Hammond called the game a shot at redemption. Good job, Rich. There is truth there.

We blew the lead to Detroit’s B team. On Tuesday, at home, we play another version of the same with Lidstrom, Bertuzzi & Datsyuk out.

If the Kings do redeem themselves, they will take a step toward control of their destiny…a small step. If they lose, it will be yet another bloody blow to a season marked by more than a few. Recently, our m.o. is to take the lead and surrender it. It’s strange to watch variations of game three against San Jose manifest itself. The same FUCK YEAHS! followed by the OH NOES! over and again. Speaking of San Jose, you heard it here first – if they make the playoffs, they will be a dangerous team and will go far. My apologies for the interlude but my sense is tripping into the playoffs is exactly the reality check that team needs to recognize their time is almost up and if they don’t lay it on the line and play with everything they got, they won’t get it again for a while…fuck San Jose and that interlude.

If we haven’t yet figured it out, the Red Wings play an offensive game I covet – in the high percentage scoring areas with tape to tape passing and one time shots from the wheel house. So let’s take away those passing lanes for the love of the Hockey Gods and Drew, watch the gap between you and the attacking forward. For a change, I’d like to play a balanced game, one that doesn’t involve gray hairs and heart palpitations.

And now for something completely different…