We Won. YEAH! We’re in 10th. FUCK! And A Bonus Video Of Chicks Dancing…

My thoughts are disorganized and, henceforth, this post game will be as well.

5-2 isn’t a close game. Detroit may have sniffed our ass a bit in that second period but we had our way with their Datsyuk and Lidstrom-less labia majora. I didn’t mention Todd Bertuzzi because I don’t consider him part of the human race and, therefore, not a hockey player.

The King-Richards-Carter line treated the Red Wings like a $25 dollar crack whore from Ann Arbor. Discarded.

Anze Kopitar’s short-handed goal was a beauty. Notice how low he kept the shot? By his reaction, Howard didn’t pick up the release point and, bet you a beer, he expected a shot up high.

Oh and Hoooooooowaaaaaaaard…

Then there was Doughty’s shot that, if it did not hit Richards, no White, no Richards, no White, would have sailed six feet over the net. Luck is a good thing. Take nothing away from Drew. He had an excellent game.

Does Slava Voynov’s skill-set give you a semi? Me too.

Jonathan Quick was good when he needed to be. I am still unclear what happened on that Johan Franzen goal. Was it a rebound or was the puck deflected before it got to Quick?

Good PK. To kill that 5-3 was the momentum changer. The powerplay wasn’t bad and I was annoyed the referees let a lot of holding and obstruction calls by the Red Wings go. We should have had a minimum of two powerplays in that first period and one in the second. Also, I didn’t drink tonight but I think, as I told player-x whom I had the pleasure to meet, I saw the L.A. Kings take a 1-3-1 powerplay formation (do not confuse that with the defensive formation of the same name). The 1-3-1 is a “modern”, for lack of a better word, formation. That is why I am convinced I am wrong and my eyes either deceived me or it was an overload gone wrong. I will watch it closer next time and report back.

Watching the Red Wings turn the puck over and US scoring on the transition was a refreshing change of pace. The boot was in the other ass tonight. Speaking of Red Wings fans…

So, the guy sitting next to me (shit, I can’t remember his name and if you’re reading, sorry bro) & I were giving these girls (mostly their vocal friend who is not in that video) crap most of the game. There were suck & swallow tainted jokes and various good-natured insults flying all night. The girls could take it (pun intended) and bring it, at least as much as you would expect three silly white girls in Red Wings jerseys could. Now watching the video, leads me to a poll…

Now girls, if you read this, I told you I would place that video on our site. I didn’t say with what it would be accompanied. However, feel free to participate in the poll and, I speak for our thousands of male readers when I write this, we hope you choose number 3. I kid the girls. They were good sports although one of them did toss a small amount of beer over the rail. Not cool.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Anze Kopitar

2. Dustin Brown

1.  Drew Doughty

Honorable mention goes to Alec Martinez who played an all around solid and physical game.

My black and orange Harley Davidson hat is 3-0.

Keep on winning, boys. GO KINGS!

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  1. Hey Bobby, what happened to those girls after the game? There was a dude on the upper concourse yelling at them for throwing beer over the glass or something, saying Fuck Detroit and alllll this about some beer incident. Do you or anyone know?

    • One of them tossed a little beer over the rail. All three were taken into a room, asked to strip down and make out with each other…well, that’s the way I imagined it. As to what really happened, I don’t know. Deported?

  2. the stingy blonde is a Livonia stripper who is trying to make it as an “actress”

    the (chunkier) “friend’ tried to make it as a model here, failed, wound up a bartender after being passed down from agent to agent who promised her a part in their next “movie”.

    I think I saw one working in a warehouse in Chatsworth (if you know what I mean.)

  3. Fuck the redwings and fuck them broads……

  4. Fuck these wing “fans” at our barn. Are there really this many Detroit transplants in LA? Looked like a fucking home game for the wings.

    • Who the fuck knows……. Who’d wanna stay in the “armpit” of America when you could live in sunny CA?

  5. Zetterburger should have gotten a roughing penalty in addition to the interference for coming after Brown for his “dive.” Look, we all know Brownie likes to flop around once in a while, but he’s not going to fucking do it when he’s working a breakaway. Besides, it was a clear interference and Brown was at full speed and trying to duck Zit so it really wasn’t that hard to knock him down.

    “I am still unclear what happened on that Johan Franzen goal. Was it a rebound or was the puck deflected before it got to Quick?”

    The point shot was deflected into Quick and he wasn’t able to control the rebound which shot straight out to Franzen. Quick actually got a piece of it–the puck hit his skate. If he had been able to slide over an inch or two more there’s a good chance it would have been a save.

  6. To add a bit of joy to the proceedings, this from puckdaddy: ‘Did you know? “Moulson has scored 30 goals in three consecutive seasons, the first time an Islanders player has done that since Ziggy Palffy (1996-98).” (AP)’

    • ….. and I wonder if when the Isles make the playoffs and make some noise in the next year or two and Moulson is still scoring 30+, if Dean will still consider that he’s playing on a bad team?

  7. I would bet if you asked every single Red Wings “fan” in attendance last night how many of them have actually set a foot in Detroit during their lives….75% of them would respond, “No…I’ve never been to Detroit…or Michigan for that matter.”

    Then they’d start talking to you about the Yankees, or Red Sox, or Patriots or Steelers. …or Packers.

    And they’d probably be Lakers or Heat fans, too.

    • Ryan J – Amen to this! Even worse, they are probably Laker haters and Boston Celtics or Phoenix Suns fans. Worse still, they probably grew up in Southern California.

      A good friend of mine is a die hard Wings fan. Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, which is less than 10 minutes from Detriot. (Hates the Leafs with a passion.) He asks, “When did all the a wannabe Cubs fans decide to become wannabe Red Wings fans?”

  8. You forgot an option on the poll.

    The dancing Red Wings girls are….

    E. Not dancing

    Seriously, if that’s dancing then yawning is art and Parkinson’s is a sport.

  9. Just a bunch of UP skanks….where’s Aubrey??

  10. Hot LA Kings chicks rule—-

    Wings chicks drunk and nasty…

    • One of my friends at the college I go to has a GF that is in the ice crew so I got to meet a small handful of them at a bar one time after the game. They are extremely nice and outgoing, however, they all have bfs… it is very depressing.

  11. Nien, my friends.

    The alledged girls in the so-called dance video are:

    F. Duck fans, uncleverly disquised as Wing fans. Stupid is, as stupid does.

  12. Detroit Loss Perspective—yeah, they lose in LA LA land.

    Source: http://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2012/3/14/2869046/cssi-analysis-red-wings-2-kings-5#storyjump

    Detroit continues to struggle to win games on the road, as they dropped another decision in a 5-2 loss to the Kings that was exactly as close as the score indicated. The injuries excuse is wearing quite thin while watching a team that isn’t physically engaging. Sure, the scorekeeper at the Staples was on acid counting Kings hits, but I don’t think he was far off scoring only 20 for Detroit.

    0-for-4 on the power play, a shorthanded goal allowed, and 1-for-2 on the PK was the difference in a game where the 5-on-5 scoring was even. The special teams problems are getting to be disgusting. The refs let the teams get away with a lot, but it was a consistent standard. Shots were 27-24 in favor of Los Angeles

    CSSI Methodology Explanation here

    Goalie Ratings

    Jimmy Howard didn’t get much help and had to make a couple of huge stops in the first period, but he got outplayed by Jonathan Quick and will get a -1 in the head-to-head. Overall, I didn’t feel this was one of Howard’s stronger efforts. His overall rating will be even.

    Scoring and plus/minus analysis after the jump

    -1 to Jiri Hudler, Henrik Zetterberg, Johan Franzen, Danny Cleary, Drew Miller, -0.5 to Valtteri Filppula & Tomas Holmstrom: Pretty much the entire forward corps was bad tonight. Zetterberg had another sub-.500 faceoff night and was not able to put together consistent effort. Franzen was… well… Franzen. I know Cleary is hurt, but there’s only so many excuses I can make for a guy who is playing terribly. If he’s so hurt he can’t even handle the puck on his stick, then he should be sitting. I applaud his courage to keep trying to play, but I can’t ignore the damage he keeps doing to the rush, transition & forecheck because his body isn’t cooperating with him. Miller doesn’t have the excuse of being hurt, but he handled the puck like a grenade tonight. Filppula didn’t win a faceoff all night and kept losing the puck trying to recreate the magically dangleicious goal from Friday. Holmstrom is one of the only forwards consistently playing the body, but he’s not tracking or holding the puck well.
    -1 to Doug Janik, Ian White, Brad Stuart, and Kyle Quincey: The Wings’ defensive corps didn’t get a ton of help from the forwards, but each of these guys had enough plays where they were chasing pucks, playing too much stickwork, failing to use the body, losing the offensive zone, or otherwise hurting the transition/rush game.

  13. I’d hit it…at the same time… :D

  14. My black and orange Harley Davidson hat is 3-0.

    … Wait, what??? Black and orange?

    Are you seriously wearing a hat with Ducks’ colors to a Kings’ game? Do you realize what you’re doing? Selling your soul to the devil for wins?

  15. I was there that game and I have to say it was some of the best energy I’ve seen. I think it is completely equivalent to how many fans of the away team are in attendance. I was at a Vancouver game earlier in the season and there are always tons of Canuck fans there and the games get very loud. Conversely, at one of the Phoenix games I went to, the entire Staples Center was dull even though the game was halfway exciting (there weren’t many from arizona that made the trip). Those rowdy away fans encourage the Kings’ moderate fans to voice up a little bit more. I suppose.

  16. The guy sitting next to you is me, Mark. There was 4 girls but the one on the right had the decency not to wear a RW shirt. Three of them were from North Dakota visiting their friend, the short drunk one, here in LA. I wish you had a video of their friend to the left. She was beautiful, even for a RW fan. Though I don’t understand the eyebrow piercings…

    • Mark! what’s up brother. How about that silver bolt in her tongue. Nothing like the feeling of cold steel sliding on a hard…what was that Robin Williams’ line?

  17. Kings girls and fans laughing at Detroit last night and their two humpback chicks dancing.

  18. Kate Upton knows how to dance right LA style at Staples…..


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