Patrick Sharp may have faked me off the couch with his move but he didn’t fool Jonathan Quick.

I may have gotten religious at the end of overtime but I was back to my old self by its end.

We may have been one less outstretched glove and 2 inches away from losing this game but we won.

This game nearly killed me but I survived and survived is exactly what the Kings did by the skin of their teeth.

We blew another third period lead. Our defense again looked suspect at times. For all the accolades Mike Richards received for that shootout goal, he also made more mistakes tonight but damn, did he work hard out there.

Drew Doughty. Mistakes. Hustle. But mistakes.

Jeff Carter is a fucking goal scorer. He can snipe. I love the fact he is not a Dean Lombardi player and our idiot GM had to go outside of his comfort zone to acquire him to save his job. It further proves why Dean is an idiot. Had Dean done his job in the past 5 years and 11 months, he wouldn’t have needed to trade Jack Johnson and yet another first. Even if we make the playoffs and get past the first round, I want Lombardi gone and the rest of his crew with him. I want to be G.M.

Slava Voynov. Two mistakes tonight in the defensive zone but what a goal. Puck on his stick and in the back of the net. This kid is gold. Guess we have to give Lombardi credit for this one.

I hate our powerplay. Hate it with a passion I cannot begin to explain. Maybe a drawing will help (click on the image to make it erect).

This is a powerplay formation (sometimes called a low release), one I love and one I see the better teams use regularly. The red arrows represent passes. The purple represents skating. There are about 5-6 different versions of this, each designed to give options for a one timer. It is a difficult formation to defend against exactly because of those options. Here, the F1 passes the puck to the D2 who passes it to the F2. The F2 passes it to the F3 (ideally a left hander) just as the F3 comes off the boards (unguarded because he is away from the PK box). The F3 then looks for the F1 that is collapsing in as shown on the diagram from the back side for a one timer or the D1 coming in from up top, also for a one timer. This gives two one time shot possibilities from prime scoring areas and also away from the goaltender’s vision because the passes do not initiate from in front of him. This forces him to guess and either over or underplay the pass because he cannot immediately read whether the pass is going to his weak side or up top. The F3 also has the option to take the puck himself to the net which would then cause the F1 and D1 to crash and the F2 to rotate in. If the puck comes loose toward the F1, he has an open side. If it comes up high, then the D1 has the shot into the frantic PK unit or the F3 can pick up his own rebound. So, one powerplay formation gives numerous options starting with 2 one timer options, a driving to the net option and rebound options that don’t start from the point. HIGH PERCENTAGE SCORING OPTIONS. That is what makes for a great and non-static powerplay.

Would that fucking idiot Jamie Kompon implement something like this? No. Why? Because he is an idiot. We have the skill set for this play and others like it. We simply don’t maximize the golden opportunities given to us which is why our powerplay suffers and is, at best, streaky. Tonight, Jacob and I did a podcast with Jesse Cohen of All The Kings Men Podcast (which should air shortly and after Jesse bleeps out Jacob and I cursing and, yes, what you read is what you get with us) and I shared my frustration about this very topic and about the lack of using formations just like this. So, when you hear that podcast, perhaps seeing this will make more sense to you.

Hey! We got 2 points but we are still out of a playoff spot, tied with Calgary and they get the tiebreaker for now.

We want Anaheim (disgusting) to beat Colorado, Edmonton to beat San Jose and Nashville to beat Phoenix tomorrow. I hate that we are scoreboard watching. Fuck.

Go Kings!