Sutter on Bernier’s record against the Predators:

“I never really thought about it. If that had been the case we would’ve played him 2 weeks ago.”

I see…

Dustin Penner: “We talked about it, actually. We’re roommates on the road, and we had agreed that we were going to score together, in the same game.”


Trevor Lewis: “I think we, all three, almost passed out in the corner there, screaming so loud (after the goal). It was a lot of fun, but we’ve just got to keep going.’’

I just want to pinch his cheeks.

Jonathan Bernier: “It just seems like I’ve got their number. You’ve always got those teams where you feel good, and those teams that you feel bad. I obviously feel great when I play against Nashville.’’

You would feel great playing against most teams if you play more, keep playing like tonight and we keep giving you that goal support. I love Bernier.

What a game. We controlled the first, let off the gas just enough in the second until the last 5 minutes, took the momentum at the end of the second, built on it, piled on and finished them with the kind of killer instinct teams with confidence and experience channel. My optimistic side tells me the team has taken the next step. We are in the zone at crunch time and that “swagger” we sometimes reference is present in everything we do. When Trevor Lewis, Dustin Penner and Kyle Clifford account for 3 out of 4 goals and we clip at over 3.5 goals per game during a decent stretch, it’s fair to ask whether our boys have finally hit a positive stride. I am thrilled it’s not just “one” thing that has triggered this. The kind of balanced attack Carter’s addition, the active defensemen, and contribution across the lines we see gives me hope this is not a fluke and we can sustain it.

Still though, after all of that, we are in 9th, tied with San Jose in points but they hold the games in hand. Oh and fuck you New York and Detroit for laying an egg tonight. A little help…

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Rob Scuderi

2. Jonathan Bernier

1. Trevor Lewis

Honorable mentions to Anze Kopitar, Jeff Carter and Kyle Clifford.

San Jose is here on Tuesday. Another big challenge. Aren’t they all going forward? File this game away under awesome and focus on the business at hand…the winning business.