Talking Tyler Toffoli

Right Wing, Born Apr 24, 1992, Ontario boy, 6 feet tall, 181 pounds, right-handed shot. We picked him up in the second round, 47th overall. He plays for the Ottawa 67’s of the OHL.

In the last three seasons, his point totals have been:

2009-2010: 37-42-79 + 25  & in the playoffs 7-6-13 in 12 games played.

2010-2011: 57-51-108 +44 & in the playoffs 3-5-8 in 4 games played

2011-2012: 49-47-96 +31 to date.

By comparison, here are Steven Stamkos stats in his two OHL seasons:

42-50-92 +13 & in the playoffs 3-3-6 in 4 games played

58-47-105 +18 & in the playoffs 11-0-11 in 9 games played (wow)

Toffoli video:

Before you get too excited, whose OHL stats are these from 2004-2005?

68 games played, 41 goals, 56 assists, 97 points, +26 with playoff stats of 6-4-10 in 8 games.

Give up?

Brad Richardson.

So there are no guarantees.

Toffoli turns pro next season. See this kid making the big club? In what role?

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  1. Manchester

    2nd line RW

  2. He’ll hit camp. Since I can’t answer “where?” I would have to say that should he prove anything less then outstanding then a year or so of seasoning in Manchester. Perhaps a call up if an injury to Carter or Williams.

    As Fox rightly commented, next year the window opens for three years. I see something giving in year two. Maybe TT will be part of that.

  3. He should be playing for Manchester if the 67’s are knocked out of the CHL playoffs, as he did last year. That is if Manchester makes the playoffs.

    He does have a chance to make the regular season line-up since either the LW or RW position currently occupied by Nolan/King and the assumption Penner walks should be his for the taking.

    You also need to realize that Kozun/Vey also lead their respective leagues, as does Weal.

    Toffoli could really benefit from the same skating coach that improved Brian Boyle’ skating, along with working with Gary Roberts for conditioning and nutrition like Stamkos and many others do during the offseason.

    • Gary Roberts is pretty good at marketing himself. Not very good at teaching his trainees how to lift with even passable form. But hey, slapping more weight on the bar than the kid can lift and having him bend his knees ten degrees impresses a lot of people. I’m sure he’s a good cheerleader though.

      • A subject (Roberts) I don’t know much about. Do tell.

        • There was a video of one of his young trainees “squatting” a good bit of weight. By squatting, I mean a very shallow knee dip. Half squats are pretty much the hallmark of an idiot. I’m exaggerating a bit, but it’s still a major error he should be correcting in his trainees. Like an unacceptable error. hey kid let’s take off some of this weight and start doing it right.

          Like I said, he’s marketed himself well, and he has his NHL reputation to work with as well. There’s plenty of quality S&C coaches out there not named Gary Roberts. It’s just annoying when everyone starts saying player this and that needs to go to Gary Roberts.

  4. He will be in Manchester for the whole year, he needs to work on his skating still before he is nhl ready. He was cut from team Canada because of his skating, but in saying that the kid can score and could be the true sniper we have been waiting to develop through the system for a lomg time.

  5. I’ve been excited about this kid since watching him get drafted at Staples (I think we traded up in the second round for him). I’ve never seen a prospect stickhandle as well as he does.

  6. Well that video ended quite abruptly….

    If Toffoli translates his goal scoring skills to the NHL, he can keep #16.

  7. Brad Richardson is 5’11” tall?

    Why does he look like such a mouse — a scrappy, nimble mouse, I grant, but a mouse nevertheless — on the ice?

  8. since we already are philly west. we should try what they do and bring up a bunch of young guys they seem to be doing good.

  9. So Tofoli got the OHL goal title but missed the scoring title by 2 points.

    The guy is a finisher and seems motivated to keep improving. He appears to be durable and rugged too.

    Let’s see how he does with playoff stats this spring.

  10. Second great year for both Vey and Toffoli. I was singing Vey’s and Toffoli’s praises for the last year. Could the Kings actually raise a top six winger from the system? They are definitly due! Maybe two or three with Kozoun putting up numbers.

  11. I have some doubts about Toffoli. What I see in the video is him burying his chances but not generating the chances himself. Nice plays by his teammates to get him the puck. Obviously being in the right place and finishing is important, but that can all go away if you don’t have the ability to do so under tougher competition. Remember that he’s playing against a lot of guys who aren’t really all that good, and that defense seems to be an afterthought in the CHL (is it me or is college hockey way less offensive?).

    Can he handle tougher and stronger defensemen in the NHL? I have my doubts about that.

    I hope he turns out good, but I don’t think it’s an automatic, and penciling him in the lineup next year is premature.


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