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Nothing like a 5 game winning streak to NOT get you in the playoff picture but still ahead of the Kings. Fuck off Calgary.

The Sharks are amid an epic collapse but are still ahead of us. Suck it San Jose.

They won’t quit. They won’t go away. We’ll either have to catch them by winning our own games or kill them. Up yours Avalanche.

Then there are the Phoenix Coyotes, tied with the Avalanche, with 81 points. I want your coach, you bastards.

We sit in 11th place. 11th. 78 points. We’ve won 2 in a row. Now we face the vagrants directly behind us by 7 points – The Ducks.

“Must win”. Isn’t every game a must win going forward? I think it is. Our reader JT would agree.

It will be interesting to see if Jonathan Quick gets the start against Anaheim and Bernier gets Nashville.

I am beyond flagrant insults at the City of Anaheim, the Ducks, their fans, their she-male fans, their overweight, repulsive, hot dog down the hallway female fans, Ahlers, Hayward, their bloggers, I don’t give a shit about any of them or it. Every L.A. Kings opponent is an enemy of the same name and face. Treat them all with equal contempt. We are beyond petty rivalries. Fuck all of it. I have my game face on. Wear yours.

This is your open forum.

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  1. Fuck em all!

  2. I always love how Kings-Ducks games at Staples, its at most 90% Kings fans 10% Ducks fans, while games at the Ponda are much closer to 50-50. Just goes to show the loyalty and commitment ducks fans have toward their team. Cant wait for tonight!

    Anyway just gotta say I love this site! My favorite hockey blog by far! Go Kings Go!!!

  3. Dirty Anaheim fans are only there since they won the cup. GKG!

  4. Hayward sums them up. At least Fox is 100% honest.

  5. Fuck every team in front of us in the standings and fuck the ducks behind us!

    Kings win 3 – 1

  6. I’ll be there .. Section 226 .. Row J or something. Me and my 9 year old son in our matching Brownie Jerseys. Taking the train from OSide. Give us a wave if you are near by.

  7. The other bubble teams aren’t doing us any favors. If the Kings want to stay in this race and make the playoffs, they probably need 3 or 4 points from the two games this weekend. No more half efforts, no more complacency, no more losing to underdog teams. They need to start every game as if it will make or break their playoff hopes (because it probably will).

  8. I had this delivered to Carter this afternoon to watch with the team in the Clubhouse so that they get the right perspective on what they need to do tonight.

    This should be good karma for Carter get a hat trick….

    • I think if you wanna inspire Carter, just whisper to him on the bench “college girls drink for free.”

  9. Example of the Ducks playing hockey tonight against the Kings…

    • Kings need to make an example out of the Ducks tonite! Not only do we need the 2 points we need to destroy them physically and mentally and make the game a statement to the rest of the west teams. Fuck we are 6-3 with Carter and averaging 3.33 goals a game and were still in 11th and 3 points out of 8th. Kings just need to take care of business and get regulation wins and not look for other teams to help cause their most likely not going to get it. Go Kings!

  10. This is my favorite carne game…GO KINGS GO….

  11. Kings, it is revenge time tonight, and stick it up their ass tonight….

    I hate the Ducks….GO KINGS GO….

    • Yeah…that wasn’t a good fight for Cliffy. Not exactly a source of “inspiration” unless of course it is for a rematch which I would rather not see. I just want a fucking W next to the Kings. I could give a damn if there are 20 fights or 0 although I don’t want to see any of our boys get suspended or worse. We are actually playing for something other than spoiler.

  12. Testing Testing 1 2 3

    • It worked! Go Kings go!

      Found out my buddy got free tix to the game tomorrow (from work)! Luckily I’m the only Kings fan he knows!

  13. … I’ve never seen more King fans at the Ponda than I do today. We own Anaheim.

  14. Really!? “4th line” out on the pp. What’s next Greene playing center?

  15. It’s 3-0 boys and girls. WOOP!

  16. That a textbook example of how to play the first period!

  17. Think we can get Stoll to take $2M next season? That would be nice. I don’t think so. $2.5? Third line center who can check and win faceoffs + good wheels.

    • 2.5 might not be enough. Other GM’s around the league aren’t going to look at his point totals and except that he’s on the down swing in his prime years. They’re gonna realize he played for a team where no one could score. If he has a good playoff run, he will price himself off this team.

    • … Why shouldn’t Stoll get $3.5-4? Didn’t Handzus get $4 for the third line center role, for four years?

      • Ha ha. Nice try. Not taking that bait with Handzus. I didn’t and wouldn’t have given him that. I wouldn’t have done quite a few of things Dean did and has done

  18. FUCK!! Can’t they get an easy win?! This is ridiculous!

  19. Yeah Baby!!! Glad to see Richards get one finally!

  20. Outstanding game, but a bit of a nail bitter…

    They looked intense and determined tonight.

    Victory song—yeah…

  21. Gee wiz that Honda center is the motel 6 of arenas. Snuck down to ice level for the third period and had Kings fans to my left and right.

    Great win. Great to share it with fellow fans that made the trip to the worst stadium ever.

    I miss staples. See you wednesday an possibly tomorrow.


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