4-2, 4 In A Row, 4ward Motion.

Sutter on Bernier’s record against the Predators:

“I never really thought about it. If that had been the case we would’ve played him 2 weeks ago.”

I see…

Dustin Penner: “We talked about it, actually. We’re roommates on the road, and we had agreed that we were going to score together, in the same game.”


Trevor Lewis: “I think we, all three, almost passed out in the corner there, screaming so loud (after the goal). It was a lot of fun, but we’ve just got to keep going.’’

I just want to pinch his cheeks.

Jonathan Bernier: “It just seems like I’ve got their number. You’ve always got those teams where you feel good, and those teams that you feel bad. I obviously feel great when I play against Nashville.’’

You would feel great playing against most teams if you play more, keep playing like tonight and we keep giving you that goal support. I love Bernier.

What a game. We controlled the first, let off the gas just enough in the second until the last 5 minutes, took the momentum at the end of the second, built on it, piled on and finished them with the kind of killer instinct teams with confidence and experience channel. My optimistic side tells me the team has taken the next step. We are in the zone at crunch time and that “swagger” we sometimes reference is present in everything we do. When Trevor Lewis, Dustin Penner and Kyle Clifford account for 3 out of 4 goals and we clip at over 3.5 goals per game during a decent stretch, it’s fair to ask whether our boys have finally hit a positive stride. I am thrilled it’s not just “one” thing that has triggered this. The kind of balanced attack Carter’s addition, the active defensemen, and contribution across the lines we see gives me hope this is not a fluke and we can sustain it.

Still though, after all of that, we are in 9th, tied with San Jose in points but they hold the games in hand. Oh and fuck you New York and Detroit for laying an egg tonight. A little help…

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Rob Scuderi

2. Jonathan Bernier

1. Trevor Lewis

Honorable mentions to Anze Kopitar, Jeff Carter and Kyle Clifford.

San Jose is here on Tuesday. Another big challenge. Aren’t they all going forward? File this game away under awesome and focus on the business at hand…the winning business.


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  1. I want to embarrass SJ. I think we’ve turned the corner. And what the hell with these hater french canadian refs? Probably ’cause we only have Bernier. Racist bastids.

    • It’s alright- I bet as you read this very comment, Gary Bettman Is forming a committee to investigate the unfair officiating slant against the Kings by French-Canadian refs.

  2. “I never really thought about it. If that had been the case we would’ve played him 2 weeks ago.”

    I could literally do better. Literally.

    Where is the Kings stats division that gives Sutter helpful information? Why are they not charting what percentage of shots each NHL team takes at the blocker, the glove, 5-hole, 6-hole, 7-hole, the hotspots certain teams shoot at, and then contrast that with the strengths of their goaltenders, i.e. where they let in the most goals from, and then using that information to potentially help make decisions?

    For instance, if their analysis shows them that Jonathan Quick lets in more soft blocker goals from below the left circle than Bernier, and Nashville is a team with players who throw a lot of blocker shots on net from that spot, that could be helpful information.

    Where is all this stuff? It’s elementary. Goaltenders aren’t even its best usage. You could chart where most of Nashville’s goals are scored in terms of place on the ice, as well as how they are scored, wristshot, deflection, etc, and that can tell you what you need to focus most on defending.

    I am not a big fan of the currently in vogue advanced stats, like corsi. Or I should say, I’m not a fan of how they are overused.

    So I am not a stats guy. I rely on my eye for the game more than anything. But this is just elementary. You don’t become overly dependent on the stats, of course, but it’s just obvious that it can’t hurt to have them there as an aid.

    What is wrong with this organization? How can a reporter asking Sutter a question know more pertinent stats than he does?

    • “Stats are for bird watchers.” – Jonathan Quick.

      • If you accept the premise that Bernier plays better against Nashville, & that there is a concrete reason for it (we just haven’t identified it yet), then it’s also possible he might play very well against certain other teams.

        Basic example: If the reason Bernier plays well against Nashville is because they shoot it a lot five-hole, and he’s good at covering the five-hole, then if you knew which other teams shot it five-hole a lot, you could use that information to determine Bernier’s ideal starts, and get more wins by season’s end.

        But Sutter didn’t even know Bernier excelled against Nashville, forget why. There is probably something inherent in the Barry Trotz system that favors Bernier’s goaltending style, and if the Kings analyzed every other team’s system, and found out which ones were similar to Nashville’s, and which ones yielded similar scoring opportunities (meaning from similar angles, etc), and that would help determine who should start.

        And it applies to bigger issues than whether the backup should start or not. The Kings, like all teams, do well against some teams, and have trouble with others. If you can analyze why for each, you can minimize the bad, and extend the good to when you face other teams, not just the one you normally beat up on. You can identify what it is about that matchup that favors you so much, and figure out ways to put other teams in the same situations that you’ve identified benefit you so much.

        Can’t believe the Kings aren’t all over this type of thing when the cost of it all would be considerably less than Colin Fraser, and yet the benefits of winning more in the NHL are in the millions.

  3. You could also chart where most of a team’s possession happens on the ice, where their most dangerous possession starts, and also by analyzing their tactics and movements on a computer, you could find out where the ideal point is to break up their attacks, if there’s a certain rotation they use that takes longer to develop than others, that would give your players an opportunity to get in there and break it up before it develops.

    These are all elementary things computers can analyze for you that would help the team a great deal, all you need is to have people who specialize in writing these kinds of computer programs. Not only do the Kings not have a stats division, they don’t even seem to have a computer.

    I could literally do better.

    • … Dude. If the Kings paid me to put in the time, I could make the computer spit out some stuff that would knock the organization’s socks off. Quisp could, as well. It’s not all that difficult to do. It’s frustrating when I see the organization of the team I love not using all of the resources of today’s technology at their disposal. I’m not advocating doing away with the intangibles and the old-school wisdom of the game. I’m saying let’s add that to some detailed analysis and find a hybrid style that gives those who lead the team behind the bench as many options as possible to find success.

  4. 3. Rob Scuderi

    … Well played. 20+ minutes out there, set up the 2-on-1 which led to the second Kings’ goal, and he broke up a 2-on-1 in his own zone like it wasn’t even a thing. Rob and Drew led the Kings in 5-on-5 efficiency.

    Kopitar was amazing again, showing the way for the Kings. Finally, I think the chemistry is solid for the top three lines; solid enough not to have Sutter fuck around with it anymore. Having a set lineup and letting the players do their thing can work wonders.

    Bernier was alright. I hope that’s not the last game he plays in Staples Center as a King.

  5. Agreed about the balance Carter has brought but don’t you also think that they’ve loosened up on their sticks a little since the deadline has passed? I think the tension was just building this whole year all the way up to the deadline and I think now they are like “Fuck it! Let’s play boys!” I mean they know they control their destiny right now. It could be a lot worse for as bad as they were all year offensively. The defense kept them in it and now it is time to have fun and let it go. Skate boys!

  6. We have to remember the presence of Richards and Carter creates worries and shadowing for opposition players that opens space and chances for others.
    Bernier was not really heavy pressured tonight but he was ready if need be.
    King looking better each outting. Teams trying to figure how he has to be defended. The guy is showing some smarts and hands. Maybe he has more to reveal in his skill bag.
    I am sure team spirits are 200% better once winning pretty kicks in. Winning is contagious to create more wins.
    Anyway they are reaching their potential and they look like the game is fun again for them.

  7. I almost passed out, but it wasn’t from screaming. I didn’t know that Penner could score goals.

  8. Lookin at the schedule, Pretty nervous about the 2 games vs the oilers.
    They’ve got nudgent back and nothing to lose.
    Those kids can move the puck around like the the globe trotters of the NHL. Weve got to keep it in their end and hit hard and often.

  9. Hear, O Israel!

    May the Ducks — (Yes! Even those Philistine Ducks!) — grind the Sharks into gefulte fish! May each San Jose player skate onto Staples ice come Tuesday with one hand cupped over his dick, craven with fear. May he doubt his masculinity. May he forget his stick, forget his position, forget to lace up his Bauers.

    May the Lord of Hosts give unto us the power to smite The Motherfuckers of the North and win one for the Sutter.

  10. am i overreaching by saying this might be the team i was waiting for?

    • I would say a glimpse into what the squad can do but not entirely there…yet. I thought they were going to come like this around the 20 game mark and then really start lighting shit up progressively sort of like St Louis has been doing it. They just need to make it in and no telling how they may do then. 9th seed on down gets one thing…Dick.


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