When you have won four in a row and remain outside the top 8, you realize there is a lot of work still ahead. When you look at the standings and see you are 1 point before the 1st place team in the division, you appreciate the work’s coming reward.

Work. Like the last four games, it must be hard and smart. Great defense & an equally productive offense are not mutually exclusive. 1-0, 3-2, 4-0 or 5-4, the Kings must be able to win any and all of these types of games. Suffocate & score. That’s our motto.

Interesting comment from Willie Mitchell:

MITCHELL: “I’ve enjoyed Darryl since he has come in. He’s a good coach. He’s a smart coach. He’s demanding, there’s no doubt about it, but he gets it. He gets systems, gets playing the games, gets that it’s not just about running a system and sticking to your routes, like maybe in football. There is some read-and-react that goes on, and it allows the guys to make their own reads. I think that has brought a little bit more offense to our team, as you’re starting to see. We’re starting to get a little more comfortable.”

Draw your own conclusions. Terry Murray doesn’t coach here anymore so no sense pissing on his symbolic grave.

The Sharks lost. They started with Niemi and ended with Greiss. Who do we get tomorrow? Strangely, I don’t care. Don’t give a shit about the Sharks. Bring either of them. They should be worried about us.

Helene Elliott gave us a beauty during the Sharks vs. Ducks game:

We don’t have the luxury to take a single night off, to take any opponent lightly, to bring anything less than the will to play 60 minutes of balanced hockey in all three zones.