I find myself shaken as my head remains in a stir.

When I saw it, I asked myself why this was happening. If we cannot rely on good taste and good manners, the absence of profanity, be it words or gestures, slurs or other offensive language (sign language is a language after all), all away and apart from that which we cherish to be the beacon of reason and hope, with what are we left to hold sacred? Has life in our hockey world become so unpredictable that we cannot even hope upon the good sense of a good man who brings good tidings to our world that sustains us like the bread of life?

Where were the symbols I ask that would have turned this expletive into something else? Did we not at least deserve that?

Is not a personal attack routed to our impressionable eyes an attack against all of those who live by his palpable words?

Was the photo not a blatant attempt to antagonize? Did it not meet its goal? Is it not, by its perpetual existence on our screens, a continual expression of a singular opinion? An opinion demonstrated by one finger or perhaps two? Should it not be deleted from our hearts and minds? How can we do as such?

I find myself incited more deeply than any political, religious or similar debate every could.

The photo has struck me like a stream of illegal pique thrust upon my palate and forced to partake.

I am distraught that I can no longer call upon the man to do as he has so righteously preached. I see the slippery slope beneath his feet and it burns such disappointment in my heart.

We believed in you Rich. You were above reproach.

Welcome to the dark side.