Kings vs. Nashville Predators Open Forum: Familiarity Breeds Contempt

From MayorsManor:

Rob Scuderi: “I kind of like seeing Nashville a lot because they a bit of a different style. So, we’re a little more familiar with them. I noticed the first time we played them it took us a while to adjust. Then, that last game that we won, I thought we were ready to go right off the bat – because they do play a very aggressive style. It’s something we don’t see all the time. So, I think (when seeing the same team so many times), at least when playing Nashville, it’s an advantage for us.”

I have seen Nashville plenty of times. They like speed at the forward position while they play a suffocating defensive game. Their forwards back check but Nashville, like us, thrives on the transition. Make a mistake and they come at you. Henceforth, good goaltending is a must. On the back-end, they remind me of…us. Their defenseman guard the home plate well, clear rebounds and play with active sticks. The size and scoring addition of Jeff Carter and the net size gain with Dwight King and Jordan Nolan help us match well against the Predators as we can confidently roll four lines. If all they had to do was shut down Anze Kopitar’s line and push around our third and fourth lines, we would be in trouble because shut down they can, even with the smallest lead. But Carter’s goal scoring touch and the unexpected balance Dwight King has brought to the second gives Nashville (and just about every other good defensive team) a second line to worry about and that means the Predators spend more time thinking about stopping us than attacking us…and that’s a good thing.

We’ve danced this dance with them before. Jonathan Bernier should get the start. I wish him focus and fortune. We will need this predestined number two to shine like an indispensable one. Tonight will present a challenge but the mantra stays the same. Just win.

This is your open forum…

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  1. JB in goal, roll 4 and take it to these guys. Get under Tootoo’s skin and maybe he will swing at the linesman (advantage kings)

  2. Old saying is that you start playoff hockey in March.
    It is the time for a hot streak. The team could use a new spark plug like Stoll or
    Penner or Richards lighting it up. Real champions step it up and they started to show
    that last night.
    Going tonight and Go Kings Go!

    • Have fun and bring us home a W

    • Dead on. With everything else clicking if Penner suddenly regaining his form could be the one thing to push it all over the top and would be a huge boost to Stoll.

      Right now the 3rd and 4th line are doing a decent checking job but if Penner happened to rediscovered his game that would not only elevate Stoll’s game tremendously but would give us a solid three line threat and raise the Kings to elite level very quickly.

  3. Let’s see if this goes thru
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. No wonder the Kings are skating better. Look at practice on March 2 their intensity, power, spirit, and enthusiasm.

    It is all about hard work, desire, and confidence….

    On paper they can beat anyone in the league, especially with elite class goal tending by Quick who is a shut out threat every time out.

    Go Kings Go!

  5. A lot about playing Nashville is picking up the trailer, usually the left D cutting into and across the slot.

  6. Kings win tonight, and they better get that celebration music and laugher and party up.

    This is what the club and team spirit has to be for a great run to April and into the playoffs..

    I sent a message to Luc to see to it that this is done tonight…

  7. This is why these two guys like to play together and they are both hot right now…

    Go Kings Go! Slaughter the Preds tonight….

  8. I want to see the Kings kick some ass tonight!

  9. Scuds should just focus on not making as many boneheaded plays. His game has been really slipping the past couple of months. Me thinks age is starting to creep into his game.

  10. It’s getting bad. The wet pants time of year.

    I hate this fucking sport. I HATE it.

    And I hate all you bitches, too.

  11. … Kopitar is simply saying “Fuck this shit. Get on my back, fellas; I’ll carry you.”

    Nothing is going to stop him except an injury. He’s always been an elite player, and now – his shots are going in. Uh oh.

  12. Fucking diving bastard these refs are blind.

  13. Kings need to open the middle like they did in the first…may be too tired. Brown and Carter look fatigued.

  14. … It’d be nice if the fans at Staples could at least wait until the Kings are behind in the game before getting their booing going. Fuck’s sakes.

    I’ll take the atmosphere of the Kings’ fans in Anaheim any day over Staples. They sound like a bunch of gay babies who came out to drink beer and cry, and they’re all out of beer.

  15. Pancakes!!

  16. Wow the squad is on fucking Fire

  17. … The Kings have opened the floodgates. This is beautiful.

  18. Mercy is for the weak! Way to go Clifford.

  19. Tuesday against the Sharks…gotta get the 2 boys!

  20. bah stupid ass red wings lost to SJ.

    • Those useless quiche-eating fags!

      Hockeytown, my ass!

    • … Doesn’t matter. Kings have all the room in the World to control their destiny with the Sharks.

      If the Kings get their business taken care of, scoreboard-watching doesn’t matter, and if they don’t, scoreboard-watching won’t save them. It’s why I don’t bother with it.

      • True enough. Frankly, we’re well within striking distance of division title and riding a hot streak. I’m pumped.

  21. Jugs.

    Kings have let it go – whether its a system tweek or Jeff Carter has convinced the team he’s got Martian princesses waiting for them if they make the playoffs, who cares. If I see Bailey replaced by Tars Tarkus, I’m running through the streets naked.

    Fuck Yea!

  22. Great game. Sick goals.
    That last goal against Bernie sucks, wasnt his fault

    • The defense was nowhere to be found on that one, just Kopi chasing Fisher. That’s the nice thing about being 3 points ahead, though, it gives you room to fuck up!

  23. Home from game. Team is hot. Chemistry clicking.
    As I said earlier I wanted to see red lights beaconing by Penner, Stoll or Richards. Got my wish.
    Got to give credit when due.
    A lot of Green paddy day stuff everywhere.
    I thought Kings were going to do warm ups with Green paddy shirts. Glad I was spared that
    Bernier 6-1 v Nash.
    Frankly a shock to see 3 goals in 3rd. That tells me the stats on paper is materializing.
    King is lucky to team up with Carter and Richards and he deserves it for hussling.
    So they are clawing their way back and they look ready to BBQ some shark steaks come Tues.


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