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  1. I LOVE that picture. I watch games 4 & 6 of the 2001 playoffs before the start of every season. Makes me cry especially when Osgood lays down in defeat in his own crease right after Adam drove the last nail into their coffin.

    A Red Wings loss is good anyday. Just win Kings!

  2. Fully vested now. I finally get to watch a game at home on KCOP! No more fucking blackouts, or local TV only since I’m now considered a local.

  3. Carter scores on the PP. Thank god!

  4. JFC!
    Is a good song by The Acacia Strain :)

  5. What terrible defensive zone coverage. That was like a tap in for Zetterberg.

    I hope this doesnt mean its over. When the Kings score first, its usually a good sign towards a win, but if the other team actually ties it, you wonder if the Kings can really gain two separate leads in one game. Seems more than they’re capable of.


  6. Maybe Carter can teach Kopi how to play with grit and power. Just sayin…

  7. Take them DOWN!!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. … Damn, Twitter sucks a fat one sometimes.

    Makes me laugh when these other bloggers start thinking they’re “experts” and throw out random incorrect stats and the weirdest times. How retarded.

  9. Bob Miller = Great Kings Fan

  10. Honestly I am so sick of being an LA Kings fan. Im glad I watch other teams but this is still so… Im just so sick of it. Tie game, ten minutes to go, Kings get lucky, get a powerplay opportunity. For any other team, this is huge. This is the point in the game that the other team’s fans are supposed to talk about afterwards, bitching about how the referees cost them the game, or that their player shouldn’t have taken some idiotic penalty.

    Thats what it’s like with the Sharks, to be honest. If they dont score on that powerplay, they at least have 1:30 of zone time, and about five near misses. The pressure just builds. It’s a pressure cooker.

    The Kings went all 2 minutes nonchalant, nothing happened, if you didnt know any better you would have thought it was 5 on 5 five minutes into the game, or garbage time with the game already decided.

    It’s just flat out incompetence. Not that the players looked like they were especially working hard, either, and maybe some blame has to go on them, too, but at the root of the problem is that the powerplay set up – really, the whole offense, is incompetent. There is no plan. I don’t know who is putting together the plan, I dont understand how an NHL coach could be this inept. How do you get to that high a level of coaching without understanding the game at all? There are like 50 teams the average fan could point out that these coaches can’t see. They are stupider than the average NHL fan. I don’t understand how this is even possible.

    Im just sick of this. It’s the (1) mediocrity of the team, it’s the (2) frustration from knowing they could be better if it wasn’t for the, wait for it, (3) incompetence surrounding them and running them.

    I dont fucking understand, but Im sick of it. This is the most boring and incompetent team in the NHL in this respect. They are. No one comes close. Every team has their problems, but at least none of them are a result of absolute incompetence and failure to understand the NHL game at a basic level. The Islanders might be poor defensively, but that’s because they don’t have a good defense, and they’re young, not because the coach can’t count to 10 without messing up.

    No team is run like the LA Kings. Jamie Kompon and Daryl Sutter have to be the worst coaching pairing in NHL history. Im not exaggerating. They are. It’s a joke. This isn’t just bad, it’s 10x worse than what any other fans of any teams have had to deal with. It’s insanity. I dont understand how we’re watching a professional sports team. They are supposed to be managed by professionals who know their craft, and instead somehow we’ve gotten flat out incompetence, not by professional standards, not by NHL standards, but by five-year-old standards.

    I don’t understand.


  12. You got to be fucking kidding me and on my birthday no less. Fuck fuck fuck You Kings you kill

  13. For the record I wrote that when the game was tied 2-2, before this latest absolute disaster.


    No words.

    For the record, when the Kings went up 3-2, I was thinking about how I would write a comment saying winning the game changes nothing about how I feel, that I still hate this team.

  14. We fuckin suck. I wonder who will be traded first by the new manager.

  15. That finish was beyond embarassing. SHAMED.

  16. … I warned you guys about Quick and the month of March.

    4 goals allowed on 15 shots. That kind of tending makes it real difficult to win. The Kings needed a goddamned occasional save. Vezina Trophy candidate my ass.

    • Seriously. Dissapointing performance by J. Quick…

    • This loss was not on Quickie.

      If I had to choose a player I’d say Richards.

      • … I’m not pinning this on Quick. There is a lot of blame to go around. Richards was fucking terrible. Doughty had poor moments and looked even worse because he got no damned help.

        I’m just saying that 4 goals on 15 shots makes it real damned hard to win. They NEED the goalie to make a fucking save once in a while. Quick was just as bad as anyone else.

      • And voynov played horrible.

    • Vezina candidate? No. 7 million dollar a year cap-killing goaltender? Yes, if Lombardi has anything to say about it.

      One more reason I hope he’s fired, although most other GMs are idiots, too, and whoever replaces him will probably overpay Quick, too.

    • Hey Dutch…. you out there man? Check it out. I posted just yesterday (or the day before) on Insider about Quick. What I said is “he’s trending down”. So the guy comes back and says trending down my —-. He’s got a 2.00 GAA in the last four games and 3-1 record (I think).

      So that’s what I get. TM burnt him out two years ago. Credit to Sutter, he’s done an epic job of the same this year. And that’s what ya get. They get loses and I take stick… but it doesn’t bother me, cause I know that people like you and Player-X know the game.

      • … You just can’t get outplayed by Joey fucking McDonald in a game where the Kings got three goals, but Quick found a way. He finds a way to get outplayed, game after game. This is not a new thing. Everyone blames the offense, blames the coaches, blames everyone else … but I’m telling you right here and now that Quick has been just good enough to lose many times this season. Score one, Quick finds a way to give up two. Score two, he finds a way to give up three. Score three, he finds a way to give up four. It is goddamned frustrating.

        I don’t mind taking the loss if the team gets outplayed. But tonight, the Kings played well enough to win, and they needed their goalie to hold it down. He wasn’t up to the task. And that’s plain and fucking simple.

        This is a dishearting situation. They really could have used a win here.

        • Listen, there is probably something to everything. Quick’s play, the REALITY of where Jack Johnson was in his development, coaching, etc. etc. But to me, it all starts at the top.
          The top should in theory be the ownership group. But we know that they aren’t like any other normal ownership group being really involved in their team.

          So next step is GM. And I for one just think two essential things. A) I think he has huge issues wrt his vision. It’s too rigid. The systems too rigid and he doesn’t seem to handle situations well. B) Now with the chemistry of the team having changed so dramatically from a year ago when a huge part of the core was Simmer, JJ and eventually Schenn, I don’t think he has a handle as to what would need to be done to get it back on track.

          I think they could do well with a new voice. As for Quick, well, just don’t know what to say. I saw briefly the highlight of the tying and winning goals and the d looked absolutely atrocious as well.

          And paying Doughty $7M at the moment looks like a major scam.

          • … I don’t know. I’m just frustrated.

            Yes, the D could have been better at key times. But the Wings were able to pluck a guy out of the AHL and he made a terrific couple of saves in the last minute of the game. Just once, it’d be nice if Quick did that. Whatever. In the end, it’s just another loss.

          • Hey, I was looking for YOU. Check this out. Are you ready? Was just quickly looking at the comments on Insider, and this guys post complains about DL. OK, I’ve seen this stuff already, so what? But then he says …. DL has traded away Five No.1 picks. And I’m thinking what in God’s name is he talking about?
            So I started figuring it out. He’s RIGHT!!! Five No. 1 picks. JJ, Schenn, Teubert, 1st to Edm, 1st to CBJ, and then I’ll add a 2nd to Philly and Simmer who is Playing like a 1st.

            I feel like it’s Sam McMaster and whoever else all over again. Man, that IS depressing.
            And for all of that we have ……tah dahhhhh…… Richards and Carter. At least they played for Philly.
            I want a new GM.
            Hopefully it wouldn’t be like Pete Townsend said once, ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.

          • Never mention Sam the Disaster McMaster ever again. I still have migraines over the Alexei Zhitnk trade. How dare you, sir

  17. I’m gonna go get shit faced after that epic disaster

  18. Unbelievable!

  19. Come on all…a Detroit team WITHOUT their top guys STILL embarassed the Kings. This is fucking hilarious. …it’s beyond bad…it’s comedy. If we can’t laugh at this…we can’t laugh at anything.

    Kings have proven they’re a joke, now we can just sit back and laugh.

    You see Doughty try and cover that guy on the game winning goal? Shit was funny as hell. 7 million baby. 7 million.

  20. Im starting to realize, as bad as this team is offensively, they’re not even a good defensive team. I mean to say, their defense is not as good as the numbers. It’s just that they play so conservatively offensively, keep guys back constantly, that they have good defensive numbers. But when push comes to shove, like against SJ last postseason, or tonight, when they have the lead against talented teams and they start pressing to score goals, the Kings defense actually sucks. Drew Doughty is not nearly as good defensively as people think. He cant skate backwards at all. Matt Greene and Alec Martinez absolutely suck. Willie Mitchell is a good defenseman but he’s not a number two. The strength of the Kings before, good two-way forwards, has been weakened because they brought up two rookies in Nolan and King who are, well, rookies, and you cant expect them to be good defensively. Not to mention so many odd parts like Penner, Richardson, Fraser, Clifford. While it’s true the Kings top forwards like Kopitar and Richards are good defensively, now they’ve added so many random pieces in an effort to better the offense (or just out of incompetent management like with Fraser), the two-way ability of the forward group overall has diminished.

    Mostly, though, the coaches just fucking suck.

    • Watching the team huddle around Kompon during those timeouts and then scramble around with a two man advantage like headless chickens made me want to choke someone.

      • I was thinking that same thing. So frustrating.

      • This is Dean Lombardi’s fault. How fucking long have THE FANS KNOWN THAT KOMPON NEEDED TO BE FIRED?


        When the General Manager can’t fucking realize something THE FUCKING FANS ALREADY KNOW, guess what, YOU’RE NOT A GOOD GENERAL MANAGER. In fact, you’re not even a smart human. The average NHL fan is an idiot, so if you’re more incompetent than the average fan, you’re a FUCKING IDIOT.

        And that’s you, Dean Lombardi. A fucking idiot. You deserve your fate, and it’s coming soon. Have fun never getting another GM job in your life. That’s all you’ve done for years, I bet you’ll be lost now not having a team to manage, and I’m glad. Lombardi has brought this on himself (and all of us, unfortunately). We’re suffering for his stupidity.

        Daryl Sutter is just as bad as Kompon. I honestly wish they’d never fired Terry Murray. I would have thought this impossible months ago, but Murray was twice the coach Sutter is.

    • “He cant skate backwards at all.”

      ok guys, lettuce be reality.

  21. Well……..That was disheartening.

  22. Mike Richards sucks donkey balls.

  23. They don’t want it bad enough. Season has been a waste. Sloppy. Careless. Incompetent.
    Slow, and out of shape. These guys really looked tired, really tired at the end.
    Hockey 101: Why can’t you clear pucks!. Look before you do something stupid with the puck!
    Penner plays another game for the Kings it is total asinine. One of the worse pieces of cream puff that my dog would not eat as a table scrape. How can Sutter and DL suit up that
    piece of jello. Give him his money and a one way ticket to Siberia.
    Lewis: How many games will it take for the Kings to see that he is dead space on the ice. They might as well play 4 players on the ice than put him on the ice.
    Richards: Comes to LA and starts smoking the local weed? What is wrong with him? Can somebody put some truth serum into him and get him on the camera to tell us what is wrong, and why he looks like a minor league player. These guys are carrying forth the traditional LA choke curse somehow buried under Staples and it radiates where ever they go, home or away;
    Next up, an obviously now dejected, destroyed, and paralyzed team, rip for the slaughter in Chicago. Why bother to show up. Just call in the loss and fly home now….

  24. Richards is overrated…really stupid pass down low that set up the goal. No problems having Sutter bench his dumb ass. Maybe it’ll wake his ass up.

    The Wings just have that aura about em. They’re down but they’re not out it’s only a matter of time before they score another goal. They just “know” that they’re going to score. They’re not Hoping they Know. 23 straight home game wins or whatever there’s no way in Hell the Kings are going to come even close to that.

  25. Funny! Now that JJ is no longer taking all the defensive zone coverages against opposing top end offensive players, DD, and Scuderi’s +/- is gonna suffer taking those match ups. Don’t be surprised if their +/- ends up -10 in a couple of weeks.

    • I am repeating myself but I do not like the Doughty/Scudari pairing..Scudari has not been playing up to his game lately..I have noticed he is on ice for more goals against of late :(
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  26. Here is something: when they had the core built up two years ago, every time there would be talk of a trade, or taking on a free agent like Dany Heatley, I kept thinking….no, no. It’s not that. I think you have to be VERY CAREFUL when you make big moves. Penner for me was the start.
    To credit Lombardi, in spite of the ridiculously over the top defense from the back out defense from the back out, etc, I think he was in spite of himself on the way to building something with the team. They had a good core. Simmonds, Johnson who was only gonna get better, and Schenn (THN No. 1 prospect not playing in the nhl). Now they’re all gone and there seems to be exactly Zero heart on the team.

    Except in the games where they’ve come from behind. Actually just realized that that was a bit last year and then two years ago. This year, just finding ways to lose, not holding leads.
    Phoenix – a 3 goal lead, tonight a lead gained w five mins. left and then two goals against.
    It’s really sad, and as for me I’d not be bothered to see another voice come into the management team, because I think Dean has rather lost the plot.
    If I could have that core back…. Simmer, Schenn and Johnson, I’d do it in a second. But I suppose it doesn’t matter, because the two we got back in exchange are Flyer alumni.

    Does it sound as though I’m not happy about the direction of this team?

  27. ARE. YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING. ME????????!!!!!! I just knew it when they went up with a five minutes to go. I had that sinking feeling every Kings fan has; that it’s just a matter of time before we blow it. How embarrassing. ARGH!!!!

  28. Imagine murray gets replaced before this season and we still have johnson, schenn, simmonds, poni, zeus and potentially smyth. Damn… With an offensive coach too.

    • Never thought of that. Also, I don’t think it was so much an issue of an Offensive coach, as a coach who could be more malleable in terms of shifting between d and offense.
      Ken Hitchcock for one seems to be managing quite well over in St. Louis.

  29. Scuderi -4
    Doughty -3

    Jack would be proud.

    Mitchell +2
    Voynov +1

    Guess when dean gets fired? I say April 1st. :)

    • Looking at the H2H match ups, it looks like Mitchell, and Voynov have taken DD’s old match ups, and Scuds, and DD have taken the shut down roll JJ used to play. I thought Voynov would take those match ups, but DD taking them makes sense.

      DD and Scuds are gonna end up on everybodies shit list soon, and David Johnson will be doing an article on just how bad is DD. Too bad nobody see’s that it has more to do with how the Kings use their pairings.

  30. Detroit really wanted this game because a class team wants that #1 seed, which is the percentage bet to the Stanley Cup. Bang up, bandaged team, missing some stars, and the Kings choke it up.
    This team has no character worthy to hold up the best prize in sports. A championship type team proves itself during the season, at the important times, like tonight (yesterday too).
    Please put them into the insane asylum for treatment, before they make all of us fans admit ourselves into one this season.

  31. We had a big team that was good defensively and could cycle, but still not score. As fondly as we remember that team now, it still wasnt good enough to win anything.

    Then we had a more skilled version, with Mike Richards but before Jeff Carter, but we lost the size, and it wasnt good enough.

    Then we got Jeff Carter and a new defensive style coach, and it still wasnt good enough.

    They have tried a couple different things, and it hasnt worked. The ONE THING that hasnt been tried is having a young, smart coach with new ideas, like Dan Bylsma.

    So that’s what Im ready for. Enough with all the bullshit. I want Sutter and Kompon gone right now, Im sick of waiting. The season is over if they arent fired. They fucking suck. I hate them. I wish they would resign.


    Seriously, do they have no dignity? I cant believe the selfishness and obliviousness to how bad they are.

  32. Seriously, if it were me I’d be tempted to do a ‘semi-rebuild’. Not sure how you’d go about it as so many good players have left the premisses. Not like you’re gonna trade Doughty now with that contract. But the team needs a major face-lift because it’s got issues.
    It doesn’t even take someone who understands hockey very well to see that.

  33. What I hate about this team and its incompetent coaches the most is the feeling of hopelessness I get when they fall behind in a game. This is what goes entirely against the fan experience, that’s what’s so bad about this team. Being a fan is about crazy comebacks, never being out of a game, and most of all, the feeling that anything can happen, even a “miracle on ice.”

    The Kings are the opposite of the miracle on ice. When they fall behind, it’s over. Once the score went to 4-3, I fast-forwarded to the end of the game, hoping Id see the goal number change from 4-3 to 4-4, but knowing it wouldn’t.

    After the game, now I found out that the Kings actually had a two-man advantage at the end. But that’s the point, the details that would usually matter, to the team and the fans, are irrelevant this team. I’ve fast forwarded before when the Kings have been down late and my DVR was behind enough to fast forward, and I cant remember the Kings actually coming back to tie once.

    The details are irrelevant when they all yield the same result. The Kings could get ten 5-on-3’s in a row, they wouldn’t be able to come back in a game. It’s not in their DNA, certainly not in Kompon’s.

    And that’s why they are such a detestable team, the worst team to root for in the NHL. A team with absolutely no potential for magic or comebacks, only the opposite, it goes against the entire fan experience.

    I hate this team. It’s a disaster. And it’s also 100% unbefitting of L.A. Dean Lombardi has built the worst possible team for a city like LA, and hired even worse coaches.

    How fucking thick are all these people?

  34. It’s clear to me now why Philly let Richards go. They obviously knew something that DL didn’t and that he’s an overrated primadonna that talks a big talk but his walk is that of a munchkin.

    Did Philly really roll the dice and gamble letting Richards go while we gave up Simmonds and Schenn? I’d say the laugh is on us cuz Philly currently has 83 points and is pretty much an ins for the playoffs while the Kings are the biggest laughing stock in the NHL. Preseason talk about being a legit cup contender? I wouldn’t think people would stop laughing about it now.

  35. Kings need 19 points in 14 games, to get to the consensus 93 point playoff threshold. That’s 10-4, 10-3-1, 9-4-1, 9-3-2, 8-3-3,…

    The most losses in any scenario, from just my quick figuring here, is 4. The Kings have a negative magic number of being OUT with just 4 more losses among 14 games. Sound like the team you know, able to lose only 4 of 14? The dirty little secret that Jim Fox is not saying, or anybody in the organization is admitting although they MUST know, is that the King’s loss to Columbus was a loss we could not afford, given the likelihood of losing to Detroit. For this team to be in a position to win against Detroit and lose it anyway, was the moment any realistic hope of making the playoffs ended. And, the Team, the Coaches and the GM and his staff all know it.

    Barring an EPIC run, the Kings are OUT.

    • Quick little quiz: How do the L.A. Kings spell “summer”?

    • “The dirty little secret that Jim Fox is not saying, or anybody in the organization is admitting although they MUST know, is that the King’s loss to Columbus was a loss we could not afford, given the likelihood of losing to Detroit.”

      Agree 100% that was a game they had to take. One could argue past games but those don’t really count since they’ve been played and there’s nothing the team can do about it now. Any team below us in the standings needs to be a win to set up that point cushion for more skilled teams. This season may be like Dallas last year where they missed a playoff spot by 2 points. If that’s the case how bad will that Columbus loss really be?

      The Kings will be contending for a cup alright. A cup where you pull a flag out of it as they drink beers, down hotdogs and apple fritters.

    • That’s called going on a run. I fucking guarantee you they won’t get those points.

    • Yeah as I saw that gwg go in I said to my chick, there it goes…
      She said there goes what? I said the kings season.

      That was dogshit

    • When they had 18 games left, I said they needed 25 points to get in (I predicted 12-5-1) and I actually made a little chart in my phone of how many points they had at that point (70)…so 95 points, to me, was what they needed since most of the teams around them keep getting points, too.

      Thus far, they are 2-2 …

      (I also predicted they’d go 8-8-2 since that’s who they are)

      I still have a small hope they’ll prove me wrong…

  36. The fat lady is ironing her dress…

  37. Sharks, Phoenix, Dallas, all laughing tonight, giddy, party time, as they have keep looking at the Kings in the rearview mirror. Kings bus is stuck in reverse, rolling back off of a cliff.

    Kopi’s interview tonight:

    We did not…ah….figure how….ah….how to put…..ah….da puck….in the net….because….ah…..I don’t know why….ah ah ah….since it is…..ah….we never…ah
    figured the where da puck…ah…was going next….because….ah….the puck was going…
    in the opposite way….ah….that we was going….tonight…..I think maybe….

    Sutter interview tonight:

    I told DL before he hired me that the Kings suck and there was no human coach around that could save their butts this year. I told DL that his group was jinxed and lazy and had too much of the good life with too much money to spend at the beach, parties, and with the LA chicks.

    I told DL that his best bet was to hire my good buddy and chimpanzee to coach the team this year because they can know how to be trained and can set set an example for the Kings to play better.

    I showed DL this video of my buddy chimp that had better skills than the Kings. DL watched this video and thought it was a great idea. He called the chimp and the chimp said hell no. The chimp said that the Kings were untrainable and it was not worth even trying.

    After the chimp turned down the coaching job, DL called me back and gave me an offer I could not refuse. That offer is private just between me and him and my buddy chimp, who advised me that DL will put skates on my buddy chimp and sign him to a huge Kings contract with me getting a piece of the action. I said what the hell, that was an offer I could not refuse. DL and I are now working to sign my buddy the Chimp when the team gets back to LA and we can prepare for next year.

  38. Turned on radio on drive home just in time to hear the kings taking a 3-2 lead. Turned to 93.1 to listen to some music. Got home and turned on my pc to see the result…Deep down inside I knew this would happen. I need to get away for a while.

  39. Dick! Dry, un-Vaselined, dick rammed up our ass!

    I hate hockey. I hate this motherfucking sport!

  40. Fuck it. I want a lottery pick so we can g because if anyone has analyzed ian lombardi’s draft picks he has clearly concentrated on high end forwards and totally ignored defensemen and goalies. We really need a high end lottery pick so we can get a defenseman. What a fucking joke of a game.

  41. Season tickets for next year don’t look so appealing anymore

    • With 55% increased, did they ever?

      How come Jack Johnson tells Bob Miller he’s happy because now he’s playing defense the way he knows how to play defense and has the numbers in just a few games to prove it – How come Mike Richards has ZERO goals in 22 straight games? How come Kopitar looks like he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing?


  42. The only thing this organization has ever been good at, is bending over.

    I think the root of this problem, is that down deep into the heart of the purple and gold, buried underneath the surface of the Staples Center, lingering in the owner’s and manager’s offices, is an undeniable acceptance of FLAT OUT FUCKING FAILURE.

    Year after year, it’s a normality for people to not be doing their job, and not face any of the repercussions that one would who’s employed by an organization with pride. There is nothing about this franchise that resembles being a “winner”. Nothing. It’s just a two syllable word that Dean Lombardi likes hearing himself say.

    You think there’s anyone on the fucking planet that think Jamie Kompon is a respectable coach? Fuck no. Can anyone honestly watch Dustin Penner take a shift, and think to themself, ‘this is a good hockey player’?

    Failure is prevalent at every level of this organization, and when your fine with it, you’re inviting it.

  43. After the embarrassing season ending loss to Detroit that only had 1/2 of its best players on the ice, with a 3rd string goalie, DL issued a press statement that he is compelled to make another final trade to get the Kings into the playoffs.

    DL says (for the 15th time) that he finally located the best prospect that will at least be dynamic, very athletic, reliable, durable, and fully trainable and coachable to lead the team on his shoulders to 8th seed by April’s end.

    On Monday back in LA they will hold a news conference and give the media all the details and specifications of their new superstar.

    Here is a clip preview of their new star that will be unstoppable and be unstoppable by the opposition:

    We bow down to you DL for another brilliant skilled acquisition that will save the season.

    A great deal was arrived at for a cost of 40 tons of bananas per week.

    Go Kings Go, where you now have the missing to penetrate deep into the playoffl

  44. I will go this far and this far only. If Deano can pick up a third line the calber of Zues, Meat and Poni, and get Richards and Kopi quality wingers ( dont laugh ) this team could be great. As of now, we have three wanna-be stoppers and two wanna-be scoring lines. Unfuckingfortunately we’re only allowed four lines.Why the fuck did Deano pick up Richards to score goals, then have him used by his dumbass coaches as a stopper line? One last shot Deano whom I may start calling Pruno (homemade prison wine) to get it right. Are you conscious, Pruno? Two scoring lines, one stopper, one stopper/ crash line. All of which can score timely goals. Moneyball…..Money these nuts and do your fucking jkb.

  45. At this point, what the hell do we have Centered lose by moving Carter to Center, Give him a good winger, and use Richards as a third line stopper. Makes more since than trading for Richards, Carter, and Penner, and then trying to make Selke players out of these scorers. Let them fucking be creative and score. It’s why PRUNO Lombardi got them in the first place. I swear Pruno would trade Gretmy and Lemieux if they broke the 30first goal mark. FUCK YOU PRUNO AND FUCK YOUR COACHES

  46. Today is a new day, I’m over last night. I still love the kings :) On to Chicago!


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