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  1. REALLY? REALLY? Seeing it ONCE is ENOUGH!!!

  2. Make it go away daddy, i’m scayyerred…

  3. Both games were winnable. They beat themselves as usual.

    Kopi, Brown, Richards, it is all up to you dudes to salvage the season, as Carter is suppose to be your ticket to #8 seed. Please win 10 games even if it means you disobey Sutter and DL’s orders.

  4. Too soon Bobby…too soon.

  5. Hope the Kings coaching staff is at least watching. They certainly weren’t paying attention during the game.

    How we could have the lead, Detroit had been attempting to attack the middle all night, they already score 2 from passing plays between the dots, and yet………give up 2 more goals on passing plays to the slot to lose the game is frustrating.

    Columbus game, JJ, right down the gut, Letestu in the goal mouth. Out of the last 7 goals scored against in the last 2 games, only 1 came from the point, and that one was still a diagnal feed through the slot to a wide open pointman who fired from inside the dots.

    Kings aren’t shutting down the middle anymore defensively.

  6. When was the last time there wasn’t a california team in the playoffs?

    SJ lost tonight and are in 9th, Kings in 11th and ducks in 12th.


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