“When I came here they changed the way I played and I didn’t really want to do that. It took me a while to learn. Since I’ve been traded, they let me play the way I want to play.”

Jack Johnson wants to be an offensive defenseman. Not a defensive offensive defenseman or a defensive defenseman with offensive upside. Offense first. Get away from the blue line. Jump into the offense and pick up loose pucks. Did you see his game winning goal against us tonight? That. He wants the chains off.

Matt Moulson.

Teddy Purcell.

Wayne Simmonds.

Mike Richards? Dustin Penner? Kopitar’s streakiness? Dustin Brown’s? William’s? Doughty’s? 29th in goals per game?

How good would the L.A. Kings be if the team’s offensive skill-set was unleashed? Would the defense suffer? Would we have an offense and defense in the top 10?

Both camps, offense and defense, have arguments here. I come from a third. I see the merit in both. I see the value of balance. Do we have balance? Not yet. Perhaps we will. With this GM and coach? We will see.

Will the “independent” Rich Hammond have the courage to ask Dean Lombardi about this specific quote? It would be a pleasant surprise if he did. We will see.