Oh how they trickle.

Some don’t like the label “must win.” Others use it too much. How about this – we lose tonight’s game and we’re fucked. While we could still make the playoffs, we no longer play Colorado, Phoenix or Dallas although we play San Jose three times. That means we pretty much have to sweep San Jose and even that wouldn’t assure our entrance into the top 8. We are scoreboard watchers. Our destiny is marginally in our own hands. On the subject of scoreboard watching, Calgary plays Minnesota tonight. We need the spiraling Wild to win for a fucking change. If they win and we win, we leapfrog Calgary and are tied with Colorado with 76 points. Colorado is currently in 8th place but they have played 2 more games than we have so, technically, I think we land in 8th place. Hey, what do you want from me? It’s all I got to make you cheer.

If the Kings don’t make the playoffs, will you flip out? I might. I may go full crazy. I am talking signs, assembling about 100 of my closest friends and picketing outside Leiweke’s office with “FIRE LOMBARDI and COMPANY” signs. Maybe “FIRE YOURSELF, TIM” signs as well. I bet I can get those guys and gals outside Staples with the Bible verses on signs to join in. When they ask me who Dean Lombardi is, I will tell them, “he is a demon who believes himself to be the truth, the way and the light to the holy grail and our salvation.” Technically, I wouldn’t be lying. Well, maybe the demon part but how do you know he isn’t a demon? I haven’t ruled it out. Have you seen his hire, Darryl Sutter and all of the strange facial expressions he makes? I see something moving around under his skin that makes his face convulse like that and if Sutter is a demon, then Lombardi, as his employer and close friend, has to be one. Archfiend by association.

The boys at Second City Hockey (A Chicago Blackhawks blog) are hilarious. They did an interview with The Royal Halfass, Spreadsheet and us regarding the game. Check out the Second City Hockey Newsletter. We are on page 11 under “Know Thy Enemy”. What commitment to insanity. God bless them. May they cry tears of defeat through the night.

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