We have noticed some people are having issues commenting on the site. The site tells them that they must register to comment. At first, we could not figure out why this was happening because this site doesn’t require registration. We then learned that WordPress.com (the platform on which this and countless other blogs are built) now requires this.

There is a forum of some angry bloggers as a result.

Here is a great explanation of what exactly is going on and how you can get around it for now. Please read this if you comment here.

The short version is this. If you have a WP account but don’t want to log in to comment or you are having issues with it, simply use your username (any name) and a different email to log in (it doesn’t even have to be a real email address, make one up if you have to) and you will get right through.  We are disabling the need to even leave an email address on there to see if we can make it even easier. I just tested it and it worked. The problem appears to be just the email address when it is associated with a WP account.

To the nice folks at WordPress, may we say with grace and tact, hey fuckhead, if you don’t get this problem fixed by the end of the weekend, we take our blog elsewhere.

To our readers, we apologize if this is still happening to you but know we are rattling the necessary cages and, if the problem is not resolved, we will change platforms (possibly as early as this weekend) so you don’t run into this problem going forward.

Color me pissed off.