From Matt Greene via Hammond talking about Darryl Sutter’s system changes:

“No. He’s not doing anything that we haven’t seen over the course of our entire lives. When you’re at this level, it shouldn’t matter what system you’re playing. You’ve played everything, coming up to this point, so you should be able to adjust and you should be able to adapt to it. All our forwards, first through fourth line, and all our D-men have played. The things that he’s telling us are going to help us win games. It’s not foreign to anybody.’’

Jonathan Quick on what he has noticed regarding this mysterious thing called a system:

“For the most part, they’re hockey plays. You’re just trying to make reads. No matter what kind of system we have in place, there’s going to be chances where your team needs you to make a save. You’re just playing hockey out there. Wherever the shot comes from, that’s where it comes from.’’

I don’t understand. I thought the “system” was just a figment of our imagination, that everyone, all teams, really player the same system. So what are these adjustments that were made? Why does Matt Greene say, “it shouldn’t matter what system you’re playing.” What is he talking about? And Quick? “No matter what kind of system we have in place?” Come on Jon. There is only one. The Kings play and have played the same system as the Detroit Red Wings forever and a day. That is why there has been so much resemblance between the two teams’ style of play over the years. And Pittsburgh? How could you tell the difference between them and what Terry Murray instilled in his three and a half seasons? And Sutter now? This is clearly a bunch of crap. The players must be making shit up.

And for the real sacrilege from Quick when asked about shot totals:

“They’re going to get good chances. The shot total, that’s just a stat. If you look at stats, stats are for people that don’t know the game, for bird-watchers. We lost the game. That’s all it is. We lost 4-3. We have a big game tomorrow, and that’s all we’re focused on.’’

Quick is out of his mind. Hockey isn’t played on ice. It’s played on an excel spreadsheet.