My wife doesn’t curse often. In fact, during our entire marriage, I have heard her curse about a handful of times. Therefore, when she does so, it means something.

After watching the “annoying orange” bit the L.A. Kings in-game entertainment put together, the wife stated, “What. The Fuck. Was That?” I sat relatively speechless, stared at the big screen and answered, “someone working while under the influence of stupid.”

I then did about 30 seconds of research to find out this is not even an original idea.

The “annoying orange” character is owned by someone else and has a following. I will guess the L.A. Kings paid to use this idea.

I won’t take a long time with this. It’s barely worth what I have already written. The people who run the L.A. Kings in-game entertainment are morons, absolute unthinking simpletons who don’t even cater to the lowest common denominator but one that calls the latter group geniuses.

If you want to taunt the player in the box and entertain the fans, get a small version of Cartman to show up with a box of tomatoes, perhaps accompanied by Stan or others. Have a short and funny dialogue between them or skip the dialogue altogether and have Cartman start throwing the tomatoes at the player’s face. On the screen, the tomatoes can “splat” on the player and Cartman can finish with “my work is done here.” It took me 5 seconds of non-thinking to come up with that. I imagine the obtuse minded folks within the in-game entertainment department (I wonder if Danny Zollars was part of the motley crew that came up with using this idea) spent many hours at undeserved salaries and goodness knows how many thousands of dollars to use the orange bit.

If the goal was to annoy the fans, it worked. Just about everyone who saw it at or near me shook their head in disappointment.

This of course is a small part of a bigger problem. Whoever is running the in-game marketing show (Zollars and/or others) are just not very good. Their level of competence ranges from corny to dumb and I don’t refer to what every arena does like the kiss-cam and other typical distractions but ideas they try to pass off as original.

I wrote a long article about the in-game presentation and sent it to Zollars a while back. Nothing came out of it. I imagine little will come out of this as well for stupid is as stupid does.

Sorry for the distraction. Let’s return to hockey talk.