Forward. Onward. Upward. Go Kings!

At the buzzer, I clenched my fist and stood proud of our L.A. Kings.

Ten seconds later, JT and I walked out of section 316 and talked about the team’s 5th consecutive victory.

Thirty seconds later, we shook hands and departed Staples Center.

One minute later, I forgot about this 5-2 victory over the San Jose Sharks and refocused on the task at hand. The St. Louis Blues.

The L.A. Kings are playing like a team with that focus. The victories are building blocks of confidence that stack upon each other and provide forward momentum and that momentum has catapulted us into 8th place and still within the one point striking distance behind the Dallas Stars for the Pacific Division lead.

Balanced scoring.

Chemistry along four lines.

Consistent effort for 60 minutes.



Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Willie Mitchell

2. Mike Richards

1. Anze Kopitar

Honorable mentions to Slava Voynov, Alec Martinez & Justin Williams.

Go Kings!

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  1. Ahhh……now I can sleep like a kid who got what he wanted for Christmas, a 5-2 win stuffed under my pillow, replaying Pencakes goal from the circle (with Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers” playing in the background).
    What a glorious win over our hated division rivals……I’m in love with the world…….well, just for one night.

  2. Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!………………………………………next please

  3. Hey there SJ…kinda look familiar eh? Especially to Mr Havlat for that lovely salute. :D

  4. I must say that I love your reluctance to give credit to Penner on the past couple of games.

    Last game, his goal only went in because of the PERFECT pass from Lewis (his hustle was good?) and today that was a goal Niemi is kicking himself for giving up (I suppose he DIDN”T shoot it high or wide?).

    Boy the Kings are fun to watch when they score goals AND play defense. They are a scary team to play this past week and if they can carry this into the playoffs… well, anything is possible. The best part is that next year is only going to be better.

  5. Fuck why do the damn Kings always give up a lead seconds after they score ? Lol besides that buzz kill, Sharks were a fish outta the water at staples.
    Kopitar shootin from the slot so often. Greene coming with those hard checks. Some cholo Sharks fans in sec 320 wouldn’t stfu (wish you were there Surly) until the end . Hooray for Pissing on Sharks cards .

  6. I hope they don’t go thinking they are too good now. Thats been the MO all year.
    Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson. Its time to bear down and get er done.

    I still wonder if this is the real Penner when his head is free of chick drama. I think they should offer him a 1 year deal at @1.5mil and see if he can get his game on track now that he’s moving on from that ho.

    • 1.5 is too much. Don’t give him anything, cut your losses. We learned that he isn’t a good risk so dump him and work within. Send Bernier away for a replacement or even just call someone up. Put richardson out there, I really don’t care. But DON”T re-sign him. Let another team take that risk.

      He would have to tear up the end of the season/ playoffs for me to change my mind. IMO he just isn’t where he used to be.

      • Sorry man but I gotta disagree with you, I am NOTthe biggest Penner fan out there but if you can get a recently former 30 goal scorer for 1.5 mill you take it. I would much rather have him at 1.5 then Richardson at 1.18.

  7. “Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”
    -Ric Flair. After shattering Martin Havlat’s groin for the 1,8657th time.

  8. … Thanks to Scribe for the invite and to Vagabond Jim for the Amstel; was a great time. A great game for the Kings. Unlike Scribe, though, I’m going to take a day to savor this one.

    Five goals from five different players. Nearly doubling the Sharks up in shots on goal, 42-22. THIS is how a home team should handle an opponent in the second game of a back-to-back.

    I remember how unimpressive Penner was throughout the game, and how Scribe, myself, and our section was killing him. It was all pretty funny until something happened. Penner stole the puck, lumbered his big ass into the offensive zone, and scored a goal. And, I’m sure Penner would have then had a little something to say to our section:

    Yeah, it was a soft one for Niemi to give up, but they all count – and I’m not one to judge goals.

    It’s not that I’m not focused on the task at hand, the Blues coming in here on Thursday. In fact, I can’t wait for that game and I can’t wait for the challenge of knocking off the hottest team in the conference. The Kings have plenty of positive momentum and they can’t be more ready for this. I’m not worried at all.

    But. The Kings need to remove that ridiculous fucking orange from their jumbotron presentation. That was embarrassing. And, flex cam – seriously? That was disturbing; words fail me.

    • Pen deserves more credit than that. I’ve seen him back checking better as of late and it was good skating that created that scoring chance. I am a fan of penner as a person, anybody that can take all the shit he’s taken then make pancake jokes about himself is alright in my book. For his and our (kings fans) sake I want to see him kick ass and prosper.

      • … Hey, I’ve been pro-Penner this season, as all of the regulars here know. At the game, we were getting on him half-seriously and half-jokingly, or at least I was. I think Penner has picked up his game quite a bit since he was put on the third line. Last night, Dustin was hit or miss – he was terrible defensively on the goal by Boyle, but he did a great job stripping the puck from a couple guys in the neutral zone, one of those leading to his goal.

        And I’ve said the same thing you’re saying about his attitude. I think he’s handling all of the criticism/bashing as well as anyone possibly could. And, even though it’s not going to happen, I would have liked to see the Kings at least make an attempt to re-sign him in the offseason. I’m all for depth, and if the Kings can retain a guy who knows how to score goals and pay him less than top six money, I’d have no problem with it at all. But they obviously won’t. I don’t think Lombardi even wanted Penner here in the first place.

  9. When the Kings win a big game against a hated rival, I sleep like a baby. Now that I am alert and up and ready to have a great day, I can look back and analyze the game.

    To me, what was so key, was the ongoing speed and pressure offense, where the Kings were turning the play around so often and putting the Sharks out of their offensive game and needing to back off and be ready for waves of King attacks.

    I am watching King, because, I like to get a feel for a rookie and how they step up. If you notice, King has good hockey instincts on skating and chasing after pucks, digging them out, and trying to set up plays or make could passes. He rotates well around the net. Now, he needs a lot of experience and continued support, but, he is showing me more than I would have figured.

    Penner showed me some game at the beginning of the game where (believe it or not) he took the body and gave the body. That seemed to be a signal that he came to play and wanted to really help the team win.

    Anze finally is really using his size and strength to break through checks and skate around or through traffic. He seems to have added some speed, being more deceptive to defenders, making them give some space. I would say for the output he is doing on the ice, he seems to be in great shape and conditioning. He had a lot of ice time at full exertions.

    I still need to Quick his due, because the two goals he gave up were 100% not his fault. So, he did his job great in a big game, even though he did not have to stand on his head to stop shots.

    I really like Carter’s “presence” on the ice, where he forces the opposing team to shadow and watch him, which can leave open Richards or King to do some damage. He is dangerous and knows where to be and a good surprise shots from all angles on the ice.

    Anyway, it was obvious that the Kings came ready to play and were showing stuff this game that was sorely lacking so much earlier in the season. All they need to do is play this way for 9 games and they can hold their heads up high that they came to play hockey up to their potential.

    • I still need to Quick his due, because the two goals he gave up were 100% not his fault. So, he did his job great in a big game, even though he did not have to stand on his head to stop shots.

      … Agree completely. The first goal he gave up was off of a bad bounce (which pissed Scribe off to no end) and the second goal was bad defense by the Kings combined with some wonderful passes by the Sharks. Quick was solid.

      • Also, Quick is finally getting the benefit of a better offensive output so that Quick does not have to stand on his head every night to save a tight game or perform in a shootout.

        In the TV broadcast, I heard something about him passing a prior Kings record, but I could not catch what that was about.

        What was the record Quick broke last night?

    • I’ve gotta say I’ve been rather impressed with Trevor Lewis lately as well. He’s a fast mother…!

  10. Did all of you miss Martin Havlat Flipping off Kings fans at Staples????

    I don’t have the clip, BUT, check out his Middle finger pump to the crowd after he scores!!!

    Can he do that????

  11. Havlat, a true Jerk…

    You know, in hockey, what comes around, comes around…

    The guy has been injured in every part of his body, including many times in his groin.

    He has been kicked in the balls many times, and more will come his way:

  12. For a long time a few friends of mine joked that Kopitar looked like a Sith Lord…with those heavy eyes and strong, frightening features.

    Well my friends…Kopitar has entered “Sith Lord” mode of late…watch out.

  13. … In other news, Penner says that Stoll is “the glue that holds our line together”. Indeed.

    Stoll was also the glue that held the Smyth-Stoll-Williams line together last season, if you ask me.


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