25 Goals In The Last 7 Games For A G/G Of 3.57 Because Of…

Jeff Carter’s arrival?

Jack Johnson’s departure?

Slava Voynov’s recall?

Dustin Brown’s hot streak?

The arrival of Jordan Nolan and Dwight King?

More active defense?

The powerplay? (notice any changes?)

More effective third line that plays the role of “stopper” thereby freeing the top two lines?

The percentages finally working toward an average, albeit  so late?

Is there any one thing you see that JUMPS out at you which you believe predominates in the Kings’ ability to score more goals?

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  1. Jeff Carter has changed the environment of the team. Don’t think its disputable. Voynov > Johnson though, for sure.

    • Quite so!

      He’s the guy they key on, leaving Kopi et. al. free(er) to enter the zone or face the 2nd tier. They will (should) never be on the same line together for that reason. Also, Carter isn’t really considered a leader, but by example, he’s reminding the Kings where you go if you want to score.

      One clear indication.. number of wrap around attempts. Ryan Smythe was sadly missed there until JC showed up. Now I am seeing ten or a dozen. Make them defend every inch of the ice and you will find room to shoot.

  2. I’ll only start caring about this if production starts to disappear. If that should happen, and I really can not give any reason why I would want it to, I’ll think about what was making it happen. Until then I will continue to sit back, and enjoy what I am seeing, oblivious to the whys.

  3. Wiiiiide open offense.

  4. Third line stopper role. Love Carter. Hated losing Jack.

  5. … Three words: Small. Sample. Size.

    There are 12 more games left to play in the season, right? If the Kings can keep this rate of scoring the rest of the way, then we can start talking a little about a tendency. Right now, it’s too early to tell.

    As for your questions: Carter looks fine – so far, so good. I don’t think Jack Johnson’s departure has enlivened the offense, although it might have – I do remember a graphic about Jack being the worst OFFENSIVE defenseman on the team, when judged on a per-minute basis. Voynov obviously looks every bit like the real deal to me. Brown, I think, is simply starting to see his chances go in the net – no more, no less. Nolan looks alright, for sure. King – I have to say I was initially wrong about him in the first few games; he’s looking better and more confident with each passing game and I’m pleasantly surprised by that. I think that activating Doughty has led to some defensive issues for him. The power play is like the tide – there’s high tide going on now (as it was in the earliest games of the season). The third line playing solidly can’t do anything but help the overall game of the hockey club, right? And yes, last but not least, there’s going to be a progression toward the mean in the team’s shooting percentage. I was hoping this team wouldn’t be unlucky ALL season long.

  6. Maybe the reality of one of their “core” players getting traded was the impetus to work a little harder. JJ had a good contract for the team, but that wasn’t enough to save him from being traded to Columbus. If scoring didn’t improve, what would the off season look like: Kopitar to Winnipeg, Williams to the Isle, …?

    • I just notice the swarming in in the O-Zone. Actually all over. They want the loose pucks…..shit. You covered it all. Carter has had a trickle down effect. He enables other player to drop down to their more effective roles and levels. If they can maintain their scoring, I KNOW they will cause carnage in the playoffs.


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