fricken BJ’s!

    • If he does ask, it’ll be unrecognizable with all the parenthesis and will probably come out like: “What do you think about Jack (In the Box) commenting on being forced to change their style of (bread)?”

  8. someone link the supposed Lebrun story with JJ. i want to see what he says. i hope he unleashes unholy wrath on DL and the staff at this point. it will be another reason for dismissal after this train wreck of a season

  9. Jack also spoke about how the coaches were better, and how the atmosphere was better in Columbus. Sure, he didn’t actually say, “better” but, he pretty much did.


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