Nothing like a 5 game winning streak to NOT get you in the playoff picture but still ahead of the Kings. Fuck off Calgary.

The Sharks are amid an epic collapse but are still ahead of us. Suck it San Jose.

They won’t quit. They won’t go away. We’ll either have to catch them by winning our own games or kill them. Up yours Avalanche.

Then there are the Phoenix Coyotes, tied with the Avalanche, with 81 points. I want your coach, you bastards.

We sit in 11th place. 11th. 78 points. We’ve won 2 in a row. Now we face the vagrants directly behind us by 7 points – The Ducks.

“Must win”. Isn’t every game a must win going forward? I think it is. Our reader JT would agree.

It will be interesting to see if Jonathan Quick gets the start against Anaheim and Bernier gets Nashville.

I am beyond flagrant insults at the City of Anaheim, the Ducks, their fans, their she-male fans, their overweight, repulsive, hot dog down the hallway female fans, Ahlers, Hayward, their bloggers, I don’t give a shit about any of them or it. Every L.A. Kings opponent is an enemy of the same name and face. Treat them all with equal contempt. We are beyond petty rivalries. Fuck all of it. I have my game face on. Wear yours.

This is your open forum.