My thoughts are disorganized and, henceforth, this post game will be as well.

5-2 isn’t a close game. Detroit may have sniffed our ass a bit in that second period but we had our way with their Datsyuk and Lidstrom-less labia majora. I didn’t mention Todd Bertuzzi because I don’t consider him part of the human race and, therefore, not a hockey player.

The King-Richards-Carter line treated the Red Wings like a $25 dollar crack whore from Ann Arbor. Discarded.

Anze Kopitar’s short-handed goal was a beauty. Notice how low he kept the shot? By his reaction, Howard didn’t pick up the release point and, bet you a beer, he expected a shot up high.

Oh and Hoooooooowaaaaaaaard…

Then there was Doughty’s shot that, if it did not hit Richards, no White, no Richards, no White, would have sailed six feet over the net. Luck is a good thing. Take nothing away from Drew. He had an excellent game.

Does Slava Voynov’s skill-set give you a semi? Me too.

Jonathan Quick was good when he needed to be. I am still unclear what happened on that Johan Franzen goal. Was it a rebound or was the puck deflected before it got to Quick?

Good PK. To kill that 5-3 was the momentum changer. The powerplay wasn’t bad and I was annoyed the referees let a lot of holding and obstruction calls by the Red Wings go. We should have had a minimum of two powerplays in that first period and one in the second. Also, I didn’t drink tonight but I think, as I told player-x whom I had the pleasure to meet, I saw the L.A. Kings take a 1-3-1 powerplay formation (do not confuse that with the defensive formation of the same name). The 1-3-1 is a “modern”, for lack of a better word, formation. That is why I am convinced I am wrong and my eyes either deceived me or it was an overload gone wrong. I will watch it closer next time and report back.

Watching the Red Wings turn the puck over and US scoring on the transition was a refreshing change of pace. The boot was in the other ass tonight. Speaking of Red Wings fans…

So, the guy sitting next to me (shit, I can’t remember his name and if you’re reading, sorry bro) & I were giving these girls (mostly their vocal friend who is not in that video) crap most of the game. There were suck & swallow tainted jokes and various good-natured insults flying all night. The girls could take it (pun intended) and bring it, at least as much as you would expect three silly white girls in Red Wings jerseys could. Now watching the video, leads me to a poll…

Now girls, if you read this, I told you I would place that video on our site. I didn’t say with what it would be accompanied. However, feel free to participate in the poll and, I speak for our thousands of male readers when I write this, we hope you choose number 3. I kid the girls. They were good sports although one of them did toss a small amount of beer over the rail. Not cool.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Anze Kopitar

2. Dustin Brown

1.  Drew Doughty

Honorable mention goes to Alec Martinez who played an all around solid and physical game.

My black and orange Harley Davidson hat is 3-0.

Keep on winning, boys. GO KINGS!