From MayorsManor:

Rob Scuderi: “I kind of like seeing Nashville a lot because they a bit of a different style. So, we’re a little more familiar with them. I noticed the first time we played them it took us a while to adjust. Then, that last game that we won, I thought we were ready to go right off the bat – because they do play a very aggressive style. It’s something we don’t see all the time. So, I think (when seeing the same team so many times), at least when playing Nashville, it’s an advantage for us.”

I have seen Nashville plenty of times. They like speed at the forward position while they play a suffocating defensive game. Their forwards back check but Nashville, like us, thrives on the transition. Make a mistake and they come at you. Henceforth, good goaltending is a must. On the back-end, they remind me of…us. Their defenseman guard the home plate well, clear rebounds and play with active sticks. The size and scoring addition of Jeff Carter and the net size gain with Dwight King and Jordan Nolan help us match well against the Predators as we can confidently roll four lines. If all they had to do was shut down Anze Kopitar’s line and push around our third and fourth lines, we would be in trouble because shut down they can, even with the smallest lead. But Carter’s goal scoring touch and the unexpected balance Dwight King has brought to the second gives Nashville (and just about every other good defensive team) a second line to worry about and that means the Predators spend more time thinking about stopping us than attacking us…and that’s a good thing.

We’ve danced this dance with them before. Jonathan Bernier should get the start. I wish him focus and fortune. We will need this predestined number two to shine like an indispensable one. Tonight will present a challenge but the mantra stays the same. Just win.

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