Is There No Decency?

I find myself shaken as my head remains in a stir.

When I saw it, I asked myself why this was happening. If we cannot rely on good taste and good manners, the absence of profanity, be it words or gestures, slurs or other offensive language (sign language is a language after all), all away and apart from that which we cherish to be the beacon of reason and hope, with what are we left to hold sacred? Has life in our hockey world become so unpredictable that we cannot even hope upon the good sense of a good man who brings good tidings to our world that sustains us like the bread of life?

Where were the symbols I ask that would have turned this expletive into something else? Did we not at least deserve that?

Is not a personal attack routed to our impressionable eyes an attack against all of those who live by his palpable words?

Was the photo not a blatant attempt to antagonize? Did it not meet its goal? Is it not, by its perpetual existence on our screens, a continual expression of a singular opinion? An opinion demonstrated by one finger or perhaps two? Should it not be deleted from our hearts and minds? How can we do as such?

I find myself incited more deeply than any political, religious or similar debate every could.

The photo has struck me like a stream of illegal pique thrust upon my palate and forced to partake.

I am distraught that I can no longer call upon the man to do as he has so righteously preached. I see the slippery slope beneath his feet and it burns such disappointment in my heart.

We believed in you Rich. You were above reproach.

Welcome to the dark side.

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  1. All you say is gospel. I already did my slam post on the other King v Shark thread. But I am not done with this jerk. I am already on his trail. What NHL team has this guy not played on yet? He has worn out his welcome around the league. He has worn out his women too, but so long as he throwns his money around, he will find his 200th woman, most of whom dump him. This guys body is wasted by now. He might as well invest in some wheelchairs now as he will need a lot of them as he reaches 40.

    When I get some more poop on this dude, I will send it all your way..

  2. Ha! Ha! Well it certainly backfired. He should get fined…

  3. What the fuck are you talking about?

  4. Click on the link at the bottom and all will be revealed..

  5. He probably saw someone wearing a Kronwall jersey.

  6. It was his index finger (dvr) fuck him anyway. He obviously wanted to use his middle finger. He’s a d-bag

  7. We returned a F**k You back with the extra 4 goals after. He can be a tough guy all he wants because its okay. We Won :D

  8. I saw this live, and rewatched it, and it is not the index finger, unless Havlat indexes things in a different way than most.

    I am not surprised someone made a stink; finger salutes are not appropriate at a family venue.

    Next, I am waiting for some fool to question Patrick O’Neal’s journalistic integrity because he interviewed Havlat between periods (game periods, not Havlat’s periods, as I think he has yet to reach “manopause”) and did not ask him about his “gesture.”

    As for Hammond using the photo and video in clear defiance of the Kings Insider rules, I can only expect justice to be delivered swiftly and firmly, and hope that he is only moderated until he kisses his own ass enough, and is not banned for life. Such transgressions should not be taken lightly.

    Oh, and hey Marty, fuck you more. Scoreboard, biotch, and the saddest thing is that the motivation felt by the Kings and used to deliver the subsequent beatdown probably had absolutely nothing at all to do with you.

    • Upon Further review, it appears that it actually is the index finger held up, and the apparent index finger is actually the extended padding on the thumb.

      I therefore now accuse Hammond of either ignorance or sensationalism, instead of just tawdriness. cUz iT’s tHaT iMpOrTaNt.

  9. Like I said, I got the straight stuff on Havlat on who this guy hangs out with on his day off:

  10. It takes a jerk (Hitler) to like a jerk in Havlat:

  11. Die hard Sharks fan is dejected, pissed off, miserable over his beloved Sharks losing to the Dicks and to the KINGS….

    He bad mouths many on the team, management, etc, etc,

    He has OCD for the Sharks…

    Funny thing about it, this dude is 100% right.

    This guy made my day, icing on the cake, for a great victory.

  12. Martin Havlat in his spare time dancing with his punk friends…..

  13. I told you I would not let Havlat get away scott free with his finger to the King fans last night…

  14. Cammalleri Sucker Punches Havlat off the faceoff

    • That is such a dirty play.

      • Yeah, dirty but Havlat has injured many already with high sticks, and when you research matters, he has had some suspensions, etc, with some fines of course.

        When the Kings play him again in April (assuming he is not on injury list) they need to beware of any dirty plays and stick slashes and face cuts, etc.

        Last night the Sharks went overboard with the sticks…

  15. For the benefit of some of you that read this article and asked, “what the hell?” I have added an introduction at the top…feel free to give it another shot.


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