Kings vs. Hawks Open Forum: The Sweat On Lombardi’s Balls

Oh how they trickle.

Some don’t like the label “must win.” Others use it too much. How about this – we lose tonight’s game and we’re fucked. While we could still make the playoffs, we no longer play Colorado, Phoenix or Dallas although we play San Jose three times. That means we pretty much have to sweep San Jose and even that wouldn’t assure our entrance into the top 8. We are scoreboard watchers. Our destiny is marginally in our own hands. On the subject of scoreboard watching, Calgary plays Minnesota tonight. We need the spiraling Wild to win for a fucking change. If they win and we win, we leapfrog Calgary and are tied with Colorado with 76 points. Colorado is currently in 8th place but they have played 2 more games than we have so, technically, I think we land in 8th place. Hey, what do you want from me? It’s all I got to make you cheer.

If the Kings don’t make the playoffs, will you flip out? I might. I may go full crazy. I am talking signs, assembling about 100 of my closest friends and picketing outside Leiweke’s office with “FIRE LOMBARDI and COMPANY” signs. Maybe “FIRE YOURSELF, TIM” signs as well. I bet I can get those guys and gals outside Staples with the Bible verses on signs to join in. When they ask me who Dean Lombardi is, I will tell them, “he is a demon who believes himself to be the truth, the way and the light to the holy grail and our salvation.” Technically, I wouldn’t be lying. Well, maybe the demon part but how do you know he isn’t a demon? I haven’t ruled it out. Have you seen his hire, Darryl Sutter and all of the strange facial expressions he makes? I see something moving around under his skin that makes his face convulse like that and if Sutter is a demon, then Lombardi, as his employer and close friend, has to be one. Archfiend by association.

The boys at Second City Hockey (A Chicago Blackhawks blog) are hilarious. They did an interview with The Royal Halfass, Spreadsheet and us regarding the game. Check out the Second City Hockey Newsletter. We are on page 11 under “Know Thy Enemy”. What commitment to insanity. God bless them. May they cry tears of defeat through the night.

This is your open forum.

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  1. People who don ‘t believe in must-wins have never played the game and sit at home on their laptop computers computing possibility parabolas.

    Let’s go further back in the playoff hunt because you are incapable of better.

    Lets go * clap clap, tear tear tear*

  2. We have to be realistic here. The season has been a disaster even if they luck out and make #8 seed. The team is demoralized in any event because they had hopes for a high seed. Afterall, a coach was fired, JJ was sent away for the sins of others. Worse of all, how about playing game after game this year and being shut out or merely getting one goal? How can any forward who as a kid wanted to be a star hockey player be in good spirits and feel good after showing up and your own team scores one goal, and the one goal comes in the second half of the second period.

    Realistically, that is mentally damaging to a pro player in hockey. There were born and bred to score and did a lot of that as a kid and in juniors and the minors even. Now, when you go through a season eroding league low embarrassing draught in goals, the psyche is blown away and it takes all kinds of time for healing, which the Kings don’t have now.

    I bet making no seed or the #8 seed is not really that big of a deal to the team now. It maybe to Sutter or DL, but, they are not players.

    Also, the mind set of the opponents is that they know the Kings are a team in shambles, and the opponents figure they can beat up the Kings (i.e. lowly Jackets and “B” team Wings). So, the opponents, such as Chicago, the start the game at home figuring this is a win on a team in disarray.

    Yes, this is a must win game, and every game they play now is a must win, but that was the case for Columbus and Detroit and they came up empty.

    I will pose a very controversial question and people are going to throw knives at me—why do we really want or need this team to achieve #8 seed? Why is it important? For whose benefit is it that they make #8 seed. I really don’t want or need an #8 seed when the pre-season hype of a contender was out the door in November already.

    I would be happy to tell in person the team that you don’t need to get #8 seed for me. You are not doing me any favors, and probably a whole lot of smart and loyal King fans on this forum, because, you should only get #8 seed if you as an individual player want it and need it. That is cool then, but, please forget about pleasing us serious and knowledgeable fans that you are doing a #8 seed for our sake.

    • Making the playoffs is only important to Dumbardi at this point. He has to know that even with an ownership that has ignored this team this season and probably last season while trying to get an NFL team here, disgruntled e-mails, voice messages even fan feedback is eventually going to get AEG’s attention.

      I agree, making the playoffs at this point is senseless.

      Lombardi pissed away a 1st to Edmonton last season when he traded for Penner. This season, he traded a 1st to Columbus in either this upcoming draft, or next years draft, depending on the Kings making the playoffs.

      Kings make the playoffs, Columbus get to choose if they want it this draft or next draft.

      Kings miss the playoffs, they keep the pick in this years draft.

      Regardless of having a 1st round pick, making the playoffs, someone else needs to be brought in to take an inventory of this whole organization, and make the necessary changes to get this team better for next season.

      Hopefully a new set of eyes, who is also not some antique will take a page from Pittsburgh, and build up a farm system just like Pittsburgh. I don’t know of any organization who is loaded with so many prospects, that even when a marquee player is out, they can call someone up, insert them in the lineup and not lose a step.

      • Speaking of Pittsburgh, am watching the game today vs. Boston and realize that they have two great wingers… Kunitz and James Neal. They got both by trading away defensemen (Ryan Whitney in the case of Kunitz). I’d say that Ray Shero knows how the hell to make a great trade. As we all know, James Neal is becoming a star.

        Those are both great trades. It’s still too early to say one way or another wrt Mike Richards, but at best it’ll be a wash…. and I’m not convinced of that right now. We’ll see. Nothing to say about the Penner trade.

        But Neil, you’re right. The great teams are great because of ownership and lineage. Neither are too outstanding when it comes to the Kings.

    • “The team is demoralized in any event because they had hopes for a high seed.”

      Low seeds often do quite well in the playoffs so lets look at your other point. I feel this team is demoralized for a number of reasons. Start with lame brain preseason and early season non-decision making which kept half the team in hockey limbo well into the season. Skill, ability and performance seemed to have little to do with ice time or making the lineup.

      Doughty was allowed to punk the team…while the other defensemen sat in limbo knowing no matter how well they performed they knew the axe awaited. We have only the fates to thank that much cuddled Doughty got hurt early, allowing Voyonov to emerge.

      And this idiocy continues. Richardson or Loktionov sits while Fraser plays? Penner wasn’t benched for the season or traded over the summer? Bernier sits mid to late season while Quick expends his late season reserves?

      Argguh!, the stupidity of saddling a young team with the likes of losers like Hunter, Moreau and Fraser…give me a break. Fucking Fraser can barely push off his foot. Hunter?…nuf said.

      Penner, may be forgivable as a good judgement call gone bad. The guy should have penciled out instead of becoming a black hole of non-entitled ice time. And Gagne, another decent move that the fates frowned upon.

      But Fraser…why the hell was he ever in the lineup? Here is what Edmonton papers said:
      “Fraser had a horrible first couple of months as an Oiler, which made him an easy target. He was among the worst offenders when the PK struggled badly in the opening weeks, while at even strength he was brutal for the first 30 or so games”
      –Bruce McCurdy — Edmonton Journal.

      This is what Lombardi invites to the locker room?

      We are seeing the much talked about “Lombardi Wall”. Lombardi molds teams in his image, building a solid foundation but never closing the deal.

      • Yeah, I still have no idea why Loktionov languishes in the minors while Fraser gets 4th line center. Typical Lombardi decision, imo.

        IMO, if you want to win, you put your best players on the ice. I don’t care if he’s not as heavy or whateverthefuck, he’s eleventy billion times better with the puck.

  3. For the record Dumbardi has no balls, he was neutered (Orchiectomy) long ago for fear of procreating anymore mini Dumbardi’ than already exist.

    They replaced the removed testicles with neuticles a synthetic nut, made of silicone, and just like in all men, the left one is positioned lower than the right one.

  4. The big issue is when (not if) DL is gone, is most of this team already damaged and not
    mentally able to recoup? We will have to wait to October and November next year to see if they somehow manage to become an elite team, or back down the standings struggling with the same old crap.

    Unfortunately, that kind of scenario has been proven to be the case for many franchises in all kinds of sports. Look at Toronto.

  5. The Kings need to dump Lombardi, regardless of whether or not the team makes the playoffs, as another early exit is their most probable result. They need to get rid of Sutter behind the bench, as well as most of the rest of the coaching staff. (I would be tempted to keep Hextall, but that’s about it.)

    The Kings came into the season with much hype, largely from Lombardi, about this being the unit that would finally bring a contending team to LA. Lombardi is completely responsible for the construction of this team, and it’s lack of performance rests completely at his feet. He needs to go.

  6. Some don’t like the label “must win.” Others use it too much.

    … I don’t mind the label, when it’s used right. It gets old when it’s used sixty times a season. Pretty soon, I’m going to wander in an exhibition game thread and someone’s inevitably going to say it’s a “must-win” exhibition game.

    If the Kings don’t make the playoffs, will you flip out?

    … lol no. Why should I?

    If they miss the playoffs, I would think some needed changes will have a better chance of being made, and if they’re not made – you think I was tough on these guys this season? Just wait.

  7. I updated the pregame with a link to the Second City Hockey blog. These guys are fanatical and not the typical vanilla blog by sbnation. They did an interview with TRH, Quisp and I about the game. Check out that newsletter. Commitment!

    • … That is an amazing newsletter.

      I figured I would see a bit about Kopitar “not driving to the net because he’s scared”. He actually shoots more from in front of the net than any other King, but screw the facts, let’s parrot the same tired-ass Don Cherry “floaty Euro” bullshit. It never goes out of style!

      And I can’t believe people even bother bringing up Kopitar’s first goal anymore. It’s a little bit tougher for Anze to score a goal like that, because opposing defensemen play a little more defense on him now than Pronger’s matador defense on that day. It’s almost as if opposing teams around the league have scouted him a time or two over the years, and understand that playing D on him a little better than “no D at all” might be more effective against him! Crazy stuff, I know.

      • ha ha. That is such happy horseshit but I liked it. Let’s count the number of times Kopi has the puck, has the opp to take it to the net and instead takes the route behind it. His size, strength with the puck and stride give him an advantage over 80% of the league’s D. Then again, the question I haven’t answered for myself, is how much better would Kopitar perform if he was unleashed with an offense first mentality. You can tell he is a good kid and is intelligent and probably takes what the coaches ask of him and want from him to heart. His commitment to defense is a good example of that.

        • This is a big reason why you see a decrease in Kopitars driving to the net, or dippy doodle type dangling maneuvers.

          His injury last year wasn’t exactly pretty. I say even though doctors have told him he is as good as new, and in some sort of acceptance in his own mind, that small percentage of doubt and confidence is what is impacting his performance this season.

          You can unleash him right now, and I still say he is still freaked out about injuring his ankle again. It’s only natural for him to now be more cautious due to his ankle issue.

          Once any athlete or person for that matter has a serious injury to any part of the body, and it requires rehab or surgical repair, you are never the same.

        • That is such happy horseshit but I liked it. Let’s count the number of times Kopi has the puck, has the opp to take it to the net and instead takes the route behind it.

          … If there are two or three guys in front of the opposition net and forwards collapsing, because they all have been scouting Kopitar over the years and they know he’s the only top line forward on the Kings and they absolutely do not want Kopitar to be the man to beat them, what would you expect Kopitar to do? Knock them all over like bowling pins, and somehow keep possession of the puck all the while? He’s not Superman.

          His size, strength with the puck and stride give him an advantage over 80% of the league’s D.

          … Yes. One-on-one, yes. He’ll gladly carry one guy with him to the net, but two or three or four? No one, not even the Darling of Los Angeles, gets shots away from in front of the net more than Kopitar has this season, and this is a low season for him in the shot category. Usually he has more than this, but that’s where the defense-first mentality comes in.

          I found a long time ago that people will never credit Kopitar for being tough enough. And it’s basically because he’s not North American. And, it’s cool – those people have every right to be wrong, but it really looks dumb when I have to see the same “oh hey there’s the first time he ever took it to the net!!!1!11!!” post in every game. It’s like you guys just forget the game before and the game before that and the game before that and on and on. It’s like the team couldn’t reach the unrealistic expectations set by some of the people here, so every player needs to be bashed, and there really isn’t anything to bash about with Kopitar, so let’s go with the tried-and-true Don Cherry Euro pussy bullshit. Hey, it worked 20-30 years ago, it should work now amirite? If it’s good enough for Grampa Grapes, it’s good enough for me!

          • Pfft. So will you take the bet? We’ll count, each game. Regardless of result, dinner and drinks are on me.

          • Pfft. So will you take the bet?

            … What’s the parameters, here? I guess it comes down to what you expect from the guy.

          • The parameters are whatever proves my point. Try to keep up.

          • … There’s one drive to the net, on Kopitar’s first shift.

          • Yes it was…and he fell down :)

          • … He got knocked down.

            Who’d imagine that going one-on-three wouldn’t be a smart play?

          • All three players, combined, were smaller than Pronger.

          • … Yeah, yeah.

            In other news, even a raging retard like Mike Milbury has no problem pointing out the inherent flaws of going one-on-three in the offensive zone, as well as the Kings’ troubles connecting passes through the neutral zone. Sad.

          • The Hawks are putting everyone in the neutral zone. If we can get the puck behind them, they’re fucked. Problem is we are not skating. Our breakouts are slow and don’t stretch the pass.

          • Well, the Hawks are trapping, and that’s designed to prevent the puck getting behind them. You can beat the trap, but it takes proper execution and not necessarily fast skating, but precise skating. If the Kings took proper routes and executed their passes the right way, they’d bust the trap. It’s just like beating a full court trap in basketball – good routes, good looks, good passes.

          • By the way, keeping track of Simmer, 22 goals, 19 assists, 41 points, +1, 82 PIM. PLEKOW!

          • By the way, keeping track of Simmer, 22 goals, 19 assists, 41 points, +1, 82 PIM. PLEKOW!

            … He sucks he’d have like 3 goals and 2 assists here and be -20. Just ask that Portland guy.

          • The cool thing about Simmer is it takes away aaaaaaall the excuses that people used to use with Purcell and Moulson. “But Moulson plays for a shitty team” or “But Purcell plays for a one dimensional team”. And with Simmer? He plays for Lombardi’s wet dream. Terry Murray lovers and defenders (including a couple of bloggers) can go masturbate to Murray’s 1-3-1, down 2-0 in the final minutes of the third period. Coaching matters.

          • To be fair he is being given better opportunities with PHI. More PP time, but at the same time, he is taking full advantage of those opportunities, so kudos to him.

          • Kopi is getting plenty of money to figure out
            how to score goals. This year he has not figured it out enough. If he will not tell us how can we read his brain?Yeah the Euro crap does not fly.
            He has a month to figure it out.

          • Kopi is getting plenty of money to figure out how to score goals.

            … When I see posts like this, I see a clear lack of understanding of how hockey works. Hockey doesn’t care how much money a guy makes or doesn’t make. Kopitar isn’t loafing out there. He’s giving 100%, as he always does. The only reason Kopitar makes that amount of money is because the Kings thought he was worth it. The money won’t make Kopitar a better player. The money Kopitar makes won’t suddenly turn his head coach into an offensive-minded coach. The money Kopitar makes won’t magically turn his linemates into top-line players. The money Kopitar makes won’t all of a sudden make other teams stop focusing their defensive gameplans on him.

          • He’s got 58 points this season. The Kings have scored 147 goals. He was involved in or was on the ice for more than a third of all the Kings’ goals. And he is expected to play responsible in his own zone as well. I won’t even mention the PK.

    • I don’t even have time to read all that….

      • Okay. Let me put it this way. If he wants a good pay raise in his future he will need to score more goals than what we are seeing this year. Also ditto if he wants to be on another All star team.

        • WTF does another All Star Team have to do with anything?

          The “All Stars” are nothing but a fan vote, which means jackshit.

          All of these bullshit snipes about “makes so much money” have nothing to do with his scoring or not.

          Kopitar is making the league average for a player of his caliber. To expect him to always have 30 goals and 60 assists is way to outrageous. There are way too many factors which contribute to Kopitar scoring points.

          When your team was the lowest scoring team in the NHL for such a long time, that isn’t Kopitar’ fault, its a team issue.

          Kopitar is only as good as the players around him.

          I am so tired of criticizing of a player based on how much money he makes, especially in the lowest paying professional sports league in the US.

          If Albert Pujols doesn’t hit 50 home runs or have 80+ RBI’s or his average is 250 does he deserve to get a pay raise from 12 mill this season to 16 mill next season?

          • I am so tired of criticizing of a player based on how much money he makes

            … Especially since the argument never goes anywhere. Most fans think they can determine “worth” and “value” in a player, and usually fail miserably – because in their minds, everyone in pro sports is overpaid, or at least 95% of them. You’re never going to convince anyone like that about whether someone’s earning their money or not.

            Personally, I’d love to see players’ salaries made private. I know it’ll never happen, but that’s the fair way to go. God forbid we ever see the true profits made by the teams, and the money that each owner is taking in. It’s a completely horseshit one-sided system.

          • It’s pretty funny when fans who watch the tube and go to games and buy hot dogs, and wear their jerseys and everything, complain about the pay of pro athletes. If you don’t like it, stop buying. Until then, shut the fuck up, sit down, and enjoy the game.

            They are getting paid millions because people like you are paying for it. They are worth it, because there are lots of people out there willing to participate in that market.

          • It’s even worse when dumb broads complain about those vapid, classless reality show attention-whore celebrities like the Kardashians. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, STOP FUCKING BUYING US MAGAZINE AND BUYING THEIR JEANS AND WATCHING THEIR TUBES. Until then, shut the fuck, sit down, and enjoy the completely fucking retarded reality show.

            Thank you.

            -This rant dedicated to my sister-in-law

  8. I exclude the MLS, MLLC, WNBA and any other than the major 4.

  9. Jeff fucking Carter!
    Come on boys, believe…

  10. 4 out of 8, better than 2/8! See you tuesday Detriot.
    Now I can focus on homework

  11. Sutter=John Belushi Joe Cocker is Genius! Crazy game, 2 points…good to see Sutter getting fired up on the bench.

  12. “he is a demon who believes himself to be the truth, the way and the light to the holy grail and our salvation.”


  13. I can not tell you all how relieved I am….

    We’re still in it!

  14. What’s the best way to wipe cum off your computer screen?

  15. … Hey guys did the Kings win the post-game coin toss?

    And did they elect to receive?

  16. Anybody notice how Brown’s comments are being replaced by Richards’ comments on the Insider? Maybe Brownie should think about getting those bags packed…

  17. I ran across this Lombardi Toronto Radio Interview from June, 2010, where he explains how he was in the dumps from the San Jose canning and the Flyers saved him and he is forever grateful and loves Philly and its family and all that they stand for, etc, etc.

    He says that Philly has the 2nd best hockey record in the last 40 years.

    Little did we know two years ago how the DK Philly connection and love fest would continue on to see where we are today.

    Figure more of the same by DL to mold his Philly West team here.

  18. Fire Dean Lombardi

    Posted on: July 2, 2009 6:49 pm

    For the past few years the Los Angeles Kings have struggled under the management of Dean Lombardi. Lombardi has done moves that have tarnished the once proud franchise including hiring his crony Carl Crawford to coach the Kings, which he was not capable ever of doing, and bringing in goaltender failure Dan Cloutier, whose contract we are still paying. While for quite some time us Kings fans have bought into the notion of the youth movement (we did see the rise of Dustin Brown, Alexander Frolov, and Anze Kopitar, all of which whom were brought in by former GM Dave Taylor) Lombardi has made consistent moves to plague our team.

    This past off-season was the tipping point for both sides. Either Lombardi would put Los Angeles on the map again, or squander the opportunity. He blew it to be blunt. He failed to sign a single big name forward such as Marian Gaborik, Martin Havlat, or Marian Hossa stating he did not want to commit to such a large hit to the team’s payroll for so long. The Kings could of signed all of their current players long term and still could of held 10 million dollars of cap space open, more than enough to sign any of those names. Instead of those names Lombardi signed a mediocre defenceman, Rob Scuderi, who made one play in the finals. The Kings are already loaded on defense with young talented players, and the signing of Scuderi not only blocks them form the roster but also takes up cap space. He was signed for four years at 3.4 million a season. For not wanting to commit to a real, and desperately needed, asset Lombardi instead spits in the faces of us loyal fans who have had to deal with this futility for years by signing a player to a long, lucrative contract.

    This is inexcusable and the fans should voice their displeasure with Dean Lombardi by petitioning to remove him from his current position.


  19. From May, 2011, quote by Lombardi about Penner:

    “Dustin [Penner] is at the crossroads of his career,” Lombardi wrote in an email to Sporting News. “He can choose to use his athletic ability to either become a dominant power forward in the National Hockey League or be a dominant number four hitter for the El Cid Lounge in a men’s softball league — the choice is his.”


    What does Lombardi have to say today about Penner almost one year later???

  20. Four minutes here, talking a lot but not saying anything. A lot of babbling and cerebral drain here. Maybe that is apart of the problem, as the Kings team at times sit in on a Lombardi analysis and lecture, and they leave saying, WTF was that all about????

    Lombardi on ESPN interview, Feb 28, 2011, Regarding Penner deal and Williams extension..

  21. Lombardi talks on 12-21-11about New Coach Sutter, saying that he feels that the team could turn it around with their present roster.

    Fast forward to February dump JJ and bring in Carter—trust in this team is Lombardi’s pitch.

    Again, 5 minutes of talk but really saying nothing…


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